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EA Trax
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Type Public
Parent Company Electronic Arts
Website http://www.ea.com/eatrax/

EA Trax is the title of the in-game soundtracks on some of EA Games' video games featuring up and coming artists, as well as mainstream artists. Music genres featured range from hip hop to rock, depending on the video game. It is usually attached to EA Games' sports and racing titles. Players can customize the playlist by selecting/deselecting songs to play by simply going to the EA Trax menu usually located at the options menu, and change the song through the same menu or by a button (varies between each game).

A PlayStation Portable version of some video game titles from EA Games also feature EA Pocket Trax, which takes advantage of the PSP's music and video playing capabilities by giving users the freedom to upload their own music to the soundtrack, as well as watch music videos from songs on the original soundtrack.

The EA Trax program has proven to be a success as it continues today. It has expanded from simply being a feature on EA Sports titles to features on some of EA Games' best known titles, such as the Burnout and Need for Speed series.

It has also expanded to some of EA Games' PlayStation Portable titles, enabling players to customize playlists and watch music videos.

Partnership[edit | edit source]

EA Trax began in 2001 when EA Games partnered with some major music labels to allow licensed music to play on EA's video games. The first video games to receive the feature were NBA Live 2003, Madden NFL 2003, NHL 2003, FIFA 2003 and NASCAR Thunder 2003. The partnership is intended for co-promotional opportunities on game launches, record releases, cooperation on advertising, events and at retail.

Music labels in participation include Elektra Records, Capitol, Atlantic, Interscope, DreamWorks, MCA, Lava, Island/Def Jam.