Dual Orb II

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Dual Orb II
Developer(s) I'Max
Publisher(s) I'Max
status Status Missing
Release date December 29, 1994 (JP)
Genre Role-playing game
Mode(s) Single-player
Age rating(s) Ratings Missing
Platform(s) Super Famicom / SNES,
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media 24-megabit cartridge
Input Super Famicom game controller
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Dual Orb II is a role-playing video game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994 by I'Max. It is a sequel to Dual Orb also for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which is only available in Japanese. Dual Orb II focuses on Aleth, a mysterious boy found by the High Priest of Garade when he was just a baby. His best friend, Lagnus, is the prince of Garade and his partner in swordplay. Aleth and Lagnus soon venture into a forbidden dungeon where they discover a "goddess" with no memory. After being scolded for violating the temple, Lagnus and Aleth are informed by a messenger, Cassius, that the nation of Kardosa is invading Garade. Together the four of them go to Garade. Once there Lagnus witnesses his father being killed and starts to turn into a world of darkness. Aleth must now find out the intentions of Kardosa, Learn who Serra really is, and stop Lagnus from plunging into a fate of hate and revenge.

Dual Orb II was scored by Nobuyuki Hara and Yu Yoshida.

Story[edit | edit source]

Long ago civilization flourished. Cities were monuments of steel and scientific prowess. A dragon though rises and begins to destroy mankind. A scientist, Alex, feels he must save the world. A young girl, Serra comes in knowing that the world is going to end. Alex says they must use the power of the orb to stop the dragon and sacrifices himself to use the power. The Dragon is destroyed, but the world is sent back technologically to a time of Swords and Magic.

Years later the High Priest of Garade is seen walking through a blizzard carrying a baby. He tells the King of Garade that a group of white robed men handed him the child, telling him to "raise him pure and strong". They also gave the priest a rosary, which the King senses to have Holy Power. They decide on the name of Aleth for the infant. The King then summons his own son, Lagnus in to tell him that Aleth will become his new friend. Meanwhile, Emperor Odorath of Kardosa is seen with his generals resurrecting a man who traveled in time to meet them. The man is still weak and mumbles about "The Orb".

Throughout the years, Aleth and Lagnus become good friends. While hunting when they were younger they discover a tree in a clearing with a mechanical wing sticking out. Lagnus decides to build a fort here and make it their special place. Eventually they begin fight training in their secret place; Aleth wielding a sword, and Lagnus a Lance. Around this time Emperor Odorath has completely resurrected Professor Hardwick. Hardwick, who has been buried for a thousand years, needs a certain Item from Garade. Odorath then tells his generals to put the army together to invade Garade.

As Aleth and Lagnus leave their secret place, they are ambushed by a group of bandits. Out of nowhere a bard comes to the rescue and saves them from the Bandits. Cassius then escorts the prince and Aleth to Garade. Cassius is actually a messenger who came to Garade to tell them of Kardosa's new technology and that the gems are the only way to stop them. The King then sends Aleth, Lagnus, and Cassius to the religious center of Saleth. Once there Aleth and Lagnus run off into the secret dungeon of the temple. Deep in the dungeon they find a monster guarding a gem. Once it is defeated Aleth acquires the gem, and ventures into the next room, where they find the Goddess.

Soon enough though, News comes that Garade is being invaded. Aleth, Lagnus and the goddess Serra along with Cassius hurry to Garade to save the people. There Lagnus sees his father's death, and the party escapes through a secret hole to the nearby dungeon. At the end of the dungeon is an invincible armor. Lagnus takes ownership of the armor, and soon becomes extremely powerful. He is able to take care of the Kardosa enemies until and wizard petrifies him and kidnaps him. Aleth and Serra must now save Lagnus. The Journey leads them to a village of thieves, a center of magic, battles between pirates, and the resurrection of a mad scientist of the past.

Playable Characters[edit | edit source]

Aleth- The mysterious child found and raised by the High Priest of Garade. He wields a sword and can use healing magic.

Lagnus- The Power hungry Prince of Garade. He is Aleth's best friend and would do anything for ultimate power.

Serra- The "Goddess" that Aleth and Lagnus discover. She is also seen at the beginning of the game with Alex, and has no memory of her past.

Cassius- A Bard and Spy from the city of Claydon. He saves Aleth and Lagnus from Bandits and escorts them home, where he also has a message for the King of Garade.

Saladin- A mage who was slung into the void as a child. After returning to the world, he becomes a thief, and forgets his childhood past.

Naijiri- The young son of the Chief of a tribal village. He joins with the protagonist to save his sister and tribe.

Karina- A young, brash Princess

Bargan- A Pirate captain who helps Karina to rescue her brother. He also makes an appearance later in the plot to also help rescue Karina.

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