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Empire Earth II

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Empire Earth II/Crusade in Prussia[edit | edit source]

The first level of the German campaign is easy, yet fun. As the leader of the Teutonic order, your task will be to establish a commandery in Prussia, and to convert or submit the locals.

Nothing will be happening really, with the exception of a few attacks. Right from the beginning, you have enough troops to finish the mission, but you will be able to hire more anyway, so do not feel too bad about losing these Teutonic Crusaders.

Note that for the first time in a campaign, you will have the technological advantage over your enemies. You start at Epoch VI (Middle Age), while your main opponents are stuck in the Dark Age (Epoch V).

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Destroy the Heathen Temple at Thorn
  2. Build a commandery at Thorn
  3. Locate the Barbarian stronghold
  4. Kill the Barbarian leader

Secondary Objectives

  1. Acquire another territory
  2. Convert 5 Livonian Knights

Defeat Conditions

  1. Hermann Balk is killed


  1. Teutonic Order - Red (Player)
  2. Teutonic Order - Green
  3. Prussia - Pink
  4. Livonian Knights - Yellow
  5. Ceribasi - Teal

Epochs Available

  1. VI - Middle Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You start in an allied town Cujavia, with 20 Teutonic Crusaders and Hermann Blake, your hero. The Teutonic Crusaders are a special unit that cannot be hired (as opposed to the Teutonic Knights). They are very good fighters and can also convert enemy units. Their ability works exactly in the same way as the Priests' convert ability, but you will have to activate it by yourself, as [1] on enemy units will make your Crusaders attack them.

Take this sizable army north, to the city of Thorn, eliminating the few Prussians who decided to have a snack nearby. When you attack the city, make sure to use your Crusaders' special ability to convert citizens. Be careful, as you have to convert at least one citizen here, in order to build a City Center in Thorn.

After Thorn's temple is destroyed, you will be asked to build a commandery here, as well as to gain the allegiance of the Livonian Knights. Start building the required structures (a City Center, Fortress, Barracks and a Temple) and welcome the immigrants that soon join your outpost. You can hire more units if you like, especially Teutonic Knights in your Stables.

In the meanwhile, take your army north, then west, into Livonian territory (Scalovia). Despite being another Knightly Order, the Livonian Knights will attack you, until you convert five of their units (Medieval Knights or Citizens, it doesn't matter). Do so quickly.

The Barbarian leader heals himself, make sure to bring enough units to defeat him.

Take your army south now, into Culm. Kill the few Prussians there and claim the territory to complete the other secondary objective.

Once that is done, take everything you have, make a few Rams or Trebuchets and attack the Ceribasi village in the northwest. To complete the mission, you will have to force the allegiance of these pagans by killing their leader. Start by taking out the towers and breaching the walls. When you approach the Military Leader, he flees into the nearest Fortress. Destroy it, then kill the Barbarian leader to finish your task.

Empire Earth II/The Hanseatic League[edit | edit source]

Once again, you play as the Teutonic Order. This time though, you won't be enjoying technological superiority over your foes, as you are not fighting pagan barbarians, but the state of Poland. Both you and Poland (as well as the other nations) will be stuck in the Middle Age (Epoch VI).

Your starting position seems quite strong: you own three territories, and already have a decent number of Teutonic Crusaders. On the other side of the map is your ally, the Holy Roman Empire, with well developed cities. Obviously, there is a trick: you do not have any Gold on your territories, and the nearest nods are well defended in the heart of Poland. Poland is slightly bigger, with four territories, and obviously has access to Gold.

The solution is simply to follow the objective of the mission, and to establish trade with the Holy Roman Empire (and other nations) in order to gather Gold.

Thing is, there again, you will have to act fast, or else Poland will start building wall, towers and fortresses all over the place, which will be extremely tedious to take down with a limited supply of Gold. But do not worry, as you will receive many reinforcements that will allow you to crush Poland, as her units are no match for your Crusaders.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Trade with the Holy Roman Empire
  2. Quash any rebellion
  3. Reclaim Pomerania

Secondary Objectives

  1. Blockade Sweden
  2. Thwart unrest in Pozen
  3. Thwart unrest in Danzig
  4. Thwart unrest in Thorn

Defeat Conditions

  1. Pozen, Danzig or Thorn is destroyed


  1. Teutonic Order - Red (Player)
  2. Poland - Green
  3. Holy Roman Empire - Teal
  4. Dissidents - Pink
  5. Sweden - Orange
  6. Denmark - Grey

Epochs Available

  1. VI - Middle Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

As usual, as soon as the game starts, make sure you have enough citizens gathering resources for you. There is a Warehouse in Posen right nearby a forest, two nods of Iron and Tin and a forage patch. Put six citizens on each resources and garrison ten more of them in the Warehouse to increase the productivity. There is also a Stone nod in Danzig, left of the Warehouse. Finally, you can build farms in Thorn, as you will be short on Food early on.

Poland will not attack you, but this is no reason to be slow. You will soon receive a new objective: you have to build a Temple and a University in each territory to stop rebellions. Do so as early as possible, and note that there is already a Temple in Danzig. Each time you fulfill one of the three objectives, you will receive reinforcements: around 15 Teutonic Crusaders. If you do not build Temples and University, Dissidents will occasionally spawn near your City Centers. Do not forget to put a couple citizens in one or two universities, to gather Technology Points, but do not bother about Temple: you cannot really spare Gold to hire Priests.

Lastly, even though you do not have any Gold, you still can make an army: Crossbowmen can be hired without Gold, so start chain-producing them. You can also build a few Stables, so you can produce Teutonic Knights once you start getting resources.

In the meanwhile, start making Trading Cogs in your Dock. At the moment, you cannot establish land trade lines with Germany (your Trading Carts would swiftly get killed by Poland), so start trading with the German Dock in Rostock. You will soon receive a new secondary objective: blockading Sweden. Triggering this objective might cause a bug that will prevent your Trading Cogs from visiting the Dock in Rostock.

To blockade Sweden, you will need to bring five military ships on the location marked on your strategic map. Build five boats (Barques are cheaper), bring them to the blockade location, and Sweden will turn hostile. One or two Swedish Barques will attempt to lift the blockade and fail, causing Sweden to ask you to lift the blockade in exchange of 1,000 Gold. Simply move your ships away to lift the blockade and get the cash. Once that is done, resume trade with Rostock.

It is quite possible to destroy Poland before completing the mission, even though not required.

At around 15 minutes in, you will receive the last primary objective of this mission: claim Pomerania (the territory just west of Posen. To do so, you will likely require a few siege weapons, such as Heavy Rams or Heavy Siege Towers. Hopefully, you can now build those with the Gold you have. As soon as you have 20 Crusaders, 20 Crossbowmen and a few Siege Towers, attack Pomerania. Destroy the Towers and the Fortress with your Towers, while your knights and archers take care of enemy units.

Attacking Pomerania will mean that Poland now engages in a full scale war against you. Polish units will probably attack Thorn et Posen, make sure to have some towers and units in each city. Most of Poland's strength will try to defend Pomerania though.

Whenever possible, build a City Center in Pomerania, to conquer the territory. Poland will keep sending units there, just leave your army nearby, or take the fight to Sieradz or Cracow. You are now free to make a few Trading Carts and to start trading with two other German cities to win the mission.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Instead of "thwarting unrest" you can use your Crusaders to convert the Dissidents. They have Men-at-Arms and Pikemen, that you likely won't be able to hire by yourself since they cost Gold.
  • You don't have to keep your leader (Hartman von Heldrugen) alive, so try to bring him to the fight. His special ability is quite nice too.
  • Each time you get a Crown for the first time, you get new reinforcements and a leader. If you can get a Military Leader, you will properly crush any Polish army that comes at you with his ability.
  • Denmark seems to be pretty much useless. They don't build docks, and there is no secondary objective related to them. Maybe it only triggers after a long while.

Empire Earth II/Defending the Order[edit | edit source]

Here is a very classical RTS mission: you start out with most of the map under you control, but a huge attack will capture all your villages, until you are left with the capital of the Teutonic Order, Marienburg.

During the first part of the mission, you will have to gather as much resources as possible before Elbing, Liebstadt and Holland fall. During the second part of the mission, you will have to protect Marienburg and the Master of the Order against waves and waves of attackers, until the Polish King Jagello shows up. The mission is completed when this fellow dies.

Even after your three villages have fallen, you will still receive resources, between each wave of attackers. In any case, if you play in Normal difficulty and do not screw up too badly, you will have more than enough troops to win this scenario.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Protect Marienburg Castle
  2. Kill 250 Polish troops
  3. Kill enemy leader

Secondary Objectives

  1. Harvest 1,000 Tin before the first town falls
  2. Harvest 1,000 Iron before the first town falls
  3. Harvest 1,000 Stone before the first town falls

Defeat Conditions

  1. Heinrich von Plauen is dead
  2. Marienburg Castle is destroyed


  1. Teutonic Order - Red (Player)
  2. Poland - Green

Epochs Available

  1. VI - Middle Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

As soon as the game starts, make a dozen citizens in each of your three villages. Since you won't be able to harvest Stone, Iron and Tin for long, the more you get now, the better. There are two Iron nods in Elbing, two Stone nods in Liebstadt and two Tin nods in Holland. Additionally, build six farms or so around your City Center in Marienburg, and order a couple more citizens to cut down the forest that is within the walls of the fortress. While you're at it, hire a couple Teutonic Knights in Marienburg (20 will suffice), and chain produce Crossbowmen and Balistas (as long as your resources allow it).

Your villages will be lightly attacked. Use your local troops to protect your peasants. If you keep them alive, you will quickly fulfill the three secondary objectives. You'll be rewarded with Teutonic Crusaders and some more resources each time. Move the Crusaders to Marienburg.

After a couple minutes, Elbing is going to be attacked by a huge army. There's no point trying to defend the village. Take the survivors if there's any, and move them to Marienburg. When your City Center is captured, do the same with the units left in Liebstadt and Holland. You can take the citizens and garrison them into Towers or Fortresses.

From now on, you have a couple more minutes before the Polish army moves toward Marienburg. Take the trebuchets defending the Palisade and bring them behind the Walls of Marienburg. The Palisade will fall quickly, leaving your trebuchets unprotected. Build as many Towers as possible on your Wall section, and spend the resources you have. Upgrade Teutonic Knights, Crossbowmen, Trebuchets. Garrison Pikemen into your towers, and build one or two Fortresses right behind your walls (on in the middle of the section, another one near the northernmost gate).

Before the Polish army attacks, you will receive a message: Polish Cannons are going to attack the Castle from the North. When notified of this, take your Crusaders and bring them onto the island North of Marienburg. Look out for the Cannons and convert them (after killing the defenders). If you act quickly, you will have enough time to bring them into Marienburg before the Polish main attack starts. In any case, the first attack is easy to repel. Use your Knights to destroy the many Trebuchets, then destroy the remaining troops.

