Equivalent Exchange 3

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Equivalent Exchange 3
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Equivalent Exchange 2
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Equivalent Exchange 3 is a modification for Minecraft that focuses around Alchemy and the Equivalent Exchange principle.

Short list of changes between Equivalent Exchange 2 and this mod:

  • Red Matter has been removed.
  • Collectors have been removed.
  • Condensers have been removed.
  • The Destruction Catalyst and Hyperkinetic Lens have been removed.
  • The EMC system will remain, but it will be changed to accommodate new and more interesting mechanics.
  • There will be a method to move EMC around in "wires".
  • More configuration options will be available to both players and server admins.
  • EE3 will feature an API, which is not complete at this time.
  • A transmutation system similar to the Transmutation Tablet will exist, but it is not ready to be disclosed at this time.

Equivalent Exchange 3 also has its own Creative Tab to index its blocks and items.