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Basic Information
Video Game
Klei Entertainment
Puzzle, Indie
Digital Download
Mouse, Xbox 360 Wired Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360
Xbox Live Arcade, Steam
Retail Features
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
March 272006
December 212006
Xbox Live Arcade
April 252007
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Eets (also Eets: Hunger. It's emotional.) is a 2D puzzle game developed by Klei Entertainment and published in 2006 as shareware. The game combines elements of games such as Lemmings and The Incredible Machine, and adds a quirky art style and a surreal sense of humor.

In addition to featuring over 100 levels, Eets has a very community-centric upbringing. The website has over 600 free puzzles that users can download, made by both fans and developers. There are also many community tools such as "Goodies", which allow players to reward other players in more ways than just good reviews of fan-made puzzles.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Eets[edit | edit source]

Eets is the star of the show. This little creature is scared of the dark, gets angry when you smack choco chips at it, and happy when it eats sweet marshmallows. The central gameplay element comes from manipulating Eets' emotions with various food items in order to safely guide it to the level's exit.

The Merch[edit | edit source]

As stated on the Penny Arcade page, "A cute cartoon character whose premise is that only copious purchasing of his merchandise by boys and girls can revive him (and only temporarily) from a wizard's curse. Failure to do so turns The Merch into the bloody Fleshreaper which 'goes house to house, collecting torsos.'"

Eets is the first game to officially cameo a Penny Arcade character [1]. Their character, The Merch, makes a cameo in Eets, and Eets must buy Merch Merch in order to satisfy The Merch's hunger. Even the Marshomech is no match for The Fleshreaper...

Eets: Chowdown[edit | edit source]

A special downloadable version was released for the Xbox 360 via the online service Xbox Live Arcade, called Eets: Chowdown on April 25, 2007. [2] It includes 120 new levels and an action game, called Marsho Madness. It costs 800 Microsoft Points ($10 USD).

Marsho Madness requires quick-reflex A-B-X-Y button press combinations to protect a stationary Eets from an ever-increasing horde of Marshmallow creatures. Each type of "Marsho" moves and acts differently, demanding varied and dynamic approaches. Strategic accuracy generates combo points, mulitpliers, and splash damage: all key to advancing score. Extra lives and consumable powerups appear incrementally the longer the player survives. In this manner, this robust minigame combines elements of rhythm, puzzle, and arcade action genres. Rewards for gameplay include three Xbox 360 Achievements, unlockable gamer pictures and leaderboard postings.

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