When the first wave is defeated, two things happen. First, you get some reinforcement, as a Cargo Ship disembarks troops on the island up North (they bring a few resources too). Secondly, you receive another objective: kill 250 Polish troops.

If you managed to convert the four Bombard Cannons, the rest of the missions is a walk in the park, as they will quickly dispose of anything approaching your Walls. Otherwise, you will have to micromanage a bit more. Use your Knights to destroy any siege weapon approaching, and your Crossbowmen to kill enemy units. After each wave of attackers, you receive a bit more resources and reinforcements. As long as possible, try to spare your Crusaders for the last attack: make them convert enemy units from afar, but don't throw them in the melee.

Destroy the Polish siege engines while your Bombards and Archers take care of enemy units.

After you have killed roughly 200 enemy units, the Polish will launch a final attack against your Castle. Nothing daunting, though it is a bit more important than the previous ones. Once this attack is successfully defeated, you receive your last objective: killing the enemy leader, Prince Jagello.

Nothing extraordinary here: Jagello will run toward your Castle with his escort, will his army launch a final full-scale attack. Do not bother about the Polish army, and focus on Jagello and his escort. If you have artillery left, he will die in a few seconds. If not, try to kill him with long-range units and Towers, as he will stun any surrounding unit.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The most important trick in this level is to convert the four Bombard Cannons that will attack the Castle early on. If you successfully do it, you can win single-handed.
  • Obviously, do not bother building anything in the three villages that are going to be destroyed. You only need to hire citizens there.
  • You can sell exchange Food and Wood for Gold, Iron or Tin at the Market.
  • As long as it is possible, repair your fortifications between each attack.

Empire Earth II/The Reformation[edit | edit source]

This mission is pretty easy, and not really interesting. Playing as Albrecht of Prussia, you have to unite the country under your rule, and to eliminate the Teutonic Order. There are four others powers in the area, plus Poland. For once, Poland will not be a threat, so you will have to focus on the other Prussian cities. The other Prussian factions will not put up much of a fight, and to make things even easier, one of them (of your choice) will fight by your side. To complete the scenario, you will have to claim the territories of the three hostile cities, and send Albrecht to

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Use Albrecht to chose an ally
  2. Unit Prussia
  3. Send Albrecht to Poland

Secondary Objectives

  1. Protect the Nobles

Defeat Conditions

  1. Albrecht is killed
  2. A territory is lost
  3. Konigsburg City Center is destroyed
  4. Fail to unite Prussia by Poland's deadline


  1. Prussia - Red (Player)
  2. Tilsit - Yellow
  3. Marienwerder - Blue
  4. Lyck - Grey
  5. Friedland - Teal
  6. Teutonic Order - Orange
  7. Poland - Green

Epochs Available

  1. VII - Renaissance

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

As usual, before doing anything, make sure you have six peasants on each resource. Garrison Citizens in your University and Priests in your Temple to produce technology points quickly.

Your very first objective is to find an ally. Any of the four other cities will do. The mission is not difficult, and there is not much difference between any of them. Tilsit is probably the best choice, as your ally will then cover your right flank, and offer a good trade opportunity.

In any case, when you have made your choice, send Albrecht to that city to create an alliance. Not surprisingly, the three other cities will turn hostile and start attacking you. Do not fear though, most attacks will consist of a few Musketeers and possibly one or two Culverins.

Shortly after, you will be given your first and only secondary objective: protect your ally's Nobles while they have a little chat about the Reformation. The Nobles will appear nearby your ally City Center and will stand there for around three minutes. From time to time, Teutonic Crusaders will appear and try to kill the Nobles. Protect them until the three minutes timer wears off to receive a few more troops and resources.

While you're protecting the Nobles, start building up an army, by chain-producing Culverins, Musketeers, Hang Grenadiers and Knights. When you have a decently sized army (30 men and five Culverins), attack the nearest enemy town and raze it to the ground. Build a City Center to claim the territory, leave a few units there and move onto the next city.

Each time you claim a new territory by building a City Center (except for the last one), the same thing will happen: Nobles will appear near the newly built City Center, and you will have to protect them against the Teutonic Order. If you don't have the men to do it, simply let the Nobles die. The reward is nice (you get a small army every time), but not game-breaking.

Do not stop your attack until the three hostile factions are destroyed. If you want to speed up the process, you can build military buildings in your new territories and chain-produce more units there. The last city to fall will probably be the most well-defended one, as the AI got more time to build up. You might have to tear down a Fortress, in the very worst case.

When you capture the last territory, all of your ally's units and buildings become yours and you receive the last objective: bring Albrecht to Poland to secure a treaty. Take all units you have left (which should be a lot) and escort Albrecht safely. When you reach the bridge the leads to Poland, the Teutonic Knights will make a last attempt at screwing your plans: two groups of Teutonic Crusaders will appear and charge Albrecht. They are quite resilient, but should die quickly. Make sure Albrecht does not die. If needed, move him around while your army shoots at the Teutonics. When the last Crusader dies, bring Albrecht on the other side of the bridge to win the mission.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You need to keep Albrecht alive at all cost. Sending him to battle might not be a good idea: Musketeers and Culverins are deadly, even for a hero.
  • There is apparently a deadline: uniting Poland must be done before April. You have roughly one year to take out the three other cities. There is no rush, but try to not be too slow.

Empire Earth II/Brandeburg Prussia[edit | edit source]

At first sight, this mission looks quite similar to the second one, The Hanseatic League. You start out as Prussia, own three territories, and are surrounded by familiar people: Poland (Green), Sweden (Orange), the Holy Roman Empire (Teal) and Konigsburg (Purple). And once again, you have to take Pomerania (divided in two territories), but this time, it is owned by Sweden.

Only two of the four other factions are outright hostile (Sweden and Konigsburg), but Poland and Germany might as well attack you if some of your military units go through their territories. It seems neither Poland nor Germany will accept an alliance either.

The good news is that Konigsburg will not attack as long as you leave him alone. The bad news is that Sweden will put up quite a fight, and can reinforce his two territories in Pomerania with Cargo Ships. It is also virtually impossible to defeat the Swedish navy, so you will likely just have to cover your vulnerable beaches with Towers and Fortresses.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Conquer Pomerania
  2. Earn a Crown

Secondary Objectives

  1. Reclaim the territory of Konigsburg
  2. Convert 10 Swedish units

Defeat Conditions

  1. Protect Frederick William
  2. Protect Berlin


  1. Prussia - Red (Player)
  2. Sweden - Orange
  3. Konigsburg - Purple
  4. The Holy Roman Empire - Teal
  5. Poland - Green

Epochs Available

  1. VIII - Imperial Era

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

As usual, make sure to optimize your resource gathering, and to have six or seven citizens working on each kind of resource. Put three of them into a University and two Priests in a Temple to gather technology points. If you want, you can also set trading lanes between your cities, or with Poland, but that is far from necessary in this mission, as you won't really lack money. Lastly, create a road between Danzig and Berlin, so your units travel faster.

The mission is pretty straightforward: as long as you avoid annoying Poland or the Holy Roman Empire, you can create an army at your own pace, before defeating your opponents. The key to victory here is to build a lot of artillery. Culverins and Bombard Guns will kill everything that stands on your way, while your infantry will act as meatshields. With that in mind, you might want to build one or two more Workshops in Berlin or Danzig.

Obviously, you will face some attacks from Sweden. Orange will send units at you in Hannover and in the area between Danzig and Berlin. You can build fortress at the border of your territories, and if possible, one east of the bridge that links Berlin to Hannover. Set up some Outposts too.

As usual, start chain-producing units in all of your military buildings as soon as you have a working economy. Musketeers, Lancers, Culverins, Bombard Guns and Priests (to fulfill the secondary objective) is all you need. Gather everything in Danzig, and when you are ready (with at least 10 Culverins and 10 Bombards), build a bridge between Danzig and Konigsburg, before ordering your army to raze the city. You will suffer a few losses, but if you keep chain-producing, you will have more troops at the end of the battle than at the beginning.

Trying to deal with the Swedish navy is a bad idea.

Obviously, avoid to enter Poland's territory with military units if you don't want to start a war. Once Konigsburg is destroyed, claim the territory and receive a tribute from the locals as a reward. Bring your army back into Danzig, and head now west into eastern Pomerania. But before doing so, make sure the Convert ability of your priests is set on automatic use ([2] on it): if you convert ten Swedish units, your own units will become more powerful.

There again, if you have enough artillery, your opponent won't stand a chance, even though you should expect more resistance than in Konigsburg. If possible, make sure Swedish Outposts and Fortresses are targeting infantry and not artillery. Once the city is destroyed, claim the territory, and order your Bombard Guns to destroy the bridge that links western and eastern Pomerania.

Sweden will still send reinforcements from the sea. You can try to build Docks and defeat his navy, or to build coastal defenses, but in all likelihood, Sweden's Ships of the Line will just raze everything you build in mere seconds. The best solution is to build two Fortresses and a few Outposts near your new City Center in Pomerania.

When the place is secured, gather your army in Hannover (don't stop to produce new units). If you have around 30 Musketeers and 20 cannons of all sort, western Pomerania will fall like eastern Pomerania: very quickly.

While travelling around, it is possible that your army enter German (Teal) territory. If that happens, all German units will turn hostile, and Germany will ask you to pay 1,000 Gold. If you pay, Germany will switch back to neutral. If you don't, she will stay permanently hostile, and Poland will also turn hostile (the same will happen if you enter Poland's territories).

Finally, once Sweden has been kicked out of western Pomerania (reinforcements will arrive from the sea, here too), build a City Center to complete the mission.

Tips[edit | edit source]

If you have a lot of big guns, nothing will stand on your way, not even Poland or Germany.

  • If you ever annoy Poland or the Holy Roman Empire, it is quite easy to get them back to neutral by paying the requested fee. However, this will only work once for each of them (you may pay 1,000 Gold once to Germany and once to Poland, but no more than that). When they send you the ultimatum, you have five minutes to send them a tribute.
  • If for some weird reason you unwillingly get dragged into a war with Poland and Germany, don't worry too much: Poland sends only small raiding parties, while Germany stays mostly inactive. It is also quite possible to defeat them if you feel like it.
  • The best way to make sure William Frederick doesn't die is to let him into Berlin. Losing because he ran toward Sweden's Ships of the Line may happen, and is indeed annoying.
  • Make sure to build many Outposts in your territories: Sweden loves to send groups of sneaky Musketeers to murder your Citizens.
  • You can send spies to overwatch Swedish dock activiies in the East Pomerania. You'll be able to see that their Cargo ship is been there since the beginning. Also, it might produce some warships, so you might need to sabotage it.
  • If you want to capture Konigsburg city center rather than destroying it, make sure you have huge infantry and order them to capture it. Not long enough, the entire city joins you, with the patrolling units.

