Everyone's Pokémon Ranch

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Everyone's Pokémon Ranch
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Basic Information
Video Game
Pet, Simulation
Retail Features
Everyone's Pokémon Ranch
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
March 252008
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Everyone's Pokémon Ranch allows players to transfer up to 1,000 of their Pokémon from Diamond and Pearl to a ranch ran by a woman, named Yukari, who is a friend of Bebe who runs the PC box system in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Here, they can view their Pokémon (rendered in 3D) while using their Miis to interact with them.

Players do not need to own Pokémon Diamond and Pearl to play Everyone's Pokémon Ranch. Players without the Nintendo DS game will be given 6 starter Pokémon (including a Pikachu, Lucario, Mudkip, Turtwig, Magikarp, and Staravia), and will be given a new Pokémon at the start of each day.

Additionally, each day Yukari will give the player requests for certain Pokémon not in the player's Pokédex to be added to the ranch, along with clues on where to find them in Diamond and Pearl. It has also been confirmed that you can obtain a special Mew and Phione through a trade. Upon fulfilling these requests, the player will gain new items such as a bell that calls the Pokémon to the player. Yukari can also trade certain Pokémon she already has in her possession. Eventually, adding more Pokémon to the ranch unlocks new features to the game and expands the ranch.

Similar to the actions in the Mii Channel's plaza, the Pokémon on the ranch can perform different idle actions, such as talking and playing with each other and sleeping. Players are also able to take snapshots of their Pokémon and send them to friends registered on their Wii. A simple HUD shows the ability to monitor the time and the number of Pokémon in the ranch.

Apart from storing collected Pokémon on the ranch, players are otherwise unable to further train or level up their Pokémon on the ranch

The graphics are a bit like Nintendo 64 graphics and your Pokémon have been made Mii style.