Elroy Goes Bugzerk

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Elroy Goes Bugzerk
Elroy Bug.jpg
Developer(s) Headbone Interactive
Publisher(s) Headbone Interactive
Release date 1995
Genre Adventure
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) Ages 8 to 98
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Elroy Goes Bugzerk is Elroy's first game. Released by Headbone Interactive in 1995.&nbsp The object of the game is to win the 10th Annual Insectathon. Elroy and Blue need your help to win the contest -- unfortunately, arch rival Gordon Smugs has a huge head start. Your best bet is to help Elroy find the Technoloptera, a cyberbug that will give Elroy the edge. Explore the Insect Hall of Fame, wander through tunnels, climb trees, even chase chickens to unearth bug facts and decipher clues that will ultimately lead Elroy and Blue to victory in this fully animated adventure game.

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