Empire Earth II/The Seven Years War[edit | edit source]

This mission might seem daunting at first sight: you are fighting four Europeans powers (France, Russia, Austria and Sweden), you are surrounded, and your only ally (Great-Britain) will not be of much help. Except for Sweden (who starts with one territory), all your opponents own two territories, while you own three. Hopefully, you only have to destroy their capital to knock them out of the war.

In case having to fight four nations at once wasn't hard enough, you get annoying secondary objectives. Firstly, in order to secure Britain's help (which consist in a regular tribute - don't expect the British to help you militarily), you have to defend Hannover against France's attacks. Secondly, before the Allies start their offensive, you have to sabotage their main City Centers to discover who will attack you first. Neither of these two secondary objectives is going to help you in the long run. But for the sake of the guide, it is assumed you will try to fulfill them anyway.

It is essential that you move first, and that you move fast, otherwise, you will slowly be overwhelmed by the joint forces of France, Russia, Sweden and Austria. Depending on how fast you go, you can knock out one, possibly two of your opponents before they become real threats. Even better: Russia will offer you a ceasefire after some fighting, offering you victory on a plate.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Force Austrian to surrender
  2. Force Russian to surrender
  3. Force Sweden to surrender
  4. Force French to surrender

Secondary Objectives

  1. Discover who strikes first
  2. Protect Hannover
  3. Defend Breslau

Defeat Conditions

  1. Frederick the Great is killed
  2. Failure to recapture Berlin
  3. Berlin is destroyed


  1. Prussia - Red (Player)
  2. France - Blue
  3. Russia - Orange
  4. Austria - Yellow
  5. Sweden - Dark Yellow
  6. Hannover - Purple
  7. England - Teal
  8. Neutral Country - Pink

Epochs Available

  1. IX - The Age of Enlightenment

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Quickly get your Citizens to work, so you can focus on your objectives. You can find all needed nods (Stone, Gold, Iron and Saltpeter) nearby three Warehouses in Brandenburg, as well as a nice forest. For the food, build a couple of Farms in any of your provinces, around a City Center or a Warehouse, and you will be good to go.

Your first objective is to send Spies Sabotage your enemies' City Centers. Start chain producing Spies in one of your Universities, as well as a Cog in your Dock in Brandenbourg. For Sweden, simply put one or two Spies in the Cog, unload them on the coast and run toward the City Center to Sabotage it. For France and Austria, simply have a couple Spies rush toward the City Centers in Paris and Vienna. At least four will be needed in each case, as France and Austria have a couple Outposts protecting their cities. Russia is the trickiest one, as you have to go all the way through Riga to St. Petersburg. If you go fast, you can unload a couple Spies directly in St. Petersburg before Russia build a fleet.

In the same time, send a part of your army to Hannover, to protect the city. Hannover has a decent army that could very well kick France's butt, but most of the time, said army will stand right on your western border, far from all the action. If you want, and have spare resources, you can build a Fortress not far from the bridge that links Hannover and Paris, to repel the earliest attacks.

Sweden has the potential to become hugely annoying. Destroy it as early as possible.

The most immediate threats are Russia and Austria, but they are also the less dangerous ones. It is strongly advised to take Sweden first, then France, then Austria. Sweden has to surrender as early as possible, because if you let her time to build up, you will face another mighty fleet of Ships of the Line, and be the target of annoying amphibious attacks. France should go next, so you don't have to bother about Hannover anymore. Lastly, you will likely not have to fight Russia, so your next and last target should be Austria.

You will be attacked from pretty much everywhere, but you can create a few effective shockpoints. The first one is the bridge linking Prussia and Riga. The second one is the other bridge linking Paris and Hannover. The third and fourth ones are the two passes that lead from Bohemia to Brandenburg and Prussia. Building Fortresses and Outposts here should be enough to stop most attacks (though you should make sure to repair them from time to time). You will still be attacked from Vienna and from the Northern Coast (if you don't deal with Sweden quickly enough), so have two armies ready to fight back if needed.

Taking Sweden out is pretty easy. Stockholm is vulnerable to an attack from the sea. As soon as you have the resources, make another Dock or two in Bradenbourg, and produce a couple of Ships and two Cogs. Take your fleet up North and start razing Sweden. The Swedish fleet will counter-attack, but hopefully, you have more ships, and better ones. After the enemy fleet is sunk, keep moving north to destroy Sweden's Coastal Defences, Docks and Fortress. Unfortunately, it seems the City Center is out of range of any ship, so you will have to unload troops there to finish the job (keep your fleet around, to quickly destroy anything Sweden might try to throw at you).

At around 15 minutes in, you receive a new objective: defend Breslau against an Austrian attack. The Austrians will come from Vienna and will rush toward Breslau's Fortress. This objective is a bit weird, as the Austrian army usually wipes the floor while trying to destroy the Fortress. In any case, as a security measure, you can station a small army defend in Breslau to defend the city. When the last Austrian attacker dies, you receive a bunch of Regulars (they will be garrisoned inside Breslau's Fortress).

Beware the mighty and completely useless British army.

Next target is France. Sadly for her, Paris City Center is right on the other side of the bridge West of Hannover. Make a couple of Field Guns, Bombard Guns and Regulars, and cross the bridge. Destroy the Outpost and the Fortress there, kill the French units and promptly destroy the City Center to knock France out of the war. It seems that even though France stops attacking you, she sometimes keeps fighting with Hannover. If that is the case, you can't really do anything to protect Hannover, as France diplomacy status is locked. Hopefully by now, either Hannover is able to defend itself or you don't need Britain's resources anymore.

Once France is out of the war, it won't be long before you receive a message regarding the death of Isabel I of Russia and the crowning of Pierre III. Pierre III being a germanophile (or rather, a prussianophile) he will get out of the war, leaving you with Austria as your last opponent. Sadly for her, Vienna's City Center is also lightly defended, allowing you to overwhelm it with your superior army. Gather all your troops in Breslau and move your army South, while destroying everything on your way until you see your target. Destroy the City Center to win the level.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The first secondary objective sometimes bugs: nothing will happen after you Sabotage a City Center. If that is the case, you can either give up with objective or restart the mission.
  • It is strongly advised to deal with the opponents in the order explained above. If you don't destroy Sweden first, she will unload a bunch of troops on your northern coast, which might slow you down quite a lot. If you intend to destroy Sweden last, expect a huge amphibious assault on Berlin after Russia leaves the war.
  • To lessen the casualties, you can place spies on Sweden fortress to continuously sabotage it, so your army can safely raze the Stockholm City Center.
  • To slow down the Russians' assault, you can bomb the bridge connecting the Riga and Prussia using your bombard cannons.

Empire Earth II/Resisting Napoleon[edit | edit source]

Difficult mission here. In Mad Doc's take on history, Napoléon's Grand Army hadn't been destroyed by the Russian Winter, but by Prussia, or you in this case.

During the first part of the mission, you have to secretly build an army, gather as many resources as possible and possibly build the Brandenburg Gate. In the second part, you have to defeat the (huge) French Grand Army and liberate a total of six German Cities.

Unlike the Korean mission Overthrow, it is almost impossible here to build an army inside your territory. The French Grand Army retreating from Russia will travel all over your territory and spot your units sooner or later. The solution is to take a neutral territory and hire the biggest army possible there, far from the French patrols.

Once you have a secret base, you will have to produce units until the French eats the dust, which is harder said than done.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Liberate six towns
  2. Destroy Napoleon's Grand Army

Secondary Objectives

  1. Build the Brandenbourg Gate
  2. Hide from the Grand Army

Defeat Conditions

  1. France capture a Prussian territory


  1. Prussia - Red (Player)
  2. France - Blue
  3. Russia - Orange
  4. Austria - Yellow
  5. England - Teal
  6. German Town - Purple

Epochs Available

  1. IX - The Age of Enlightenment

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You don't have a minute to lose in this mission. The Grand Army is truly huge, and if you are not prepared when France betrays you, you will be properly trampled, crushed, slaughtered, etc. Quickly make sure you have enough peasants gathering resources. Six is the bare minimum, and you will probably want eight or even ten Citizens on some resources (Food, Wood and Gold). Garrison a few Citizens and Priests inside a University and a Temple. The more you have, the better: you will want to have a few Crowns by the time France attacks.

You have to build an army as early as possible. Once you have a working economy, make a couple Citizens in Breslau and send them to Austria. Take control of the territory by building a City Center, and start building a bunch of Barracks and Factories. There again, you will need a bunch: four or five of each is a start. Chain-produce units (Grenadiers, Regulars, Field Guns and Bombard Cannons) in all of them, but avoid using your other military buildings: if the French spots ten of your units, he will attack.

You need a lot of military buildings hidden in neutral territories. Note the Austrian reinforcements coming to your help

Make sure your army stays out of sight of French patrols. The French units will appear on the Eastern border of the map (in Poland) and will take a random road to Mainz. You can make a dozen spies and order them to patrol your roads to see what the French are doing.

If you're short on resources, try to get the Economic Crown and chose War Economy. This will reduce the cost of all your land units. If you get the other Crowns, take Firing Ranges (Imperial Crown) and either the Infantry or the Fire Support Doctrine. Obviously, the more you have the better: you will most likely be outnumbered (badly). Any bonus will help.

Lastly, if you have spare resources, you can build the Brandenbourg Gate. It's not going to be of much help, but it is the first and only Wonder you can build in this campaign.

You have a dozen minutes to build your army. When you receive a notification about the Grand Army being ready, start to produce units in all your military buildings, even the one in your starting Territories, and bring your army up north, at the border between Berlin and Bradenburg. That's where the Grand Army is going to strike first.

Keep producing units, gather them in one point, and wait for the French attack. When the French turns hostile, many things may happen:

  1. First, it is quite possible your army is quickly destroyed. Do not fear, as long as you killed a bunch of Frenchmen, you're not doomed yet. Make good use of your Bombard Cannons and Field Guns, and if you have a Military Leader, make sure to use his special ability to stun your opponents.
  2. Secondly, there will likely be French patrols in your cities when Blue becomes hostile. They're not much of a threat in the large scheme of things, but they can kill your peasants and destroy your buildings. Take care of them when you can (if possible, before the Big Clash in the middle).

Expect to have to defeat that many French units three or four times in a row

You're likely going to have to make another army to destroy the Grand Army (you have to kill 150 units). Hopefully, if you have a bunch of Barracks and Factories, you will be ready to stop the second wave of units Napoléon throws at you. It's quite possible your army gets trashed again, but as long as you kill most French units, don't lose hope: make good use of your constant flow of units, get rid of the remnants of the Grand Army. Once you have killed 150 units, the French attacks will lose their strength. But that's not a reason to waste time: the French AI, who was dormant, now starts to gather resources and to hire more units.

