Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem/Walkthrough

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Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

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Tome of Eternal Darkness[edit | edit source]

The Tome of Eternal Darkness is a dark book made from human flesh and bone. It is all at once a historical record, a book of magic, and an encyclopedia. Its various chapters make up a large portion of the game, retelling how certain humans played a role in the conflict of Pious Augustus. It is updated as the game progresses and the player characters find more runes and spell scrolls.

The Tome is required for all spell-casting within the game, not the least of which includes restorative magick that can replenish health and/or sanity. As such, it is usually acquired in the early part of a chapter, or rarely, it is possessed automatically.

Enemies and Monsters[edit | edit source]

Zombies[edit | edit source]

Zombies are humanoid corpses that have been supernaturally corrupted and controlled. There are four types of zombies within the game, all of which serve as enemies at some point. The alignment chosen by Pious will determine which type of zombies are the most common.

Chattur'gha Zombie: This zombie is colored red, and are typically larger than most other zombies. They are very muscular in appearance, and are more resistant to damage than the other types. They have the ability to regrow any appendage (even their heads) that is cut off or destroyed.

Ulyaoth Zombie: This zombie is colored blue, and is on average as tall as the player characters. They have a normal physique, and can drain magick from the player if they grab him/her. If damaged by bullets or weaker melee weapons in their torso area, they can explode, sending a blue radius out that drains the player's magick.

Xel'lotath Zombie This zombie is colored green, and is roughly the same height as the player characters. They are wrapped in bandages like a mummy, and can continuously drain sanity from the player character. If a part of their body is cut off or otherwise removed, they can form a phantom limb in its place (this applies for the head as well) that is invincible to damage, making them dangerous indeed.

Mantorok Zombie: This zombie is colored black, and can be any size from quite smaller to quite bigger than the player character. While having no special skills or abilities, they appear in every chapter and sometimes in-between chapters, frequently in large groups; they are not to be taken lightly.

Tips[edit | edit source]

When fighting zombies, the first step that should be taken is removing the head. Excluding Xel'lotath zombies, this will prevent them from being able to find you. This will cause both Ulyaoth and Mantorok zombies to stay where they are, flailing their arms madly. Chattur'gha zombies will try to chase and hit you, but will be hindered without their sight and lumber around randomly.

The next step is to remove the arms of the zombie. Again, this will prevent all but Xel'lotah zombies from attacking you in any way. While Chattur'gha zombies will eventually regrow their lost limbs and begin attacking again, Ulyaoth and Mantorok zombies have no such ability, and will remain standing where they are until killed, utterly powerless.

In the case of Xel'lotath and Chattur'gha zombies, the last step is to continue hacking away at the torso until one of four things happen. If...

1. ...the zombie drops to the ground defeated, finish it off.

2. ...the zombie drops to the ground but can still be targeted, wait for it to get up and then resume attacking.

3. ...a bonethief jumps out, kill it quickly to preserve both your sanity and your health.

4. ...the zombie regrows a limb or limbs (Chattur'gha zombie), remove them again and repeat the cycle.

Remember that while you are performing a finishing move, you are defenseless against other creatures, so try to create some breathing room before finishing off a defeated zombie.

Bonethief[edit | edit source]

The Bonethief is a creature vaguely resembling a humanoid praying mantis. While dangerous on its own, its most deadly ability is burrowing into a living human and controlling it completely.

The only sign that a human is infested with a bonethief is if the human attacks the player character. In these situations, the player must decide if they can kill the bonethief infesting the human quickly enough to warrant the cost of sanity its emergence will cause.

If revealed, a bonethief will not hesitate to try infesting the player character. If successful, this is more or less a death for the character, as they are unable to fight the Eternal Darkness like they were intended to.

Note: Bonethieves are always of Pious' alignment. All can be killed by decapitation except the Xel'lotath alignment, as they have no head.

Trapper[edit | edit source]

The Trapper is a small, three-legged creature. It can be recognized by its characteristic high-pitched chirping, and will glow the color of its respective alignment when preparing to attack.

