Dread Queen Morag (NWN)

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Dread Queen Morag
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Neverwinter Nights

The letters in this book swim before your eyes, finally shaping themselves into text that you can understand. It tells the history of a Queen named Morag. While the book is lengthy, one passage of interest tells of Morag's ascension to the throne.

"At the dawning of her first red moon, Morag, the future queen, began her slow and bloody climb toward the seat of power, her sen-mother's throne. Her ascension to the heights of the Dragon Throne was as that of a slow poison: deadly, inevitable, and filled with fatal pleasures.

Morag's yolk-sister, Sedat, was the first victim of the rising queen's awesome cunning. One the day before her ring-stone ceremony, Sedat entered her hibernation chambers to meditate. Out of the fire's glowing embers crawled a venomous Zelfit. When the priestess arrived to escort Sedat to the ceremonial chambers the next morning, she found the limp, dead husk of the favored child.

"So it was that Morag, our blessed Dreadqueen, made the first move in her Game of Maids. Many moons later it would lead to the Siege of Tykalat, where the would take the head of her sen-mother and display it in glorious triumph to her adoring throng. Thus began the rule of our all-magnificent Queen Morag."