Take what's left of your own army and start taking out French Fortresses and City Centers in the neighbouring Territories. Ideally, you should need only a dozen guns to take care of the Fortresses, but be careful: even after you've defeated the Grand Army, you'll occasionally face big French attacks.

Kill any peasants you see (they rebuild), and build your own City Centers to take control of the German towns. Once your army is big enough, you can divide it and take two Territories at the same time, but there again, be wary of any French counterattack.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Britain, Russia and Austria will occasionally send small armies to help you. Sadly, they will more often than not run into a French Fortress and die. With some luck, they might be able to do some work for you, by hitting an unprotected German City.
  • The rule number one of this mission is to produce units. Lots of them. As soon as Napoléon turns hostile, make sure that the buildings you start with in your cities keep producing units too, as that will make quite a difference by the end of the mission.
  • Regulars and Grenaders will mostly be used as meatshields, while your artillery maul down the French units. Bombard Cannons are more effective than Fieldguns, but longer to produce.
  • Build walls bordering your territories and France to slow down the Grand Army and giving you more time to build up when AI turns hostile. Upgrade its tower sections, since France will focus their attack on it. Don't forget for two fortresses on the Bradenburg-Berlin border.

Empire Earth II/Blood and Iron[edit | edit source]

The last German mission might seem tricky at first. Even though you start with a bunch of territories and a pretty large army scattered all over the map, you're still in a difficult position. The other European nations are just as big, and to make things worse, they also have technological superiority: they start directly at Epoch X, while you start at Epoch IX.

Ultimately, you have to bring down several other nations and unify Germany. You will have to fight - in this order - Denmark, Austria and France. Depending on your choices, you might also have to defeat the German Confederation. Italy might or might not side with you, and if she does you will get a helpful ally (for once).

At the beginning, all other nations will be Neutral toward you, but that will change quite fast. So there again, you have to gather an army during the quiet early game, then burn everything to the ground.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Schleswig-Holstein
  2. Subdue Austria
  3. Force France to capitulate
  4. Unify Germany

Secondary Objectives

  1. Ally with Italy

Defeat Conditions

  1. Keep Otto von Bismarck alive
  2. Home territories captured


  1. Prussia - Red (Player)
  2. France - Blue
  3. German Confederation - Purple
  4. Austria - Yellow
  5. Denmark - Orange
  6. Italy - Dark Yellow
  7. Neutral Countries - Teal

Epochs Available

  1. IX - The Age of Enlightenment
  2. X - The Industrial Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Your very first aim in this scenario is to catch-up on the technology département. You start with three temples (in Silesia, Brandenburg and Prussia) and two Universities (in Brandenburg and Prussia). Hire Priests and Citizens to garrison them inside the buildings. The first Technology you should research is rationalism, so you can put one more Citizen/Priest in each building. Next, you should go for Crop Rotation. It is advised to research all available Technologies before reaching Epoch X, but it is ultimately up to you and to the resources you have.

Once Technology is taken care of, make sure you have enough Citizens gathering resources. You will need a lot of Gold and possibly Wood, if possible, have one dozen of Citizens on each of these resources (you will need two Gold nods). Note that you have two Whaling Ships: they gather Food at a very good rate, but they will probably sink soon.

The routine should be well established by now: once your economy is working, start producing units. As many as you can. You will need two big armies soon. Move all your units standing in Prussia, Westphalia and Luxembourg to Brandenbourg. Order a few Citizens to build one Fortress up North (near the border with Hannover) and one down South (near the border with Bavaria and Bohemia). If you have spare resources and Citizens, build one or two Fortresses in the mountain pass between Silesia and Bohemia.

These are the locations where you will be attacked soon. Gather your biggest army in Brandenbourg, near the border with Hannover, and the smallest one near the pass in Silesia. You have about ten minutes to do all this before Denmark and Austria discover your plan and turn hostile.

They both have pretty big armies and technologically superior ones. The best way to get rid of said armies is to stay on the defensive and wipe them out. Denmark will always attack Brandenburg from the Northwest. Austria will usually make two attacks: one on Brandebourg and one on Silesia (through the pass). With the help of your Fortresses, you should be able to destroy all their armies, even though you might end up badly injured too.

Once you have successfully protected your lands, it's time to go on the offensive. Gather all units you have left and move into Bohemia. It is lightly protected and should fall quite fast. Your objective is to destroy Vienna's City Center to force Austria to surrender, but there are a few things you should do before. Firstly, you can take Bohemia for yourself: build a City Center and a Fortress there, and tadam, you get one more Territory. Secondly, burn down all buildings in Venetia. You are going to offer this territory to Italy, and if there are still Austrian buildings left, it is likely the Italian AI will not be able to use it correctly.

When that is done, destroy the City Center in Vienna. Austria will immediately surrender and offer you Venitia. Go into the diplomacy tab and offer Venitia to Italy and tadam! you get a new ally. Italy is probably the first useful ally you get since Deception. Enjoy it while it lasts.

You can defeat France in less than one minute if Napoleon III hangs around Luxembourg

If you have kept producing more units, you should have more than enough troops to take Denmark down now. Gather everything you have, and go straight North. There are two Danish Fortresses in Schleswig, focus on them with your Bombard Cannons (or Siege Guns if you've reached Epoch X) while the rest of your army takes down the Danish infantry. You should have no problem kicking Denmark out of Schleswig and Jutland. If you feel like it, you can even invade Zealand to get rid of the Danish for good.

Now, there's a trick. Once Denmark is yours, you should avoid conquering the Territory. Instead, move all your army to Luxembourg, on the western border. Build two Fortresses near the French Territories (Alsace and Picardy) and a bunch of Outposts. As soon as your take Schelswig-Holstein, France will turn on you. You will also be asked to unify Germany, either by conquering the German Confederation or by offering her Alsace-Lorraine.

France has a huge army (again!), but it is possible to force her to capitulate extremely quickly: most of the time, Napoleon III patrols from Alsace to Picardy. That means there is a good chance he will die pretty quickly when France becomes hostile. If that is the case, France surrenders and gives your Alsace-Lorraine.

If Napoleon III doesn't die immediately, you might be drawed into a long and tedious war. Hopefully, Italy is fighting on your side and is putting quite a fight. The two of you should be able to defeat France sooner or later. If you spot Napoleon III, rush for him if you can. Otherwise, let Italy handle France in the south, while you destroy Picardy, Paris and move toward Versailles. When France surrenders, you receive Alsace-Lorraine. You are free to offer this new territory to the German Confederation, or to become hostile (use the diplomacy pannel) and conquer Frankfurt and Hannover.

Italy can put up quite a fight, especially against France

Offering Alsace-Lorraine is obviously faster, but beating the German Confederation to pulp shouldn't be nearly as hard as defeating France in the previous mission.

Congratulation for beating the German campaign :)

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Invading Zealand is easy if you take care of the Danish navy. You can do so by building a few ships early on, and a couple of Bay Cannons around your Dock. Denmark uses Galleons and a few Ironclads and Frigates to protect Zealand.
  • The best way to keep Otto von Bismarck alive is to hide him somewhere far from the battlefield. As your opponents will be using loads of artillery, it is strongly advised to keep him away from the fights.
  • Do not build anything outside of your territories, especially in Hannover, Frankfurt or in the Netherlands. France will take it as an insult and attack you. Same thing if you have troops in France.
  • The German Confederation on the other hand will let your armies cross her Territory. Do not bother making huge circumlocutions for nothing. You can even build roads linking Brandenbourg and Westphalia if needed (that will not offend the French).
  • When you're ready to wage war against France, garrison units inside the Fortresses you built on the border. This will increase the attack of your Fortresses and ensure your units don't die very quickly (which is nifty if Napoléon doesn't get killed right away).
  • There's a 'glitch' that you can exploit to win this mission single handed. If you're in a Normal difficulty or below, gather all of your starting armies in Silesia and destroy Vienna City Center. By doing so, Denmark will keep neutral as long as you don't declare war on him (through diplomacy panel). You can build up your army and navy and plan a huge invasion on their soils.
  • Bombing the Frenchmen intruding your territory with your Siege Guns/Bombard Cannons while both sides are neutral will not cause any war. Use this opportunity to reduce France strength. (But do not bombard Napoleon, as it will cause a glitch.).

Empire Earth II/San Juan Hill[edit | edit source]

The first American mission is well, boring, despite the somewhat original setting (the Spanish-American War). With the help of a huge army (that will grow even bigger), you will have to destroy Fortresses and capture City Centers in Cuba. Oddly, Mad Doc decided to set this mission in the 11th Epoch, which means your units will look like WWII soldiers *shrugs*. Also worthy of notice are the Medic, who will replace EE1 Hospitals by healing your units.

The final objective is to take the city of Santiago, which will open the way to Havana. Your only opponent will be Spain. You will receive the help of Cuban "freedom fighters" as well as several waves of reinforcements.

There's no base building in this mission (though you will be able to build two Fortresses), but the Spanish will occasionally produce new units in Santiago and El Caney. Do not worries though, you will still outnumber him almost two to one.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Kettle Hill
  2. San Juan Hill
  3. On to Santiago!

Secondary Objectives

  1. Liberate El Caney
  2. Guerilla Tactics

Defeat Conditions

  1. Teddy Roosevelt must survive
  2. Maintain Troop Strength


  1. United States - Blue (Player)
  2. Spain - Red
  3. Cuba - Green
  4. Cuba - Orange
  5. United States - Teal

Epochs Available

  1. XI - The Modern Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

For once, you don't have to bother with resources and technology. Just make a group with your huge army (ctrl+1) and start heading West into the Unclaimed Territory. A few Spanish patrols will attack you, but nothing to be worried about.

You will soon reach a road, a meet some Spanish fortifications: Machinegun Nests and Concertina Wires, guarded by some infantry and Field Artillery. Kill and destroy everything, and take care of the new Secondary Objective you just received: Liberate El Caney.

The city of El Caney is up North (you can see it on your minimap). Follow the road, destroy the Fortress, the Outposts and the Machingun Nests protecting it, and capture the City Center. Do not destroy it if you want to fulfill the Secondary Objective. This will prevent Spanish reinforcements to arrive from this city. You will also get a first wave of reinforcements (they will appear in the American Base).

The Spanish counter-attack won't help them much...

Next, go back to the crossroad and keep heading West. Add your reinforcements to your army and cross the bridge, before attacking Kettle Hill. They are a few units defending it, but taking the Fort down shouldn't be a real problem. When it is down, make sure to destroy the few Machingun Nests around it.

After destroying Kettle Hill, you receive even more units to help you, as well as some resources. Among the reinforcements are three engineers. They are builders than can only build fortification. Use them to build your own Fortress on Kettle Hill.

