Dragon (Kid Chameloen)

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Dragons are recurring enemies in Kid Chameleon.


Dragon' is an euphemistic and rather unfortunate denomination for a big-headed, armless, anemic T-Rex calf having the power to belch fire at his own feet (about one block ahead).

A flying variety exists, which lacks its back extremities but has wings instead; it uses to hover around like an over-sized bumblebee and its fire-belching power is enhanced thanks to its long-time ally, gravity. When stomped on the head or otherwise hurt, such as by an axe in the face, it reverts to its terrestrial form and plummets down to earth.

Dragons come in three colors: green, blue, orange. The flying variety, no matter what colour, only takes one hit point before falling to the ground and walking around from then on. Walking dragons's toughness depends on their colour: green dragons are killed by one hit, blue dragons by two, gold dragons by three.