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Basic Information
Game Mechanic

EPGP, short for Effort Points/Gear Points, is variant of DKP in which there are two ever-increasing pools of points. One is Effort Points (EP) and the other is Gear Points (GP). Loot priority is computed as EP/GP. Since EP is now decoupled from GP there is no need to balance the system to a sum of zero; a division of EP with GP shows exactly the ratio of effort to the gear of each player. As long as that is balanced, loot distribution is fair.

Much like Zero-Sum DKP, this system also allows newer members to get items fast but keeps fairness across the whole spectrum of members in a guild. EPGP also keeps a very good balance between casual and hardcore players in the same guild: a hardcore player that raids twice as much as a casual player will receive twice as many items. The addition of a "points decay" mechanic also rewards active players, since not participating in raids will decrease your accumulated points as time goes on.

Because of the unique decoupling of effort and reward, EPGP allows the award of Effort Points to almost anything: learning new content, farming specific items needed for progression of the guild, fixing the guild's website, etc. It also allows assigning Gear Points to enchanting materials, crafting materials or even gold from the guild bank. The end result is a system that is fair, simple to understand, and gives almost instant gratification to new members.

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