The Spanish will send a counterattack. If you have captured El Caney, you will have to face only one army, coming from Santiago (West). Otherwise, another army will appear in El Caney and attack from the East. In any case, if you make sure to fight the two armies separately, you shouldn't have any problem dealing with them. If you can gather your army at the top of Kettle Hill and have time to build a Fortress there, that's even better.

When the counter-attack lies dead, take your army West, following the road and eliminating any Spanish unit standing on your way, until you arrive near the (green) Cuban encampment. Bring five units inside the camp to complete the "Guerilla Tactics" objective. From now on, you won't have to bother about reinforcements coming from Santiago either. The Cuban patriots will also attack Santiago occasionally, even though they won't be of much help.

Go back to Kettle Hill and head South to San Juan Hill. Just like Kettle Hill, it is lightly defended and shouldn't be a threat to your huge army. When the Fortress falls down, you receive even more reinforcements (with Siege Guns) and resources. Build your own Fortress in San Juan Hill, and crush the miserable counter-attack Spain will throw at you.

Taking Santiago is really easy if you use your reinforcements

Once this is done, your last target is Santiago. With the army you have now, you shouldn't have any issue taking the City, even blindfolded. Destroy everything that stands on your way and capture (or destroy) the City Center to win the mission.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You can hide Roosevelt in the American Base, but for once, your leader might not end up killed by artillery, so you may as well take him along.
  • Cuban partisans (Regulars) will spawn on the map occasionally. They won't help much, but can be used as cannon fodders if your own army follow them closely.
  • Make good use of your Medics. They automatically heal any injured unit surrounding them (Field Artillery included), which is quite convenient. Make sure they don't get killed needlessly.

Empire Earth II/The Meuse-Argonne Offensive[edit | edit source]

This mission is a bit more exciting than San Juan Hill, if only because you have a base and because your opponent (Germany) will put up a fight (as opposed to being steamrolled by a much bigger army). You get to use planes for the first time. Their use is quite complicated, but they can be devastating if used correctly.

You will also be able to produce tanks for the first time. Oh joy! Sadly, they're only use is to replace cavalry: it's quite ridiculous, but a Machinegun Tank can be destroyed by two Riflemen.

The mission takes place during World War I, and starts when the American, along with their French allies, are about to launch the Argonne offensive, which will bring Germany on her knees. Since Mad Doc doesn't want the mission to be too easy, the French presence will be limited to a few units and buildings that won't help at all.

Though there are several objectives (a new one is unlocked everytime you complete the current one), you ultimately have to take the Meuse Bridge and protect it during five minutes to finish this level.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Breach first line of defense
  2. Occupy Montfaucon
  3. Capture the Romagne territory
  4. Capture the Cunel territory
  5. Breach the Khiemhilde Stelling
  6. Capture the Meuse Bridge
  7. Defend the bridge at all costs!

Secondary Objectives

  1. Locate the Lost Battalion
  2. Fend of German counterattack

Defeat Conditions

  1. Maintain the Main Base
  2. Maintain Meuse Bridge Defense


  1. United States - Blue (Player)
  2. Germany - Red
  3. France - Green

Epochs Available

  1. XI - The Modern Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Your immediate first objective is to destroy five Machingun Nests in the area surrounding your base. You can do so with your starting army. Take everything you have (with the obvious exception of your Citizens) and move your army to the East. You will be met with fierce resistance, but your army is enough to destroy the Machinguns.

Your starting units will be enough to complete the first two objectives

When the four Machingun Nests are destroyed, you get your next objective (Occupy Montfaucon). Before you do so, take care of your base. You're going to have to hire a lot of Citizens before your economy runs smoothly. You can use the Warehouse to the West to gather Gold, Stone, Wood and Food, and the one to the South for Saltpeter. Don't forget to build an Oil Derrick and to garrison six more Citizens inside of it (and three inside the University, as well as two Priests inside the Temple).

If you have units left after clearing the German defenses, you can move onto Montfaucon. It is defended by a couple Machingun Nests and a Fortress. If possible, produce a few AA Half-Tracks and bring them to the front to protect your troops against the German planes. When the Fortress in Montfaucon is razed to the ground, order your soldiers to capture the Temple. When it's yours, put two more priests into it.

Your next objective is to Capture Romagne, but before doing so, there are a few things you might want to do. Firstly, you can save the French camp up North. For some reason he has an army there but doesn't use it and gets torn to pieces. Secondly, you can find the Lost Battalion in Orleans. Just send a couple (four is enough) tanks to get rid of the few German units there, and explore until you find the Battalion. Sadly, even though they're better than standard soldiers, they are certainly not as badass as in the movie :-(

To take Romagne, you need a bigger army than what you have left from the beginning. Make Siege Guns, Mortars, Riflemen and Tanks (Machingun and Gun ones). When you feel your army is large enough (around 30 units), move onto Romagne and destroy everything. Capture the City Center and build a Fortress to take the Territory.

Next, you need to take Cunel. If you do it in less than five minutes, you get additional resources as a bonus. It's quite easy to do it under the five minutes timer, as Cunel is virtually unprotected: there are a few Outposts and Machinguns and that's it. Destroy them and take this new Territory. When this happens, the German army will send a large attack onto Dijon (French encampment just South of Cunel). Go help France. It won't change anything in the long run, but heh, it's a Secondary Objective.

Planes are really effective but can be brought down in a few seconds

Before you go on with the mission, build a couple of military structures in Cunel: Workshop, Barracks, Manufacturing Plant, Airport, and possibly a Hangar. You will need a constant flow of reinforcement in the last part of the battle. It will be faster to bring troops to the front if they're produced in Cunel.

Now, you have to take destroy five Pillboxes near the Meuse Bridge and capture the German Command Post on the other side of the river. Nothing to say here. Move your army near the bridge, destroy the buildings there, cross the bridge and capture the Command Post.

When it is yours, you will have to protect if during five minutes. That's not going to be really hard: the German counterattack is pretty weak. Keep producing units in Cunel and send them near the Command Post. If you can, send Bi-planes anbd Tri-planes over your troops. They will be really effective at taking down German units.

When the five minutes timer expires, you win the mission. Well-done :)

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You can get Leaders in this mission. Everytime you win a Crown, you get the associated Leader (if you don't already have one). They can be quite helpful and won't make you lose if they die.
  • Planes are quite powerful, but they can hardly take down a base by themselves.
  • If you attack Machingun Nests from behind, they won't be able to hit you.

Empire Earth II/WWII - North Africa and Sicily[edit | edit source]

This is the first of the two WWII missions. Nothing really worthy of notice here, except that you will receive two timed objectives, and that you start without a base.

During the first part of the mission, you will have to capture Tebessa from Germany and set up a base. In the second part of the mission, you will have to destroy a Fortress in Tunis. Finally, you will have to capture Messina in less than fifteen minutes.

Your opponents will be Germany (in North Africa) and Italy (in Sicily). Neither of them will prove to be a real threat, but Germany will send raid parties on your base early on. Great Britain will be your ally, but as France in the previous mission, it's not going to do much (or anything at all really). Lastly, North Africa is neutral toward you and represents the "natives". They're here for the show, and won't play any part in the incoming act.

This mission will allow you to use land units, planes and ships, which is a first in EE2. That won't really be needed, as the mission is - once again - pretty easy.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Capture Tebessa
  2. Axis Free Africe
  3. Capture Messina

Secondary Objectives

  1. Rommel's Defensive Line
  2. Capture or Destroy Palermo
  3. Find a way into Tunisia

Defeat Conditions

  1. Maintain control of Tebessa


  1. United States - Blue (Player)
  2. Germany - Red
  3. Italy - Green
  4. Great Britain - Orange
  5. North Africa - Teal

Epochs Available

  1. XII - The Atomic Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Your starting army is stationed in Bone (owned by Great-Britain). Your immediate aim is to take Tebessa, the city South of your position. Gather your units and head toward the objective, while killing any German unit standing on your path.

Tebessa is lightly defended. There are two Machingun Nests and a couple of Jagdpanthers protecting the city, but nothing your army could not handle. When the place is cleared, capture the City Center, to gain ownership off all the remaining buildings. By doing so, you will be rewarded with around twenty Citizens. Put them at work immediately. As usual, you need six of them on each resource (at least).

In the meanwhile, move your army Southeast of Tebessa: the famous DesertKorp will raid your new city and will kill your Citizens if you don't protect them.

Tunis should fall quite easily

Your first and main problem is your Population cap. With the army you have, you might not be able to hire all the Citizens you want. Even more so since you will occasionally receive reinforcements (in Bone). This can easily be solved though: build a new City Center in Suhaj and another one in Kafr ash Shayk (the two Territories South of Al Buhayrah), and more Houses if needed.

At some point, you will be asked to find a way to Tunisia, and to destroy Rommel's defensive line in less than fifteen minutes to put and end to the raids on Tebessa. Just take your army (you should heal and repair it), and look for the mountain pass that goes to Western Tunisia. Destroy everything that stands on your path (including the few units in Southern Tunisia) and head North, until you find the unimpressive defensive line. It consists in a few tanks (including Jadgpanthers), Machingun Nests, AA Guns and one Outpost.

Your army should be more than able to deal with it. However, if you lose to many units, simply produce some more in Tebessa and the surrounding areas. You will need a sizable army to take Tunis. If possible, add a few Medics to your army, and if you need to get more tanks, produce M18 Hellcats rather than Assault Tanks (the Hellcats are a bit more powerful).

Next goal is to destroy Tunis Fortress, which can be found in the city of...Alexandria. Yeah, the developers kind of got their geography (more) wrong (than usual) in this mission. If you have around 40 units, it's only a matter of time before the city surrenders.

For once, you have the superior navy. Enjoy it while it lasts

You now get two additional objectives: capture Messina (primary) and capture or destroy Palermo (secondary). You "only" (note the quotation marks) have 25 minutes to capture Messina. Actually, that's more than more than enough: when Tunis falls, the two Docks built in the city become yours, and you can start producing Merchant Marine ships. Make four or five of those, fill them up with any unit you have (bring new fresh troops if you need to) and move them just South of Palermo (the city should appear on your minimap). Disembark the units and raze the Italian city to the ground. You can capture the City Center if you feel like it.

While your land army is destroying Palermo, produce a few Battleships (three or four). Use them to destroy every coastal defense that protects Sicily. Not that you will need it (your army already landed on the island), but you might be able to destroy a few buildings and units before you make your final move to capture Messina.

When Palermo is yours, and when your Battleships have cleared the coasts, attack Messina and order your infantry to take the City Center to complete the mission.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Don't forget that you need infantry to capture Cities! Which shouldn't be a problem because...
  • ... as a rule of thumb, it is advised to produce mostly infantry. Because of EE rock-paper-scissors balance, a couple of Riflemen can take down a Tank finger in the nose. Swarming your opponent with Riflemen, Mortars and Machine Gunners supported by Medics is usually more effective than making tanks and artillery.
  • Battleships are really powerful, and you have more than enough time to take Messina. If you feel like it, you can destroy Palermo using them too.

