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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Elves[edit | edit source]

The game opens with Arya, Faolin, and Glenwig. The three elves are trying to safely get Saphira's egg into the hands of the Varden or someone better than Durza. After fighting many selections of Urgals, They are faced by Durza. Arya sends the egg to the middle of the Spine to prevent Durza from getting it.

An Egg...Found in the Spine![edit | edit source]

Eragon finds the egg and takes it to the nearby butcher, Sloan to trade for food. Sloan is amazed by the "stone" but refuses to buy it after finding out where the stone was found. This is more than likely because his wife had died there. Horst and Katrina later come in to help Eragon pay for some steaks so that his family may eat for the first time in weeks. The next day, Roran, Eragon, and Katrina gain money, skill points, newer and better equipment while fighting off bandits, robbers, and other people trying to kill them. After picking herbs, following tracks, and numerous other tasks, they pay Horst 200 Gold the steaks he had given them the day before. Eragon learns that Roran is going to Therinsford to work at a grain mill to earn money so that he may marry Katrina and prove to Sloan that he can take care of her. After a few weeks, Roran leaves and takes Katrina with him. Eragon began to spend whatever spare time he had is his room with no one else for company except himself.

Saphira is Born[edit | edit source]

After a short while, a baby dragon is born from the majestic stone that Eragon had found a while back in the forest. When he tries to pet “it”, they are linked via the mind. He finds that the dragon hates being referred to as an “it”. He eventually names her Saphira after one of the dragons in Brom’s stories. They become good friends and are able to share thoughts with each other without fear. Saphira’s size and intelligence both grow rapidly. She outgrows being able to hide in Carvahall, so Eragon moves her to the forest where she can hunt for animals to feed her appetite.

Quick Guide to Reading the Game Scroll[edit | edit source]

Whenever Eragon and/or Saphira are communicating via telepathy, the text scroll is blue. Remember that after the link occurred, Eragon and Saphira share each other's senses. So if Eragon is saying something verbally, Saphira can “hear” him via the link that they share. It is pretty hard to explain, but if you would like more detail, Christopher Paolini’s book, Eragon, (the book in which the movie, game, etc. was based upon) has a better description than I could ever do.

An Unfortunate Turn of Events[edit | edit source]

Several days later, Eragon finds Red Stalkers, also known as Ra'zac, questioning people in town trying to find the bearer of the egg. Sloan helps the Stalkers learn where Garrow, Eragon's uncle, is located. Eragon sees Brom, the town's storyteller, looking for him and being injured, but knows that he cannot stop to help Brom for fear of his uncle's safety and his own. When he gets to his house, he finds that Garrow has been murdered by a rare poison known as jewelers oil.

Help from an Unusual Source[edit | edit source]

Brom, the storyteller, finds Eragon and Saphira in the forest and offers help. He starts telling his knowledge of dragons. When Eragon asks how he knows, Brom replies that Saphira told him. Saphira persuades Eragon to let Brom help them as he knows much about the people in which Eragon means to kill. After fleeing Carvahall, the trio finds a place freshly destroyed by Urgal and is attacked by an Urgal Scout.

Eragon Learns of Magic[edit | edit source]

After Brom is soon slain in battle, Eragon remembers Brom saying "Brisingr" once and he tries saying it. Fire appears and soon the scout is gotten rid of. After the battle is over, he checks on Brom who turns out to be okay. Brom explains that Eragon has just used magic and how it works, but warns him not to try to bring back the dead for it would kill the user. Also, Brom explains that using magic depletes one’s life energy. After the talk, Eragon gains another attack slot and a level in Magic.

Teirm[edit | edit source]

Brom explains to Eragon that the poison used to kill Garrow was rare; therefore they could track the Ra'zac by the shipments. Brom also tells Eragon that he has a friend in Teirm but does not know where within. Within the town limits, Brom and Eragon find a herbalist known as Angela. She desperately wants to read Eragon's fortune and makes Eragon and Brom fetch several supplies for her. After finally obtaining Yelmwood for Angela, she reads Eragon's fortune. After seeing a dragon in his future, Angela joins the party saying that she must be at the center of action and that is where Eragon will be in the future. After finding Brom's friend, Jeod, the trio sneaks into the Records Room, find what they were looking for, and sneak out.

Side Note[edit | edit source]

After leaving Teirm, Angela is replaced in the party by Saphira. Angela is only for use when inside a place, not while traveling from place to place. When traveling, Saphira is the third party member instead.

