Eulogy of an Insect

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Eulogy of an Insect
Eulogy of an Insect.png
Basic Information
Video Game
David Ponce & Garret Stevens
Main Credits
David Ponce and Garret Stevens
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Eulogy of an Insect is a game best known for its art and writing style, developed by David Ponce and Garret Stevens.

Official updates on development can be found on the developer's tumblr at:

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

A young woman named Charlie ventures back to her childhood home after the recent passing of her father. Unsure of her motive for arriving yet seeking some sort of closure, she begins to explore the run-down locale. She ends up unearthing an artifact of her father's collection, a golden mace (which she later learns is named Hermes) of mysterious power and origin. Soon after, she unknowingly activates a strange machine in the basement. A large hand belonging to an enigmatic creature named Ashidarou appears from it and reaches out, pulling her into a strange place...

While the game does have some serious main story beats, the dialogue is largely humorous and doesn't take itself seriously at all.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

While the game can be very clearly defined as an RPG with levelling up, item equipment and stat growth, there are fusions occasionally brought into the mix via minigames or brief sections. These include can range from a top-down shooter, a Simon Says-like video game, puzzle solving, to stealth. Combat consists of turn-based affairs where you pick moves best suited to individual enemies or situations. Battles are never random. Enemies can be seen on the map and can be struck with Charlie's mace to gain a Boost (perfect accuracy, increased damage, etc) when a battle begins. You can also recruit a number of different allies. Some are automatically given as the story progresses but many are optional with additional requirements to be fulfilled in order for them to join you. They provide their own unique uses and upon completion of their respective sidequests will grant Charlie additional, unique moves.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Unique art style
  • Many optional allies to recruit
  • Minigames & gameplay systems that push the boundaries of RPG Maker
  • Humorous and clever writing
  • Challenging combat
  • Selectable difficulty

Characters[edit | edit source]


Charlie is the protagonist of the game. Best described as "the straight man" of the bunch. She looks at the very real stuff going on around her, briefly, questions it, then she shrugs and just goes along with it, only wanting to know the most important answers. Despite this and an exterior that makes it difficult to judge her thoughts, she generally has a good sense of justice and simply does what she feels is right in any given situation. Her main goal is to both find a way home and learn more about her father's role in the world.


Maddie is the first mandatory ally you receive. A young Yeti, she informs Charlie of the desperate situation her species finds itself in and pleads for her help- and afterwards decides to stay and travel with her. All around pretty nice and friendly. She provides aid with fire-breathing abilities which can be useful against the many ice-based enemies roaming the first dungeon.


Lilah is the first optional ally you can recruit, requiring a number of bats to be scalped and given to her. She has supposedly hired security for the mines but finds herself being replaced by technology, so she strikes a deal with Charlie to aid her. Lilah has a large cavity in her body where a secondary mouth has formed within her rib cage. She has an insatiable appetite and is known to eat anything, going as far as having cannibalistic tendencies. Her speciality in battle is providing debuffs to the enemies.

These are just some of the early characters you will encounter. There are much more waiting to be found.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Lilah is based on Laylee's design from Yooka Laylee. She has a large red nose and is also a purple bat; most importantly, however, in her portrait, the hand of what looks like a chameleon of some kind hangs out of her secondary mouth...