Empire Earth II/WWII - The Liberation of France[edit | edit source]

This is probably the longest mission of Empire Earth II. Sadly, it is also one of the most boring ones. You basically start surrounded by 14 German-owned territories. You will have to capture at least four of them to complete the mission, though secondary objectives will require you to capture a few specific ones.

Hopefully - or sadly - the German AI is quite unimpressive. It will occasionally attack your main base (Thueringen) and will attack you with a decently-large script-spawned army and that's about it. You will mostly spend your time running around on the pretty big map, capturing City Centers and chasing around a few annoying German units, until you get your last objective. As in during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, you will have to protect a bridge during a set amount of time (six minutes) to finish this mission.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Capture the territory of Charleroi
  2. Capture the territory of Malmedy
  3. Capture the territory of Sedan
  4. Capture the territory of Bastogne
  5. Hold the Rhine Bridge for 6 minutes

Secondary Objectives

  1. Slow the German War effort
  2. Capture the Sedan university
  3. Liberate other cities for units and resources

Defeat Conditions

  1. Not owning a territory


  1. United States - Blue (Player)
  2. Germany - Red
  3. France - Purple

Epochs Available

  1. XII - The Atomic Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Things get back to normal in this mission, as your first goal should be to make sure your Citizens are bringing in enough resources. Set six of them to work on each kind of resource (possibly eight on wood, as you might be lacking on that department early on). Garrison three more peasants in your University, and your ready to go. Note that there are a few Technologies that you cannot research at the moment: that's normal, you will have to capture the University in Sedan to unlock them.

The German will start to attack you very soon. After you reach Epoch X, Outposts aren't as effective as they used to be early on, so you might not want to rely solely on them to protect yourself. Leaving a few units in your base (to repel the attacks) is advised early on. You can even set a few planes to patrol above your city: they will be pretty effective at taking down Self-propelled artillery.

When you feel safe, you can move your starting army to take Charleroi. There are a few Machinegun Nests protecting it, but nothing really dangerous. If you can, capture the City Center instead of destroying it. Once Charleroi is yours, you can build a few Outposts and one or two Fortresses here, as the Germans will start raiding it.

After you've taken Charleroi, you will receive new objectives: firstly, you will have to take Sedan, Bastogne and Malmedy. Secondly, you will have to slow down the German effort (destroy or capture 5 Manufactories and Manufactoring Plants in Antwerp), capture additional cities (six of them) and capture the University in Sedan.

You can do these objectives in any order you want. You may even skip the secondary objectives altogether if you like, though that might make the late game a bit tedious. For this guide, it is supposed you will want to complete all objectives and capture all German territories.

Your next objective should be Brussels and Neufchateau. Just like Charleroi, these two cities will fall pretty easily. When both territories are yours, you will be notified that a huge German army has been spotted in the Ardennes. This huge German army might attack you, or stay on the defensive in Antwerp or Sedan. In any case, you will need a large army to take it out. You can build more Barracks and factories in your newly conquered provinces, and it is strongly advised to build Outposts and Fortresses in Neufchateau (your army will be busy up North).

Start gathering a big army (with lots of infantry, Hellcats and Self-propelled artillery). If the German army hasn't shown up when you have around 40-50 units, it means she's staying in Sedan or Antwerp. Move onto Antwerp and start destroying German buildings. You can capture the City Center and the Manufactories and Manufactoring Plants surrounded by Wires. Each time you capture one of these, you will receive a Jagdpanther. Not really useful, but heh.

Keep making units, and keep taking territories. When Antwerp is yours, you can aim for Namur and Bayern to secure the northern part of the map. It is possible that Germany throws one or two big attacks at you in the meanwhile (especially in Neufchateau). Do your best to fight him back and rebuild what's destroyed.

Hold the bridge to win

You can now attack Sedan. When you do so, be careful about not destroying the University (if you want to unlock the remaining Technologies). Self-propelled artillery can destroy buildings very quickly, so make sure you have infantry rushing toward the University. Once your men start capturing the building, it becomes untargetable for you. You might have a hard time taking Antwerp or Sedan if the German army is waiting inside the city. If that is the case, simply make a new army and attack again.

When Sedan is yours, you can either focus on Malmedy and Bastogne or clear the whole southern part of the map. By now, you should pretty much be able to take everything you want with little resistance, but if you are too slow, Germany will gather another army (most of the time in Malmedy).

Your next aim is to take the bridge over the Rhine by building one Outpost and one AA Gun on each side of the it. To do so you will have to capture Sachsen-Anhalt and invade Brandenbug. Before you build the AA Guns, you can order your Citizens to fortify Brandenburg with Outposts and Fortresses. Bring your whole army on the Eastern side of the river (in Brandenburg), and finally ask your Citizens to make the two AA Guns.

You will now have to defend the bridge for a whole six minutes. If you have two Fortresses around it and a decent army, it should be any problem. The German will come at you with Assault Tanks and Jagdpanthers supported by Self-propelled artillery and Riflemen. It is likely the German counterattack won't be able to destroy a single of your building. Just let them die like flies until the timer expires.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You can take the German territories in any order you want. The order laid out in the guide is just an indication.
  • You can even leave some territories to the German. Most of his military buildings are in Antwerp, Sedan, Malmedy and Brandenbourg. The other cities won't be much of a threat even if you do not conquer them.

Empire Earth II/The Cold War - A Divided Germany[edit | edit source]

This is the first "James Bond wannabe" mission. Why? Because for once, you will not be asked to raze half a dozen cities, but to spy on your opponent.

As the title may implies, said opponent is the Soviet Union. USSR is working on a secret cybernetic program in Eastern Germany, and as the last beacon of freedom, you will have to gather information on this program, by moving Spies to various location within East Germany and Berlin.

You might think "that seems easy, I just have to bring a load of Spies there and there". Well, not so much. For one, you cannot hire Spy, even though some will occasionally spawn in your base or be awarded to you. Secondly, the Soviets will also spy on you, or rather on your allies, the Western German cities. They will intend to end your alliance with these cities, so you will have to protect them against any sabotage attempt.

After you've spied on all your objectives, USSR will attack you, to try to get the information back. The attack won't be huge, but since you've spent much time moving Spies around, you might end up unprepared for it (that is, if you don't read this guide, which seems unlikely by now).

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Protect West German Alliance
  2. Gather Intel at Soviet Barracks
  3. Gather Intel at Soviet Factory
  4. Gather Intel at Soviet Manufacturing Plant
  5. Gather Intel from Soviet University
  6. Defeat Soviet Strike Force

Secondary Objectives

  1. Keep Munich Treaty intact
  2. Keep Stuttgart Treaty intact
  3. Keep Hamburg Treaty intact
  4. Keep Bonn Treaty intact
  5. Keep Hannover Treaty intact
  6. Extract British operatives
  7. Bring Commandos to safety
  8. Rescue the defecting Scientist
  9. Escort Scientist to safety

Defeat Conditions

  1. Prevent Death of 20 Spies
  2. Prevent 3 Allies from Revoking their Alliance


  1. United States - Blue (Player)
  2. Soviet Union - Red
  3. Munich - Green
  4. French - Orange
  5. England - Teal
  6. Germany - Bright Yellow
  7. Stuttgart - Light Purple
  8. Bonn - Grey
  9. Hamburg - Dark Purple
  10. Hannover - Dark Yellow

Epochs Available

  1. XII - The Atomic Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

As usual, you will have to put six Citizens on each resource. But before doing so, it is advised to dispatch one Citizen to each allied German city. The Soviet Spies will start trying to sabotage their building pretty soon, so you have to make yourself ready and prevent your allies from defecting. You should also dispatch on Spy to each city, because it is quite unlikely you will have time to build Outposts before the first Spies show up.

Buildings a couple of Outposts here will stop many sabotage attempts

When the Citizens are on their way (it will take some time for them to reach the cities), start gathering more resources. You will need a lot of Wood and Stone (for the Outposts) and Food (to hire even more Citizens), so those should be your priority.

As you may see, you have a few units patrolling in each German City. That's all fine and dandy, but letting them walk around is the best way to get sabotaged early on. Instead, gather all the units of a territory near your ally's City Center. As soon as an enemy Spy is spotted, order them to kill him.

As soon as you have spare resources, you can start building Outposts in your allies' territories. Some are easier to defend than others. Munich is pretty small, so you can have all Outposts gathered in one spot. Stuttgart is bigger, but most spies will come from the South, so that's where you should have your Outposts. In Hannover, all sabotage attempts will come from the East, so building your outposts there should lock the territory. Same thing for Bonn (though the border is longer).

Things are a bit trickier with Hamburg, as Spies will come from the South and from the East. You will need to spread your Outposts to cover both directions. The northern part of the city is the most vulnerable.

Lastly, you should build more Outposts at the border with the Soviet. You can build one or two right near the Wires that protect Saarland, and a few near the road that comes from Nordrhein-Westphalen (to Saarbrücken).

When that is done, you should have some time to breath, and to go on with the objectives. You will be asked to Gather Intelligence on four different Soviet buildings. There are a few Outposts and Spies that may detect your own Spies inside Eastern Germany, so be careful about those : you can't lose more than 20 Spies.

Start gathering intelligence until you receive secondary objectives. The first one will ask you to extract British commandos and to escort them to Hessen. The place where the Commandos are is revealed on your map. Bring on spy there to find the Commandos, and escort them safely (none should be able to harm then) to receive some units and Spies.

The final Soviet attack isn't fearsome if you have produced a few units

The other secondary objective is quite similar, except that you will have to rescue a Scientist, jailed in the Fortress in Sachsen. Bring a couple of Spies (one will likely die because of the Fortress), find the Scientist (you just have to go nearby the Fortress) and escort him to Malmedy to receive even more troops and Spies.

Your starting army won't be enough to fight back the final Soviet attack, so before completing too many objectives, you should start making some units. The Soviet army will consist of around 20 Assault Tanks supported by some planes and infantry. Nothing extraordinary, but enough to destroy you if you don't prepare yourself and just focus on the spying task. An army of about 20 Tanks with a couple of Self-propelled artillery and a dozen Machingunners should be enough. Don't forget to upgrade your units and to research Technologies.

When you feel like you're ready, you can resume your intelligence gathering. Make sure to avoid the fortified area in the middle of Germany (with a Fortress and a couple of Outposts) as your Spies can die quickly when under fire. The last objective is the University near Berlin. Approach it from the North, gather intelligence on it, and wait for the Soviet Attack. Crush it (make more units if needed) and enjoy your victory.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you feel you aren't ready to defeat the Soviet strike force, you can simply build up your army a bit more before completing the last spying mission.
  • Although the objectives say that alliance treaties will be cancelled if you let the Soviets sabotage a same city three times, it seems that it never actually happen.

