Exed Exes

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Exed Exes
Basic Information
Video Game
Shoot 'em up, Sci-Fi
8-way Joystick, Array Buttons
Arcade, Family Computer, PlayStation, Saturn, PlayStation Array and Xbox
Virtual Console
Retail Features
Play Information
Main Credits
Yoshiki Okamoto
Tamayo Kawamoto
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
February 1995
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Exed Exes (エグゼドエグゼス?) is an arcade game that was released in 1985 by Capcom. It is a vertically-oriented scrolling shooter. It was originally released in North America as Savage Bees (full title: Attack of the Savage Bees) by Memetron (licensor to the game).

It was also included with its original name on the Capcom Generations Volume 3 for Saturn and PlayStation, Capcom Classics Collection of PlayStation 2 and Xbox and Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded for PlayStation Portable. There is a scheduled release for the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on September 21, 2010.

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