Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest/Codes

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Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest

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Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest is the expansion pack for the original Empire Earth and was released 17th September 2002.

Cheat Codes[edit | edit source]

To use the codes, press "Enter", type the code and then press "Enter" again.

Resources[edit | edit source]

my name is methos
Full map and 100,000 of all resources
all your base are belong to us
100,000 of all resources
boston food sucks
1000 food
1000 gold
1000 iron
1000 rock
you said wood
1000 wood
the big dig
no resources
boston rent
no gold
uh, smoke?
No wood
No food
No iron
mine your own business
No rock

Map[edit | edit source]

my name is methos
Full map and 100,000 of all resources
asus drivers
reveal map
Reveal entire map and remove fog-of-war

Fast Build and Energy[edit | edit source]

coffee train
Building of all structures completed
Instant building and research
friendly skies
Planes refuelled in mid-air
i have the power
Restore energy

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

display cheat
Show a list of cheats
the quotable patella
Upgrade all units to level 10
somebody set up us the bomb
Win game
Lose game
Remove objects from map
View fish and animals