Dragon's Lair (1984)

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Dragon's Lair
Developer(s) Coleco
Publisher(s) Coleco
Coleco Adam
Release date Coleco Adam:
1984 (NA)
Genre 2D platformer
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) N/A
Coleco Adam
Platform(s) Coleco Adam

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Dragon's Lair is a game released for the Coleco Adam. It is an adaptation of the original arcade game of the same name.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

This version of Dragon's Lair consists of several levels adapted from scenes of the original arcade game:

Falling Disk: Dirk jumps onto the falling disk and rides it to the next ledge where he must get off. While riding, Dirk must keep himself from being blown off the disk by an Air Genie. This level is repeated twice in the game.

Skull Hallway: Dirk goes through the same kind of hallway as he did in the arcade game, avoiding chattering skulls, grasping claws, and piles of deadly ooze.

Burning Ropes: Dirk jumps across a fiery chamber, using ropes to swing from platform to platform, quickly exiting before he gets consumed in flames.

Weapons Room: Dirk faces an array of haunted armaments that fly around at him, as well as statues that come to life, just as he did in the arcade game.

Ramps: Dirk jumps across a series of ramps guarded by the Giddy Goons, whom he can either slay or avoid. He must quickly jump the ramps before they crumble.

Tentacle Room: Dirk must avoid or slash at dropping tentacles that come into the room to put the squeeze on him, just as he did in the arcade.

Checkerboard: Dirk deals with a knight who uses his sword to electrify a row of tiles that will fry him. Using good timing, Dirk must jump over to where the knight is and slay him when he is the right color.

Slaying Dragon: Dirk must dodge the fireballs of Singe the dragon as he goes to the ledge the sword needed to slay the dragon awaits. Dirk can briefly hide behind rocks before they go up in flames, though some will leave behind treasures for him to pick up.

When the player loses two lives on the same level, he is instantly moved on to the next level. The game ends when either the player loses all his lives or when the dragon is slain.

Notes[edit | edit source]

A ColecoVision cartridge version of this game was being worked on, but was never finished or released.