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These are the memory box entries from the video game Phantom Dust. See the Memory Box page for more info.

Enemy: Ommato[edit | edit source]

In this memory box, our troops have saved all data regarding all enemies we have encountered during battle. It is not intended to be a report for the higher-upsit's simply a record for my own reference. An Ommato is a creature that uses mostly mid-range Attack skills. It does not have a lot of Health, and it rarely uses Defense skills or close-range attacks. It can be easily identified by its eyeball shape, but I don't know if it has the same motor skills as a human.

Enemy: Scoto[edit | edit source]

Scoto is the official Visions terminology for what we call a Blanky. Its shooting skills are more powerful than those of the Ommato, and it prefers mid- to long-range battles. It habitually maintains a safe distance while chasing its target arounda universal quality of all Eyeball types. It typically uses small attacks, but these attacks are difficult to defend in regard to timing due to their unpredictable movement.

Enemy: Claustro[edit | edit source]

The Claustro is rumored to be the most powerful of the Eyeball types; however, its powers are still limited, as is typical of all Eyeball types. Due to its features, we like to call it the Brace. It has a lot of Health and is well rounded, allowing it to use Defense and short-range skills effectively. It also uses skills to control Status, which increases its strength in battle. Some Claustros are effective at using Erase skills, whereas others have skills to counter Erase skills.

Enemy: Anthro[edit | edit source]

Our troop groups types such as the Anthro as Humanoid types. Being called Humanoids, they possess many different Attack as well as Defense skills. In addition, they are effective in close-proximity battles and use many different battle styles. That's why you need to use extreme caution when they approach you during battle. The Anthro does not have a distinctive or strong battle style, but it does have the quality of using high-risk, high-reward, and self-sacrificing attacks. This is not to say it is weak; rather, it lacks intelligence and concentrates only what is happening directly in front of it.

Enemy: Andro[edit | edit source]

The Andro, a Humanoid type, has more powerful Attack and reversal defensive skills than the Anthro. That's not to say, however, it's more powerful than the Anthroonly that it appears to be more intelligent. It constantly maintains a mid-range distance with opponents and uses this basic stance when moving. There are some Andros who don't care about their Health or Level when attacking, and it appears that they cannot counter Erase skills. The Andro also has an "even if it means death, kill them" warrior mentalitya strategy not quite possible for us true humans.

Enemy: Vestio[edit | edit source]

A Vestio, of the Humanoid type, falls into one of two groups. The first group is good at midto long-range launch attacks, using Psycho Kinesis to launch objects. They are adept at all Psycho school skills. In addition, they like ground combat by using Parabolic skills such as Bomb and launching an attack. The other Vestio group is good at using strong close-range attacks. When combating a Vestio, be sure to know which type they belong to.

Enemy: Partheno[edit | edit source]

No other enemy has disillusioned us as much as the Partheno, a Feminine type. From its scrap metal-composed body, it shoots out powerful short-range attacks. There's nothing feminine about it. It appears that these types are best suited for midlong-range battles, but that doesn't mean they're shabby at short-range battles. Anything in its way will be mercilessly showered by short-range attacks.

Enemy: Euroto[edit | edit source]

Our troops have nicknamed the Euroto Waffle, but I'm not sure why? The Euroto prefers to launch midto long-range skills in a safe area. With low mobility, it prefers to attack with a special orbit skill from mid-range. Also, we've found that there are some Eurotos that change Status, but most don't like to have aggressive, confrontational battles.

Enemy: Hedono[edit | edit source]

The Hedono we refer to as a Skeletal Waffle. It's basically like the Euroto, but it has a high shooting accuracy and is able to use the Tornado skill. It avoids close-proximity battles and likes to provoke attacks from far distances. Its role in battle is similar to ambushing opponents.

Enemy: Catoptro[edit | edit source]

The Catoptro, appearing similar to a solid block of stone, is one we refer to as the Monolith. It likes to erase skills that we have painstakingly attained. It likes to use the Erase or Seal skills regardless of range, but it is less capable in close-proximity fights. That's not to say you should entice it to close range. There's always the danger of getting it in a position where it will erase all your Attack skills, placing you at a severe disadvantage. On the other hand, the Catoptro won't be as intimidating if you prepare yourself with counter Erase measures.

Enemy: Mechano[edit | edit source]

The electrical boards that surround the body of the Mechano, usually gathered from trash, are either making it stronger or protecting a weakness. Its gender is unknown, but its qualities are masculine. It excels at long-range attacks and uses Environmental skills. It doesn't use the standard Defense skills but rather those with special effects such as Erase and Absorb. The Mechano doesn't attack aggressively. Instead, it likes to weaken its opponent.

