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Elemental Games is a game development company based in Vladivostok Russia, best known for the multi-genre science fiction computer games Space Rangers and the sequel, Space Rangers 2:Dominators.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Elemental Games was founded in December, 1999 as NewGame Software, a division of Degro, Ltd.[1] NewGame Software's first releases were the freeware turn-based strategy game The General and the desktop application Panels.[2] The company changed its name to Elemental Games in September, 2002.[3] Its second game, Space Rangers, was released in December, 2002, by 1C Company. The sequel Space Rangers 2 was published in November, 2004. Following the release of Space Rangers 2, some members of the Elemental Games staff, including director general Dmitry Gusarov, departed to form a new game development company, Katauri Interactive, which released version 2.0 of Space Rangers 2, called Space Rangers 2: Reloaded, in Russia on September 7, 2007.

Just now the company is conducting a beta test for a new browser-based game called "Empire", which began on Dec. 29, 2009. The game action takes place in a few years after events in Space Rangers 2. "Disown way to global problems, the rulers of independent worlds, however, do not forget about their claims to the neighbors. As a result, some here and there began to appear local conflicts that plunged the inhabited part of the galaxy in chaos. Chaos, which spawned not only adventurers of all stripes, a new wave of piracy and the era of the superiority of force over the millennia-old laws, but a galaxy of colorful characters whose purpose was to combine disparate worlds into a single coalition."[4]

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