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Basic Information
Vindictive Drive
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New Noir City
Hybrid Helper Robot
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Vindictive Drive

Eureka is a character from Vindictive Drive, she's a Hybrid Helper Robot, who plays an important role after Chapter 7, and can be unlocked as playable character.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Eureka was originally a human modified with mechanical parts to serve as Siege Unit for military purposes, her name was taken from the military project of the same name.

Little is known about her background, after Chapter 7 a little more of it is revealed in every chapter, it is suspected that she's a clone of Liz Barrett, who was involved in secret government issues since her childhood.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Since Eureka doesn't have an education and has never been outside of the laboratory before, her behavior is heavily influenced by an intense fear of other humans.

She is naive and can be influenced very easily, people who are nice to her seem to gain her trust immediately.

However, since Arris Fern taught her being treated like a human is not a privilege but a right, her attitude seems to change and becomes more open to interact with humans, being a good example her coordination with Liz Barrett to stop the Biokernel's missile attack.

Eureka's emblem.

Even though Eureka's humanity seems to be heavily crippled, she can judge in some situations what is

right and wrong, stating she doesn't want to kill, and sparing Arris' life.

Eureka's unstable personality makes her violent and unpredictable under the influence of Tryonate.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Arris Fern:

Eureka meets Arris when she's piloting the Galick units with America and Cyree, after sparing her life, they seem to become friends in the middle of the conflict in the Presidential Palace.


Hostile, Cyree dehumanizes her and treats her like a monster, Eureka resents him.

Amy Mourne:

Amy manipulates Eureka into being her subordinate, having a relationship that resambles slavery.

Charles Mourne:

Unknown, Charles tried to stop the development of Project Eureka.

Liz Barrett:

Temporary ally, they coordinate efforts to stop the Biokernel attack.

Luna Herz:

Eureka becomes Luna's friend and employee after the revamp of Hex Reader's bar.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Eureka has two devices she calls "Arms" these are equipped with three cannons each, which shoot powerful and highly explosive plasma waves. She can also generate magnetic fields dense enough to make bullets ricochet. She is incomplete since the project was never finished, however, she possess enough firepower to destroy both mechanical and human threats easily from far away, as well as to perform precision strikes with the help of a Netframe.

These abilities seem to be very reduced if she's under the influence of drugs like Tryonate.

Gallery[edit | edit source]