Epicenter Studios

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Epicenter Studios
Basic Information
Basic Information
Company Type
Privately held company
March 9, 2007
Critter Round-Up
Real Heroes: Firefighter
Rock of the Dead
Video game industry
Entertainment industry

Epicenter Studios, based in Sherman Oaks, California, is a video game developer founded by talent from, among other titles, the commercially successful, critically acclaimed Call of Duty franchise. Epicenter Studios recently released its first title Critter Round-Up (Animal Panic in Japan) at the Japanese Nintendo WiiWare Launch on March 25, 2008. Critter Round-up was the only game in the group developed by a US team.

Developed games[edit | edit source]

2008[edit | edit source]

Critter Round-Up - (WiiWare)

2009[edit | edit source]

Real Heroes: Firefighter - (Wii)

2010[edit | edit source]

Rock of the Dead - (Wii)

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