Dras-Leona[edit | edit source]

After traveling to Dras-Leona, Angela, Brom, and Eragon do some arbitrary tasks before sneaking into the church as worshippers of the god of death. After escaping from the church, they then are chased by many soldiers. Angela stays behind in hopes of holding off some of the followers. Brom and Eragon are then surrounded and attacked. After several battles, Eragon uses magic to get rid of the coming reinforcements. Eragon then faints from using too much magic, causing Brom to have to carry the unconscious Eragon out of Dras-Leona. Just before exiting Dras-Leona, Brom is injured by one of the Ra’zac.

Another Tragedy[edit | edit source]

Brom and Eragon are taken to one of the caves from the beginning of the game while being sedated. While in the cave, the sedation begins to wear off. Brom is fatally injured as well as poisoned. Two Ra’zac appear and threaten to kill Brom. They joke, pretending they are talking to their master, saying that “the old one” died trying to escape. After a line of arrows gets the Ra'zacs' attention, an unknown man, later said to be Murtagh, appears. He gives Eragon his equipment back, that the Ra'zac apparently stole, and after a quick moment to the menu, you fight. After the battle Brom will say his last words, give Eragon Zar'roc, a legendary Rider's sword. Just as he finishes his speech, he passes away. He is remembered as a friend, Rider, and teacher to many. After this, you can go back to Carvahall to unlock the chest and the magic book.

Cheat[edit | edit source]

I would like to mention a brief cheat here. If you assign Murtagh his points, then save, and turn off your GBA, and power up again, you will have more focus points than before. You can do this indefinitely and it won't screw up your game. The Ra'zac are a pretty tough opponent and if you don't have a really high level in Weapon, or Endurance, you'll die in about 2 or 3 turns. I would recommend getting a 100 (max.) level in all areas. This will also help in the future when you find tracks or herbs that require a really high amount of skill points.

Arya[edit | edit source]

Arya is held prisoner in Gil’ead. After gaining control and earning another attack slot for Eragon, you need to go to Gil’ead to rescue her. There are some guards. Either run away, group them so that you may fight them one right after another, or kill them as you find them. Arya will be against the far right side of the room.

Tip[edit | edit source]

Since there are several magic books nearby and her points are available to reassign, I would highly suggest building her as a magic user with about 15 or so weapon.

The Escape[edit | edit source]

Eragon will contact Saphira saying that he and his friends need a way out and one isn't available. Saphira responds saying that she will rip the roof off with her talons if she has to. Go up every pair of stairs you can find. You will eventually find Durza waiting for you at the highest story. After fighting off some of his friends, you will be fighting him. Don't worry too much unless you have a super-low overall level. He will disappear, eventually, and Saphira will appear. She will carry Arya, Eragon, and Murtagh out of danger.

Crossing the Desert[edit | edit source]

Before crossing over, I would recommend leveling up, picking herbs, reading Magic Books as much as you can. After crossing over, you cannot go back. After doing everything you want to do, go to Eastern Alagaesia. You could follow Arya’s instructions and go to the Varden’s hollowed out volcano, or you could go north to the forest area where you will find a small place known as Du Weldenvarden.

Avenge and Revenge[edit | edit source]

If you go to the place where you first fought Durza, you will find the equipment of the elves from the beginning of the game: Faolin and Durza. Arya insists upon learning what happened to them. After going to each cave and destroying each of the bosses (déjà vu, right?), Arya pays her respects and gives each of them a proper burial.

What to do...[edit | edit source]

Now that everything important has been done, you could

  1. find the ruins and complete them OR
  1. level up continuously OR
  1. go straight to the Varden

It is your choice.

The Varden[edit | edit source]

After taking Arya back to listen to her information and Murtagh for not submitting to the mind probe, Eragon will be fighting the Twins. This is why I suggested leveling up as much as you could, earlier. It doesn't really matter weather you win or lose: you will continue the game as normal. The only difference is not having a few certain items that aren't that great and also 2,500 XP. Next you fight Arya. Win or lose, the game continues. Quick note: Arya can be easily defeated by casting the spell Blinded on her. Then just keep fighting her till she goes down, repeating Blinded about every other turn.

Save the Varden![edit | edit source]

Eragon is told that Urgal forces will break through at six points. Arya, Angela, and Murtagh will be assigned by the player to North, South-East, and South-West. Each direction has two openings. You will be on Saphira. Your goal is to prevent the Urgal from reaching Tronjheim while also flying to each opening, defeating those Urgal and sealing the breach.

The Bad Guy Never Quits[edit | edit source]

Durza is back! Give him the same treatment that you gave Arya. Keep in mind that this will only get rid of damage when he uses his sword, NOT magic. While trying to dodge magic using the "A" button, also try to learn what pattern if any Durza uses. This time, after winning, you will be congratulated by Arya and you have now finished the game. Congratulations! Now, what I would suggest is read the series by Christopher Paolini. It is an excellent series and I hope you enjoyed the game as much, if not more than I did.