Edgar (Phantom Dust)

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Uh, I think he's pissed

One of the main characters in Phantom Dust. He was found in an escape pod alongside the Protagonist. Edgar evades attacks by cartwheeling.

The original Edgar was an astronaut sent to explore a black hole. His navigation system broke down and he was almost sucked inside of it. His ship was accelerated to relatavistic (close to light speed) velocities and 10,000 years passed outside of his ship while he only experienced 3 days of time. When he fixed his ship and returned to Earth he discovered the surface had been wiped clean and all that was left was a fog of dust. He soon discovered that the "Phantom Dust" granted him telikinetic powers and began experimented with it.

As he grew lonely and desperate he attempted to create other humans. He failed many times but eventually created Freia, the girlfriend he left behind when he went into space. He then recreated his best friend, the Protagonist. After that he began creating entire cities of people.

But he still wasn't satisfied. All these people were simply illusions. As he stayed on Earth longer his health declined and with the last of his strength he created a copy of himself to take care of the world. This copy is the Edgar you meet in the game.