Dynasty Warriors 8

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Dynasty Warriors 8
Basic Information
Video Game
Omega Force
Koei Tecmo
Dynasty Warriors
Dynasty Warriors 7
Successor title
Dynasty Warriors 9
Hack-and-Slash, Action
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows
Dynasty Warriors 8
Technical Information
Main Credits
Atsushi Miyauchi
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Dynasty Warriors 8 (真・三國無双7 Shin Sangoku Musou 7?) is the eighth main installment of the Dynasty Warriors series. It is based on the seventh title's system and visuals. According to the producer, this game's motif is to be "the ultimate one-man army" in a way which has never before been seen in the series.

Atsushi Miyauchi, the director, says that the team used a new game engine for this title which utilizes deferred lighting and required all of the character models to be remade from scratch. He believes the multiple lighting system adds a realistic touch which is fitting for the game's genre and closer-to-history story. Both developers have stated that if this game's presentation has reached their personal standards of perfection, it will be used for future titles. Kenji Tanigaki is the opening movie director.

First print incentives include Sangokushi 12 costumes for Zhao Yun and Sun Shangxiang. The game's pre-order bonuses are smartphone pouches designed after characters from the Three Kingdoms and Jin. The Treasure Box edition of the game includes an original soundtrack, a 3D crystal file, and an illustration book. GAMECITY shoppers can obtain an original miniature notepad with their purchase.

The disc version of the game includes an install data option that requires 11 GB worth of space. The downloadable version from PSN temporarily needs 38 GB for the initial download but only 19 GB to permanently store. Westerners have the option of purchasing a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 version. There is no English dubbing for the story outlines and camp segments. A VR demo for this game is planned.