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Basic Information
EVEMon Development Team
EVEMon Development Team
GPL 2.0
Microsoft Windows
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EVEMon is a long-running EVE Online account monitoring tool. When provided with an api key, set with appropriate permissions, the application allows the player to review the following information:

  • Known Skills
  • Current Skill Training & Skill Queue
  • Employment History
  • Standings
  • Assets
  • Market Orders
  • Contracts
  • Wallet Journal
  • Wallet Transactions
  • Industry Jobs
  • Planetary Colonies
  • Research Points
  • Mail
  • Mail Notifications

In addition, it also allows the listing of generic player information found in the character sheet, such as Gender, Race, Bloodline, Profession, Balance, Corporation, Security Status, your Active Ship, total stats, how many skills you've trained as well as how many you have at Level V, amount of free Skill Points you have yet to allocate, number of bonus Neural Remaps available, and the cooldown on using the Neural Remap and Jump Clone functions.

The application also supports the creation of a skill training plan, and supports multiple characters across multiple accounts.