Empire Earth II/The Cold War - Doomsday Countdown[edit | edit source]

This mission is basically quite similar to the previous one. You will have to run around spying on the Soviet Union to learn about their plans and technology, and will have to fight them to complete your objectives. The main difference is that the Soviets won't be neutral toward you. They will attack you and if you do not defend your base, you might end up in a dead end.

To make things more interesting, there's another trick : you have a limited time to end the mission. A 60 minutes timer starts at the beginning. If it reaches 0, it means USSR and the US nuke each other (and the rest of the World) into oblivion. Game over.

You can add time to the timer by spying on Soviet buildings, while the Soviet can shorten the countdown by spying on your own buildings. Each building of yours destroyed by the Soviet Union will also reduce the time left on the timer (at least according to the objectives: it doesn't actually seem to work that way in game).

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Infiltrate Soviet Territory
  2. Spy on Soviet Stealth Research Facility
  3. Steal Soviet Supersonice Bomber
  4. Destroy the Soviet Research Facility

Secondary Objectives

  1. Gather Intel on a Soviet Workshop
  2. Sabotage a Soviet Hangar
  3. Sabotage a Soviet Market
  4. Gather Intel on a Soviet Barracks

Defeat Conditions

  1. If the Nuclear Clock reaches zero
  2. Allowing Community Center to be destroyed
  3. Allowing the US Supersonice Bomber to be destroyed


  1. United States - Blue (Player)
  2. Soviet Union - Red
  3. CCCP - Green
  4. USA - Yellow

Epochs Available

  1. XIII - The Digital Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Oddly, despite having a timer, this mission is a bit more forgiving than others. You won't need to rush to prevent the Soviet from overwhelming you, as he's simply going to throw naval attacks at you.

As usual, set your peasants to work. For the first time, you're going to need Uranium. It is gathered just like Oil: you build a Uranium Mine on a depot and garrison six peasants inside. You don't have much Citizens at start, so it will take some time to have hire enough of them. You might need a lot of Gold in this mission, so it is a good idea to have twelve Citizens gathering this resource rather than six (there another nod in your province).

Start producing Spies as early as possible. You're going to need them to complete the mission.

The M-23 and the Yukon Youth Center

The Soviet M-23 bomber is going to fly over your base and attempt to destroy some of your buildings. There's nothing you can do about it: the plane cannot be destroyed (for now). Repair and make sur the Yukon Youth Center doesn't get blown up.

The Soviet is going to attack your Docks. He will likely come with a big navy, bigger than all your small fleets. Trying to defend all your Docks is costly and time-consuming. A better solution is to gather all your ships and destroy everything that goes near your coast.

Spy Ships are going to spawn every once in a while. They can be used to carry your Spies to Soviet Territory (Pevnmosk). When you have around ten Spies ready, put them in a Spy Ship and disembark them in the Southern part of Pevnmosk.

Once you have Spies within Soviet territory, your next task is to Gather Intelligence on the Research Facility. It is a big building up North, protected by a few Outposts. You might lose a few Spies while approaching, but you shouldn't have any problem doing this.

Next, you have to Sabotage an Airport, to take control of the M-23. Nothing extraordinary here again. The Airport is not far from the Facility. When the sabotage is done, the Supersonice Bomber will become yours and rush to your own base in Alaska. Unfortunately, it becomes vulnerable and might very well be destroyed by Ground to Air Missiles on the way.

The Stealth Research Facility - Destroy it!

There are two solutions. First, as the objective says, you can sabotage the AA defenses of the Soviet, so your plan can simply fly over them unharmed. Secondly, you can select the M-23 and move it North (where there is no Missiles) then East over the strait.

Doing so will allow you to build your own M-23. If you do, make sure the original one stays well guarded (in an empty Airport for example). If it is destroyed, you lose.

You now have to take destroy the Research Facility, but before doing so, you might want to do the secondary objectives. It is mostly about Gathering Int or Sabotaging Soviet buildings, which ain't that difficult since there's only a handful of Outposts in Smolensk. You will be asked to conduct spying operations on a Workshop, a Hangar, a Market and Barracks. Each time you do so, time will be added to the Doomsday Countdown. If you play fast, you can end up with 80 minutes on the time (while you start with only 60 minutes).

In the meanwhile, you can produce M-23's and Jet Fighters in your Airport. Two or three bombers and half a dozen Jet Fighters should be enough, despite the many Ground to Air Missiles around the Facility.

Why? Because you can simply take your pretty big navy and destroy everything within range of your Missile Cruisers, which includes a couple of anti-air missiles. When it is done, send your air fleet on the Research Facility. A couple of M-23 bombs should take it down, which will end the Cold War.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If your Spies all die, you can produce some and ship them to Smolensk. More Spy Ships will spawn throughout the mission.
  • Instead of protecting your coast against incoming attacks, you can just as easily gather all your ships early on and destroy all Soviet Docks. That should put and end to naval attacks.

Empire Earth II/Cyborg Insurrection of 2058[edit | edit source]

Finally. After going through all the boring Epochs, there you are. Robots. And nukes. And all kind of cool stuff.

Sadly, the last two Epochs of EE2 aren't nearly as fun as the ones in Empire Earth I. For one, the badass robots (here called HERC) aren't that impressive at all and there's only a handful of them. Then, you also keep all your old units (even though they evolve into something more Scifi-looking).

So, what's going on now? No more spying tricks, this is a typical Build and Destroy. You start with a decent-sized base and have to destroy Blackworth (a traitor) and his City Center in Washington. You will also have to save the POTUS and make sure he's evacuated safely by capturing Andrews Air Base.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Protect the White House
  2. Evacuate the President
  3. Immobilize Blackworth City Center
  4. Secure Andrews Air Force Base
  5. Defend the President
  6. Locate Blackworth's Base

Secondary Objectives

  1. Sabotage HERC Technology
  2. Capture the Delta Corps Research Center

Defeat Conditions

  1. Maintain your Military Force


  1. United States - Blue (Player)
  2. Blackworth - Red
  3. US Government - Dark Yellow
  4. Washington - Teal
  5. National Guard - Green

Epochs Available

  1. XIII - The Digital Age
  2. XIV - The Genetic Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You have to act fast in the early part of the mission: the White House is being attacked by Blackworth and you have to protect it. Since your base is well defended and hosts a rather big army, you can take half of your men and order them to defend the building (in the bottom right corner). In the meanwhile, start chain-producing Citizens and put them to work whenever you have time.

There are a few Minotaur and Artemis HERCs attacking the building. Destroying them should be a problem, but if it turns out to be harded than expected, bring in more troops.

After a little while, the attacks on the White House will stop, but Blackworth will throw wave after wave of units at your base, especially on the eastern entrance. You might want to build one or two more Outposts around there.

As soon as the President leaves the White House in his SUV, escort him to your base. Make sure he stays far away from any threat. You're now asked to capture Andrews Air Base. The base is protected by a couple of Minotaurs and other units. Bring in a sizable army, with a lot of infantry. When the defenders are down, you can start capturing the Airport and the Hangar. When both are yours, the whole base joins you.

Now, two things happen. First, you get a new objective (bring the President to the Air Base). Secondly, Blackworth AI starts expanding (while it only throw units at you earlier). With what's left of the army that attacked Andrews Air Base, you can move onto Downtown, and liberate it.

When the President is evacuated, you are asked to destroy Blackworth's City Center. Additionally, you get two secondary objectives: capture Delta Corps Research Center (a lonely University in Northern Washington) and Sabotage HERC Technology (by Sabotaging the University that is inside Blackworth's base). For the first one, just use a small army to clear the area around the University before capturing it. For the second one, move five or six Spies into Blackworth's base (up North) and sabotage the University.

Blackworth's base won't survive long once the Plasma Towers are destroyed

Completing this two secondary objectives will mean that you will be allowed to reach Epoch XIV, while Blackworth won't be able to build HERC's anymore.

From there, it is simply a question of time before you overwhelm Blackworth. You can take Downtown and Georgetown to make more units if you want. Just be careful, as Blackworth himself will start roaming on the map at some point. He is a giant Artemis HERC with 8000 HPs that can one-shot most of your units but fire really slowly. Kill him, and then run over his base. It is well defended, but Net Fire Launchers should be able to destroy most Outposts and towers while the rest of your army deals with Blackworth's units.

Empire Earth II/Cyborg Cataclysm[edit | edit source]

The final mission of the American campaign isn't nearly as difficult as Korea United. It is a pretty straightforward mission: you build a base, take territories and destroy your opponent (Blackworth).

You're going to face pretty large attacks early on, but that will soon enough stop. Once Blackworth's starting army is destroyed, you will be raided every once in a while by spawned units. Occasionally, a bomber will destroy some of your structures (mostly Ground to Air Missiles).

Your aims are clear: protect the Brazilian cities (Blackworth is going to try to nuke them), destroy the Missile Silos, find Blackworth's base and kill the villain before he escapes.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Locate Blackworth's Base
  2. Eliminate Blackworth
  3. Eliminate Nuclear Threat

Secondary Objectives

  1. Eye in the Sky
  2. Establish Trade with the Ayamara
  3. Disable Missile Silo 1
  4. Disable Missile Silo 2
  5. Disable Missile Silo 3
  6. Disable Missile Silo 4
  7. Protect Cochabamba
  8. Protect San Lupo Miguel
  9. Protect Ayacucho

Defeat Conditions

  1. Maintain City Center
  2. Blackworth Espaces


  1. United States - Blue (Player)
  2. Blackworth - Red
  3. Brazil - Green
  4. Ayamara - Orange
  5. Montoya - Grey

Epochs Available

  1. XIV - The Genetic Age
  2. XV - The Synthetic Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Been there, done that. In case you don't know it already, you have to produce Citizens until you have about six of them gathering each resource (more will be needed later, but for now you can't really have more than that, since you have a set number of nods to use).

Soon enough, a large army will attack your base from the North. The first wave will consist of half a dozen Artemises, soon followed by fifteen infantrymen, Myrmidon heavy Tanks and more Artemises. At the same time, a few Atmospheric Fighters and one or two Orbital Bombers will also raid your city.

Your starting army should be enough to fight them back, even though you have less advanced units. More attacks will come this way. As soon as you can, destroy the Electric Fence and replace it with a Plasma Wall. Don't make a straight line with your wall: you want to be able to build as many Plasma Towers as possible. Behind the wall, add two or three outposts, or even a Fortress. That should be enough to take care of most other armies coming your way.

You will also want to protect your base against enemy planes. To do so, build an Airport, half a dozen Stealth Fighters and create a new mission right over the western part of your city. You plane will take down anything flying around here.

Now, you should start to receive messages about Brazilian cities being targeted by Blackworth. To stop the attacks, you have to get rid of the Missile Silos scattered on the map. There are four of them, and a new one is revealed on your map everytime an attack is launched. They are protected by a couple of Outposts and Gatling Lasers (AA defenses). You won't need a huge army to take them down, but the bigger the better.

