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DualShock 3 Controller

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DualShock 3 Controller
Basic Information
Sony Corporation
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Button
2 Analog joysticks
Directional pad
Start Button
Select Button
X Button
Circle Button
Square Button
Triangle Button
R1 Button
R2 Trigger
R3 Button
L1 Button
L2 Trigger
L3 Button
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The DualShock 3 Controller is the primary controller for the later editions of the PlayStation 3, namely the PlayStation 3 Slim and the PlayStation 3 Super Slim, while still being compatible with the original releases of the platform.

Overview[edit | edit source]

At first sight the DualShock 3 looks once again like its predecessors except for the buttons. Sony felt that the DualShock was becoming an outdated controller so they decided to add a new PlayStation button for going back to the home menu system, and to turn the L1 and R1 shoulder buttons into triggers. The DualShock 3 is also now a wireless controller. One unusual fact is that the DualShock 3 wasn't released at the same time at the PlayStation 3, but was instead released in May 2008; the PlayStation 3 was originally released with the Sixaxis Controller. The PlayStation 3 Slim and the PlayStation 3 Super Slim shipped with DualShock 3 controllers as standard.