Dune: The Building of A Dynasty/Codes

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Dune: The Building of A Dynasty

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Cheats[edit | edit source]

While there were no "built in" cheat codes for Dune II, game settings could easily be manipulated by editing the "scenario.pak" file using a text editor. These settings include: amount of starting credits, maximum number of units allowed, what units and buildings player has at the beginning of each scenario, changing enemy units and buildings at start of each scenario, even allowing the player to partially control Sandworms (they do not take orders too well and will still consume the players units if the chance arises). Changes could also be made to allow the purchase of specialized units from the Starport. Sonic Tanks, Devastators, Deviators, and Saboteurs could be purchased by the player regardless of what House was chosen. Unfortunately, Deviators will always change the loyalty of targeted units to Ordos, even if the Deviator belongs to Atreides or Harkonnen.

Money for nothing. You will need at lest two harvesters, or one harvester and the ability/funds to build another one. If you are a little short of spice around your base or if most of it is near the enemy base and you don’t feel like risking your harvester each time its harvest time, once your harvester is 99% move him to an area close to your base (away from where the enemy is attacking you so that the sand isn’t filled with holes) and kill/destroy your harvester with your tanks (or whatever is available to you). The amount of spice that will disperse over the sand in the explosion is at lest 3 times grater than what the harvester contained and since you can repeat this as many times as you wish you can even re-spice whole maps if that is your fancy.