While you are destroying the Silo in the Southeastern part of the map, you can also burn down the enemy base nearby, and build two City Centers there. The unit cap in this mission is 500, so you might as well start increasing your population limit.

When all four Silos have been destroyed, well...nothing happens (except for the new objective you get). You're supposed to receive resources as a reward, but it is either hardly noticeable or not working.

You can also send a few units up North, to the Orange base. The Ayamara living there will agree on an alliance if you establish a trade route with them. Do so (you can even build a road between the two cities), and their City Center will become yours, which will in turn increase even more your population limit.

Now, you can chose to destroy the Radar Center in Acolhuacan to see the whole map (fog of war won't be removed though). Not very helpful, but heh, you only need around 20 Minotaurs to raze it to the ground, so you might as well do it.

By now, you should be on your way to victory. But don't get too confident. To go any further, you have to attack Blackworth Base Delta. This will result in Blackworth attempting to escaped the field and you being tasked to kill him.

To attack Base Delta, you have to option. Either you gather a huge army in a territory you own and move toward the Cyborg base (hoping you won't lose too many units on the way), or take a territory right deep within Blackworth's lands and produce units there.

Both solutions work, but whatever you decide, it is strongly advised to leave 20 or so Minotaurs in Yautepec, especially near the Eastern bridge. That's where Blackworth is going to make his escape attempts, and you can easily block his way on one side of the bridge. You can (and should) also make a dozen of Helicopters (gun or missile ones): they can pursue Blackworth and inflict him a great deal of damages.

When Blackworth escape road is blocked, you can start destroying his base. Base Omega is decently defended, but if you have Net Fire Launchers with the Firing Range Crown, they can out-range Fortresses and Outposts, making siege work much easier. When you start invading Base Delta, Blackworth will start his run. Don't waste a second and send your Helicopters after him (except if you left some Gatling Lasers alive). If you have enough units, Blackworth will fall quickly enough, despite his 8 000 HPs. Note that he is not even going to fight back, but will simply rush toward the southern part of the map (the road at the border between Yautopec and Tlapacoyan).

When Blackworth falls, you win the mission, the campaign, and the game (well, except for the Turning Point missions) - Congratulation.

Empire Earth II/Deception[edit | edit source]

Once again, you will have to fight Paekche and Koguryo, but this time, you are on the offensive. Unlike what you've seen in Unlikely Allies, the two other Korean factions won't put up much of a fight this time. Actually, they will be steamrolled pretty fast by your ally, China.

Obviously, the trick is that China will turn on you at some point (or actually, you will turn on China). You have to capture the main cities of your two opponents, and then kick your former ally out of the map by seizing all Chinese territories.

The game is quite unclear regarding the fate of Paekche and Koguryo. It seems that you have to capture them before China does, but failing at this may not mean game-over. In any case, you have to move fast, as China expands and receives reinforcements until Paekche and Koguryo are dead. And by the time this happens, you have to have an army large enough to take China out.

Mission info[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Capture and defend Paekche territory
  2. Capture and defend Koguryo territory
  3. Seize all Chinese territories

Secondary Objectives

  1. Convert Wonhyo to your cause

Defeat Conditions

  1. China controls the peninsula
  2. General Kim Yu-Sin dies
  3. King Muryol dies


  1. Silla - Blue (Player)
  2. Paekche - Pink
  3. Koguryo - Purple
  4. China - Red

Epochs Available

  1. V - Dark Age
  2. VI - Middle Age

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You own two territories at the beginning (Silla and P'yongan-namdo). As usual, make sure to have enough citizens gathering each resource. Note that you don't have anyone gathering Tin and Iron, so make sure to put a dozen of citizens at work on each of those. There's a limited food supply in Silla, so try to build farms there as soon as possible.

You start out with two heroes. They won't be of much help, though King Muryo may help you converting Wonhyo early on. That said, it's best to keep them within your Silla, to prevent them from dying stupidly.

In your barracks, start making any kind of infantry. Once you have a group of 10 or so men, send them to An-Hui, nearby the Chinese capitol.

In the meanwhile, build a university somewhere, and put two monks in the temple built in Silla. You'll want to reach the Middle Age (sixth epoch) as early as possible. The two Korean factions seem stuck in the Dark Age, but China is not.

Once you have two monks producing technology points, make a handful more. When you have four or five ready, take your main army and head west toward Kangwon-do. Once you defeat the few defenders, a secondary objective will pop up: you have to convert Wonhyo. Wonhyo is a monk wandering in the city. Converting him is not required, but it will save you some time and money: as soon as he's converted, the whole city joins you (with another university and another temple).

Destroy the wall north, and head to Pyonganbuk-do, the main city of Paekche. By the time you arrive, the Chinese will probably have trampled to death most of the defenders. Destroy anything that stands on your way, and order your infantry to capture the City Center, before the Chinese does.

While your capturing this city, the Chinese will receive one or possibly two (huge) waves of reinforcements, and will likely try to take new territories. If possible, take them before him: have five peasants wander around and build fortresses and city centers.

Reinforcement for the Chinese. He will likely get that many units three or four times

You should also start to make an army now. The Chinese use mostly Medieval cavalry, Men-at-arms and trebuchets, with some monks and siege towers. A mix of your own Cavalry, Crossbowmen and Ballistae will take care of him easily. Add to this a whole lot of siege machines (heavy ram is the best choice). If you want, you may hire a few Hwarangs, but as they're not available anymore in the Middle Age, they won't help much.

Once Paekche is dead, the Chinese will rush toward Koguryo capital, in the northwest corner. Do not follow him with your main army, but take the infantry you let in An-Hui. Go west, stay behind the Chinese main army, and when the towers and fortresses are down, rush toward the Purple city center and capture it.

Since it takes a few minutes to capture a City Center, you can build up your army, and possibly exploit the game: you can build fortresses near the Chinese army (won't help much though), or nearby his main city. You can also bring your army inside his walls, or destroy the bridges, to prevent him from attacking you.

Hopefully, by the time the Chinese turns on you, you have reached the sixth epoch and have an army large enough to defeat him. As soon as he betrays you, take out his main base and his main army (which will be on the other side of the map if all goes well). From now on, you simply have to destroy the small bases he likely built in former Koguryo territory. Once that is done, you may capture the remaining territories.

Empire Earth II/Korea United[edit | edit source]

For the last level of this campaign, you will have to kick the Chinese out of Korea for good (well, almost). The mission is pretty straightforward: conquer ten territories or destroy/capture China's capital (Shanxii).

But if the objectives aren't really complicated, the same cannot be said of this mission. Korea starts with four territories, and China with six. There are two neutral territories, but they will soon belong to China. What's worse? Your territories are spread all over the map, and surrounded, which makes defending them quite difficult. And while you will be trying to manage your four different bases at once with your two arms, the AI can do it without hassle. Lastly, China still has a technological advantage, as it starts at the seventh epoch (Renaissance), while you will be stuck in the Middle Age for quite some time.

The path to victory is thus pretty clear: rush the enemy early on so he cannot overwhelm you, advance to the next age and take his territories one by one if needed. While trying to do all this, you will face one, two, or possibly three overwhelming attacks, comprising of dozens of musketeers, cannons and artillery.

Note that for the first time, your population limit increases greatly (to 400 units). At least that sets the tone of the mission.

Mission information[edit | edit source]

Primary Objectives

  1. Capture or destroy the enemy capital Shenyang in Shaanxi or
  2. Control ten territories

Secondary Objectives

  1. Destroy China's docks to halt their sea based attacks
  2. Capture any Chinese university to gain the secrets of China's gunpowder (access to Epoch VII)

Defeat Conditions

  1. China controls ten territories
  2. Kim Yu-Sin dies
  3. Pyongyang city is lost


  1. Korea - Blue (Player)
  2. China - Red

Epochs Available

  1. VI - Middle Age
  2. VII - Renaissance (unlocked)

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You should get used to it by now: as soon as the mission begins, make sure that you have enough citizens gathering each resource. While doing so, check your main city, Pyongyang: three or so citizens are exploiting iron and tin nods that are way too far from your city center. Relocate them to Sinuiju (just up north), where the nods are right next to a Warehouse.

Once that is done, immediately start producing units, in all your buildings. Avoid making any spearmen, as they won't evolve when you reach the next Epoch (and won't put up much of a fight anyway). Medieval Cavalry, archers and men-at-arms will do the job in a first time, as long as you bring heavy rams along.

Now, have a look at your bases. Sinuiju will be attacked by the west (the AI will build a bridge) and by the north, while Hyesan will be attacked by the west (where you have a wall) and by the north (through another bridge). If you can prevent China from building the bridges, that is a plus, though she will send the units at you anyway.

There is no real way to definitely protect yourself against these attacks. Most of them will be harmless, but every once in a while, China will send at you a huge army, consisting of dozens of musketeers, with several cannons and a Military Leader that can stun surrounding units. When that happens, hope you have an army nearby and focus the Military Leader before getting rid of the other units.

Early on, your two Docks will be attacked by big fleets. Don't even bother defending or rebuilding them. Don't bother about destroying China's docks either: apart from burning down a few towers, her boats won't do any harm.

Dandong's University, on the other side of the River. It must be captured as soon as possible.

What you will want to focus on is capturing a Chinese university. The nearest one is in Dandong, just west of Sinuiju. As said earlier, the AI will build a bridge from Dandong to Sinuiju. By the time it happens, you should have enough units to take out this city. A couple dozen units, supported by three or four Heavy Rams will quickly turn it into ashes. Before ordering your men to capture the university, make sure the Chinese is not counter-attacking.

When the university is yours, you will automatically advance to the next Epoch, which unlocks gunpowder units. Tin becomes useless, so make sure your now idle citizens work on gathering saltpeter (there is a nod in Sinuiju). From now on, you can hire Hand Grenadiers and Musketeers only. They will deal with cavalry and artillery easily enough. Note though that you cannot produce Rams or Siege Towers anymore, which somewhat lessen your anti-building capacities.

Build a City Center and a town nearby your new university, as well as one or two fortresses if you have the Stone to spare. In the meanwhile, you should have produced enough units in Pyongyang to take out Wonsan, to the east. The city is lightly protected and shouldn't put much of a challenge. Even better, once you take the territory, you won't need to defend it.

Once that is done, both you and the Chinese will own six territories. Two strategies are available. You can either gather a huge army in Dandong and try to destroy Shenyang, or slowly take territories from the Chinese.

If using the second option where you gather two huge armies, use one to attack Jian and Badaojiang, while the other destroys the two northwesternmost provinces. Make sure to build a City Center in newly conquered territories as soon as the Chinese one is destroyed, or the AI will start building a new one out of your line of sight.

If you are having some issues, remember: all your buildings must be producing units 24/7, from the first minute until victory.

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