ECW Hardcore Revolution

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ECW Hardcore Revolution
Basic Information
Video Game
Acclaim Entertainment
Acclaim Entertainment
Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast and Game Boy Color
Retail Features
ECW Hardcore Revolution
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
January 312000
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ECW Hardcore Revolution is a professional wrestling video game released by Acclaim Entertainment, based on the professional wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). One of the few ECW wrestling games to hit the market, ECW Hardcore Revolution was basically WWF Attitude with ECW skins and a smaller crowd. The reason for this is that Acclaim lost the WWF license to the all-powerful THQ, so they took up the third most popular brand of wrestling and recycled the engine to save time & money. As such, this is the first wrestling game to be based on ECW. The game was released for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast.

The game was criticized for being a near copy of its predecessor, WWF Attitude and not reflecting ECW's unique style, just covering over everything with ECW wrestlers and themes. Acclaim followed this title with the release of a sequel, ECW Anarchy Rulz, six months after this game was released.

As well as being the first game based on ECW, ECW Hardcore Revolution, was the first professional wrestling game to receive a Mature rating from the ESRB. ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) likes to brag about how hardcore & brutal it is, the game naturally does the same. Apart from the standard WWF Attitude features like create-a-wrestler, motion capture animations and use of illegal objects, there are a few things that you'll only find in this game.

One of those is a lot of blood. A lot more blood. If you're a vampire, playing this game will make you hungry. Then there's the special barbed wire match, where those wussy old ring ropes are replaced by barbed wire. Not much help bouncing off of those.

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