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Official Name Woodvale
Level Range 35-39
Zone Type Trial
Area 0.85 square miles
Arena Access? No
Task Force
Strike Force
Trial Woodsman (38-40)
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster Spawns
Hero Groups
Villain Groups * Crey
* Devouring Earth
* Nemesis
Districts * Arcadia
* The Utopia Complex
* Aveda Towers
* The Serpentine
* The Cascades
* The Hive
Exploration Badges * Crey Fish: -1787, 0, 4550
* Unspoiled: 2482, 34, 2352
History Plaques * Savant Plaque 4: -2817, -23, 2962, Pedestal
* Savant Plaque 5: -1313, 12, 4486, Pedestal
Connected Zones * Founder's Falls
* The Hive

Overview[edit | edit source]

Woodvale is a neighborhood hit by two disasters: the Rikti and the Devouring Earth. Originally known for its parks and playgrounds, Woodvale was one of the areas destroyed in the Rikti War. Although Synapse personally used his speed to save hundreds of citizens, the damage couldn't be prevented. And after the war, it couldn't be fixed, either. The Devouring Earth had taken the opportunity to move in and claim the area as their own; to the immediate west lies their place of origin, The Hive. Large portions of the zone have been turned into forest and massive upshoots of rock. The spirit of the Woodsman still watches over this zone, to try and stop their corruption of nature.

Crey is also commonly seen in this zone, either to reclaim their lost facilities, or to study the Devouring Earth creatures. Nemesis has a strong presence as well for less clear reasons, although with Nemesis you can be sure there's a devious plot behind it.