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Europa Universalis: Crown of the North

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Europa Universalis: Crown of the North
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Paradox Entertainment]][[Category:Paradox Entertainment]]
[[Levande Böcker (SWE)PAN Vision (Worldwide)Strategy First (NA)
]][[Category:Levande Böcker (SWE)PAN Vision (Worldwide)Strategy First (NA)
Svea Rike series
Real-time strategy, Grand strategy
Compact Disc
Digital Distribution
Microsoft Windows
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Europa Universalis: Crown of the North (original title: Svea Rike III) is a real-time grand strategy video game developed by Paradox Entertainment and published by Levande Böcker. It is the sequel to Svea Rike and Svea Rike II, as well as a prequel to Two Thrones. The Svea Rike series is the predecessors to Europa Universalis.

The plot takes place from 1275 in Scandinavia during a period of political disturbance. All events that takes place in the game, except for those which the player evoke himself, are completely historically correct.

Europa Universalis: Crown of the North is the English language version of the game. It was released in North America together with a re-release of Europa Universalis II at version 1.07, with the addition of new scenarios.

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