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Developer(s) Koei
Publisher(s) Koei
Designer designer
status Status Missing
Release date 1995 (JP)
Genre Adventure
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) FM Towns, PC, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Super Famicom, 3DO
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media 24-megabit cartridge (SFC), CD-ROM (Others)
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Emit is a video game released for the Super Famicom in 1995. It is a sound novel game. The game comes in 3 volumes, each with its own cartridge and an audio CD.

It was designed to teach Japanese students more about English, and played the audio CD back at particular times using a peripheral called "Voice-Kun," an IR emitter that could command the CD to change tracks and play them.[1]

The game is about a girl that can travel through time by walking in a mysterious tunnel.