Enemy: Ceno[edit | edit source]

Also called the Clam, the Ceno has the most awesome moves. It uses tricky maneuvers to dodge in and out, dazzling enemies with playful and disorderly moves. It has no distinctive powerful battle style, but it prefers to move with other enemy types. It likes to use Environmental skills and is able to go the distance in battle; however, when it sees the battle turning to its disadvantage, it will turn on itself and use self-inflicting attacks.

Enemy: Belono[edit | edit source]

This shish kebab-looking enemy is hard to figure out. The Belono will change the environment, regardless of whether this benefits its peers or opponents. It also likes to change its Status; therefore, it's easy to get wrapped into a long battle. To counter this, take it out instantly in a close-proximity battle before it has the opportunity to put distance between you and it. Failing that, don't get into a normal type of battle with the Belono. Instead, indirectly attack it so it can't move as it wants.

Enemy: Peccato[edit | edit source]

Peccato Sighted Location: Highway Height: 10 m Length: 18 m

The Peccato protects its body with a barrier, with rod-like tentacles that shoot particles from a long distance. Attacking it randomly is useless; it will counter with Paralyze each time it is attacked. Defeating it requires using a combination of effective skills and correct timing. At the right moment, use your Defense then Attack skills. Attack it after the barrier has been destroyed, and then focus on the two core targets.

Enemy: Carcino[edit | edit source]

Carcino Sighted Location: Panorama Height: 15 m Length: 60 m

Bugs that fly out of its stomach will self-destruct upon impact; therefore, stay out of their way. One should avoid getting mangled in its intermittent reflex attack, but if impossible try to repel this with your Defense skills. Your attacks are not effective when its eyes are shut, so calculate the timing and attack when its eyes are open.

Enemy: Thalasso[edit | edit source]

Thalasso Sighted Location: Refinery Length: 20 m

The Thalasso tends to circle around launching long-range attacks, but take a closer look and you'll see that it consistently takes the same path. Once you identify its path, you'll be able to land your attacks accurately. An eyeball will spring out of it when an attack is landed. Aim and target this. Until an effective skill is found, take a chance and significantly but carefully change your arsenal.

Enemy: Red Head[edit | edit source]

Because a bundle of red hair hangs from what we assume to be the head, we call this one Red Head. It has peculiar moves and was previously mistaken as a red-headed scout. Because our troops lack females, it was probably wishful thinking. It likes close-proximity battles, and its combative skills show a preference for hand-to-hand battles. Instead of trying to overpower it, avoid a Red Head's close-proximity attacks. It's best to avoid short-range battles because it uses skills with additional Erase effects. Don't go near itits power will amaze you.

Enemy: Three Gyne Sisters[edit | edit source]

The official name is Gyne, but because they are always spotted in threes they're called the Three Sisters. All scouts have an unsettling feeling about them when they are encountered. A Gyne uses self-inflicting attacks, but with three of them doing so together, their strategy is tough to counter. The sure thing is to destroy each one at a time. Using self-inflicting attacks in long battles is a high risk, but it can have great benefits. It also makes it more likely for the enemy to self-destruct. It appears as if they are torturing themselves, which is rumored to be similar to our former troop leader Tsubutaki.

Enemy: Guard[edit | edit source]

We believe the Guard is related in some way with Edgar and the other Esper because it was found in the same vicinity. Scouts have been experimenting with it and have taught it many different skills. With its ability to learn, it has gradually improved its fighting style. Having an inquisitive nature, it has also taught itself how to confuse the skills of its opponents. If the Guard malfunctions and becomes an enemy, the probability is high that it will use this method to confuse your skills and then attack.

Enemy: Germano[edit | edit source]

Germano Height: 2 m Length: 4 m

The Germano was finally destroyed by the legendary tag team in Visions history. The Germano displays an excellent balance between Attack and Defense skills, keeping a mid-range distance. It does not conduct aggressive, close-range battles, but they appear to have close-range attack skills. It's best to use caution at this distance. The current thought is to attack them from midto long-range and use Status skills.

Enemy: Different Body Colors[edit | edit source]

The external colors on an enemy are an indication of what fighting style it uses. We group them by color and refer to them accordingly, but this is something that was thought up by some washed-out scout who lacked real battle experience. For example, the Ommatos have four color variations, but we're able to further subcategorize them based on where they are located and their characteristics. Going in based solely on visual expectations is a sure way to endanger your life. You will be setting yourself up for a severe retaliatory smack-down.