Trappers serve as more of a nuisance than an actual threat; their only attack is to send a person (or object) into the Trapper Dimension at the cost of the trapper's life. The Trapper Dimension can actually aid the player; throughout it are set runic circles that can restore either health, magick, or sanity. The player must have good timing in order to successfully access these, however; they must also kill the random zombies that populate the dimension.

With the Summon Trapper spell, the player can summon a trapper to aid them. It can be used to crawl inside tiny openings or teleport otherwise unmovable objects away. A trapper of any alignment can be summoned except Mantorok; however, the alignment is a preferential choice only and does not affect gameplay.

Horror[edit | edit source]

Lumbering, beastial hulks, the Horrors are large and very dangerous. All the Horrors are larger than the player character, and have three heads. Horrors always fall into the main three alignments; there are no Mantorok Horrors encountered in the game. Each horror can fire an attack that drains its respective alignment.

Chattur'gha Horror The strongest and most physically resistant of the Horrors, it is red with lizard-like heads. Its special attack drains the player character's health, enabling it to quite possibly kill the player within seconds. Weak to weapons enchanted with the power of Ulyaoth.

Ulyaoth Horror A large blue monster with eyeless heads. Despite its apparent lack of vision, it can see perfectly, as Maximillian Roivas mentions in its autopsy. Its special attack drains the player character's magick; this can leave the character unable to heal or enchant weapons, making it quite dangerous in its own right. Weak to weapons enchanted with Xel'lotath.

Xel'lotath Horror A giant green monster, its heads can be replaced by phantom skulls if removed. Its special attack drains the player character's sanity; while not damaging, it can cause debilitating effects on the player should they try to heal or enchant weapons. Weak to weapons enchanted with Chattur'gha.

Tips[edit | edit source]

The quickest way to kill a Horror is to remove all three of its heads by any means necessary. Enchanted blades work well, but powerful guns like the shotgun work even better (at the cost of ammunition, naturally).

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Deep into that Darkness peering. Long I stood there; wondering, fearing, doubting...

Alexandra Roivas: A Lucid Nightmare[edit | edit source]

The Darkness Comes

Initial Items

  • Shotgun




  • Alex begins in a bedroom surrounded by zombies. This is just a dream so there is no chance of dying here. Take time to get used to the lock-on aiming mode (Press and hold 'L'). Then tilt the control stick up to aim for the head, right or left to aim for the right of left arm respectively or leave it in neutral position to aim for the torso. Press 'A' to fire and 'Z' to reload. After a few minutes, Alex will be awoken at 3:33 by the ringing of the phone.

Alexandra Roivas: Death in the Family[edit | edit source]

Shocked by her grandfather's mysterious death and frustrated at the incompetence of the local police, Alex vows to uncover the truth. She decides to search the mansion - the place where Edward conducted his research. If there was a tie to his past, and possibly a tie to his murderer, it would be here...

Initial Item

  • Second Floor Key - This is the key to the Second Floor of the Roivas mansion. It looks very old and warn.


  • Dresser Key - This appears to be the key to a chest of drawers or a Dresser.
  • Gladius - The standard weapon of the Roman army. A short double-edged sword with a sharp triangular point, the Gladius was designed primarily for hacking and chopping at the enermy, but could be used to pierce armor as well.
  • Tome of Eternal Darkness - Where experience, spells and enchanted items can be stored for future use. It has been made from fragments of human skin and bone, and endowed with magickal powers.


  • Alex begins in the lobby of the mansion. Just behind her is a small table with a clock on it. Walk over and examine it with 'B'. Make Alex look at the key in the clock. She will acquire the Dresser Key. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout of the mansion. Through the doors on the left is the Dining Room. A Piano Room is through the door next to the left set of stairs. The door next to the right set of stairs is locked for now. Try and unlock the second floor door with the second floor key (select it in the menu and choose "Use") and it will break. So the only door you can go through is the door in the right wall leading to the library.
  • The other door in the library leads to the Observatory but for now follow the library down and around the corner (If you examine the bookshelf that is half way down the library on the right you will discover a book that has the numbers 3:33 scribbled in it. A clue of what to do next). Approach the Grandfather Clock and examine it. Turn the hands so the time is set to 3:33. A new passageway will be revealed. Go down the corridor and through the door.
  • You will enter a secret room full of books, pictures and artifacts. Take time to look around. A Gladius hangs on the wall for Alex to collect. Use the item menu to equip the Gladius. Save the game and collect the Tome of Eternal Darknessfrom the desk.

