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Ebisumaru is a recurring character in the Ganbare Goemon series. He is an overweight blue-garbbed ninja who has an obsession food. He has a very eccentric personality, as he acts very feminine and has a strange addiction to food. He got himself and Goemon thrown out of a restaurant in Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon by giving the owner a "hypnotic dance" for a discount. He lives in Edo town, along with Goemon, and they go on adventures together. He is revealed to have a daughter named "Mao".


Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon[edit | edit source]

Ebisimaru is a starting character in the game, and can be switched with Goemon by pressing the yellow down arrow. Throughout the game, dialogue involves him making crass comments and horrible puns. His starting weapon is a brown hammer, but later in the game here receives the "Wind-Up Camera" and the "Meat Hammer". His special power is "Mini-Ebisu" and is able to go through small spaces.

Goemon's Great Adventure[edit | edit source]

Ebisimaru is, once again, a starting character. He is able to jump and bounce to incredible heights. Later in the game, he receives the megaphone that shouts out Japanese letters. He has a rivarly with his brother, Obisumaru.