Eti Yami: Mekanik İstila

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Eti Yami: Mekanik İstila
Basic Information
Video Game
Infosfer, Yoğurt Teknolojileri
Eti Pazarlama ve Sanayi A.Ş.
Action, Adventure
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Eti Yami: Mekanik İstila
Retail Minimum Specifications
Operating System(s)
Windows 2000
Turkey Turkish Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
April 2006
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Eti Yami: Mekanik İstila (Eti Yami: Mechanic Invasion) is a third-person shooter game set in Istanbul.

The game is a promotion for Eti’s new nouga-bar “Yami”. It is send to the customers by mail in return of “Yami” packages. In the game Yaman, a 3D character seen in commercial spots before, eat “Yami” bars for energy to fight robotic invaders.

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