Pious Augustus: The Chosen One[edit | edit source]

I had no knowledge of what was to come nor did I care. How the knowledge changed me, it will also change you. As you read this, your will come to learn fear as I have. You too will come to understand or you will perish. To think that once I could not see beyond the veil of out reality. To see those who dwell behind. My life now has purpose for I have learned the frailty of flesh and bone. I was once a fool...

Initial Items

  • Gladius


  • Red Granite Block - This is a sharp-edged block of granite, etched on one side with a curious lined design, colored blood red.
  • Green Granite Block - Similar to the Red Granite Block except it is colored an insipid green.
  • Blue Granite Block - Similar to the Red and Green Granite Block expect it is colored a ghostly blue.
  • Purple Granite Block - Similar to the Red, Green and Blue Granite Block expect this one is filled with purple and tainted by black shadow.
  • Essence of a Dark God


  • Pious will be transported to a temple. Make your way to the center of the large room and down the ladders.
  • At the bottom there will be some zombies. Attack them (press 'B' to use a "Finish" technique when they are lying on the floor). Collect the Red Granite Block at the en of the hallway. Go through the door.
  • There will be more zombies in here. Collect the Green Granite Block from the center of the room and go through the door.
  • There are even more zombies in this room. Collect the Blue Granite Block that is on the floor and go down the ladders.
  • Take a right and go through the door.
  • Kill all the zombies in this room and collect the Purple Granite Block from the center.
  • The symbols on the blocks appear around walls of this room. Insert the correct color Granite Blocks into the correct holes. If done incorrectly, more zombies will appear but if done correctly, the other door in the previous hallway will be unlocked. Head through the unlocked door.
  • Destroy the statue in the center of this room. Attack the head, arms and torso. The door will open so you can proceed.
  • Press the glowing button in the corner of this room and step into the transporter that is activated.
  • Now you have a very important choice to make. You have to choose which artifact you want to pick up. Your decision will influence the rest of the game so choose carefully. There are descriptions below:

Choosing the Artifact[edit | edit source]

Face me and you shall surely perish!

The Red Artifact is the Essence of Chattur'gha. Choosing this means that you will oppose him for the game. When you come to be able to cast spells you will be casting Ulyaoth-rune spells (blue ones) for most of the game. His minions will cause damage mostly to your Health Meter. They can also regenerate lost limbs after a short period so speed is needed too. An intermediate foe.

The Green Artifact is the Essence of Xel'lotath. Choosing this means that you will oppose the only female Dark God for the game. You will be casting mostly Chattur'gha-rune spells (red ones) for most of the game. Her minions cause damage mostly to your Sanity Meter. Of all three meters, losing Sanity is the least damaging and it is for this reason that it is widely agreed that "Xel'lotath is the easiest Dark God to defeat and is a good choice for first time players.

The Blue Artifact is the Essence of Ulyaoth. Choosing this means that you will oppose him for the game. You will be casting mainly Xel'lotath-rune spells (green ones) This Dark God and his minions mainly damage the Magick Meter. As Magick is needed to cast spells and spells are your strongest weapon this can cause a problem. This Dark God is for experienced players or those looking for a difficult challenge.

Alexandra Roivas: The Chapter Behind the Tome[edit | edit source]

Strangely, with the Tome of Eternal Darkness in her possession, Alex can read the page - it is a Chapter Page from the Tome itself!

Initial Items

  • Dresser Key
  • Broken Second Floor Key - May be Broken Second Floor Key if you have tried to unlock the Second Floor door.
  • Gladius
  • Tome of Eternal Darkness


  • Chapter Page - The Binding of the Corpse God - This appears to be a page from the Tome of Eternal Darkness. It is entitled "The Binding of the Corpse God".


  • You may wish to save your game. There is a piece of paper hanging by the door to the exit of this room. This is the Chapter Page - "The Binding of the Corpse God". Read it to start the next Chapter.

