Eve ~ New Generation X ~

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Eve ~ New Generation X ~
Eve - New Generation X - 0.jpg
Basic Information
Video Game
Multi-side ADV (18+)
Microsoft Windows
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This is the 5th game in the Eve series. Two separate mysteries intertwine together as the story progresses.

Kojiro is a private detective. One day he met a girl, who asked him to look for her memory. Immediately after, she was taken away by some man. Investigation leads to some seemly unrelated keywords: "bee", "Blur", and "L'Abeille", eventually directing him to a certain place...

Marina is an agent for the Japanese Intelligence. One night she found a youngman on the top of a roof, who said "The plan has started. No one can stop it anymore. It's terrorism," before jumping off. On the palm of his hand, Marina found the tattoos of a bee. Based on the young man's last words, Marina began her investigation, but suddenly found that the cops were after her on the charge of murder.

This is the Windows port of the PS2 game, Eve ~ New Generation ~. There are some graphical updates, adult situations, and some new gameplay elements.

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The original PS2 game (non-Adult) is rated 17+.

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