Ellia: The Binding of the Corpse God[edit | edit source]

I cannot say what was the true beginning, nor am I sure of its end. So perhaps here is the best place to start: I am reminded of ideas I first encountered in the George Frazer's book "The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion" We are overwhelmed by our very human need to weave a web of meaning where there may be none. Since time immemorial, ancient peole have dressed up their lack of knowledge as Gods or Dæmons. I have discovered that sometimes, the fate of Gods and mortals intertwine and ledges are born.

Initial Items

  • Tome of Eternal Darkness
  • Short Sword - With a wooden grip - light and durable. A small curve running from the handle makes it better for hacking rather than stabbing.


  • Strange Necklace - Fashioned from a dark ancient stone and ebgraved with weird designs. It can be used to cast a Healing spell when Ellia is standing still.
  • Blowgun - An ancient weapon, the Blowgun propels a poison dart at an enemy, causing death within several seconds.
  • Metal Staff - This large piece of metal looks to be a lever of some kind.


  • Find the four armed statue across from the main exit and collect the Strange Necklace. These necklaces will restore some of Ellia health when used but she must stay still when the spell is being cast. Head through the only open passageway in the room.
  • Go through this corner room and into the next passageway.
  • Ellia will step on a switch and activate a trap. Try and avoid these switches as you make your way through this corridor. Go into the next room.
  • You will be locked in and attacked by a zombie. Decapitate it to stop your sanity loss. Use the "Finish" move to restore some of your sanity. Once you have defeated the zombie, the door you came through will open. Locate and collect the Bronze Necklace from this room. Now examine the candles and use them to symbolize the picture behind them (the middle one must be lit). Two doors (one in this room and one somewhere else in the temple) will open halfway. Return to the room with the four-armed statue taking care of any zombies along the way.
  • Place the Bronze Necklace on the statue to open the other door. Go through it.
  • Continue into the next room.
  • Avoid the switches on the floor again and make your way into the next room.
  • Defeat the zombie and use the candles in here to reflect the picture behind it (all of them should be extinguished). Both of the half-opened doors will now open fully. It may be a good idea to save at this point before heading through the newly-opened door.
  • Make your way to the center of the corridor and collect the Blowgun. A trapdoor will open below you and you will fall down breaking the Sword. Quickly defeat the Zombies that are attacking the guard (aim for the head to stop them in their tracks). Remember you can use the Strange Necklaces to regain you health. If the guard is still alive, collect your broken sword from where you landed and ask him to fix it. If he is dead, it may be worth restarting your game from the save point as you will only have the Blowgun for a weapon for the rest of the level. However it is not impossible so continue if you want a challenge. Avoid the switches and good through the door.
  • Defeat the Zombies. Take note of the structure in the center of the room before you advance.
  • Head through the corridor and into the next room.
  • Go though here and through the other door.
  • You will have reached Mantorok's Lair and will be treated to a cut-scene. Collect the Metal Staff from a statue by Mantorok and backtrack all the way to the room with the structure in the center of it.
  • Place the Metal Staff into the structure. A door in Mantorok's Lair will open. Go back here and through the door.

Alexandra Roivas: Reading by Candlelight[edit | edit source]

With the correct sequence of candles being lit, a hidden panel opens.

Initial Items

  • Dresser Key
  • Broken Second Floor Key - May be Broken Second Floor Key if you have tried to unlock the Second Floor door.
  • Gladius
  • Tome of Eternal Darkness


  • Message Tube - An antique leather-bound message tube - the kind used to transport sealed message scrolls. It appears to be unopened. There might be something inside.
  • Chapter Page - Suspicions of a Conspiracy - The same as the Chapter Page entitled The Binding of the Corpse God except this Chapter is entitled Suspicions of Conspiracy.


  • When Alex finishes reading, some candles will be lit in the room. Use the candles to reflect the image behind (only the candle on the left should be lit). A hidden panel will open. Collect the Message Tube and open it to find the Chapter Page entitled "Suspicions of Conspiracy". You may wish to save before reading the chapter.

Antony: Suspicions of a Conspiracy[edit | edit source]

From my research, it is apparent that the hands of mankind are mere puppetry at the hands of the Ancients. whenever a king vows reform, the Ancients move quickly to stifle it. Under the auspices of Charlemagne the Frank, the Roman Empire was at the height of its power.