Eyelina Bluemoon

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Eyelina Bluemoon

Eyelina Bluemoon.png
Eyelina Bluemoon in Cross Theater

Game Series Cross Theater
First Appearance Cross Theater
Occupation: Adventurer
Age: 22
Height: 158cm
Weight: 49kg
Gender: Female
Likes: Peace, Food in General
Dis-Likes: Villain
Hobbies: My hobbies are able to fight to find a strong partner
Home: Claudio Empire Castle Residential Area
Weapon(s): Sword-Line Star,Drum Shield,Cracker Bomb Threat For

Eyelina Bluemoon (アイリーナ=ブルームーン?) is the main character in Cross Theater.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Commoner who was born in the residential area of Claudio empire. You have one side that can not put it off a person in need. My hobby is that you fight to find a strong partner. And are skilled as well as fencing, also fighting surgery. Better than to win the tournament arena. Sick of the Dr.D. Somersault that there is that interesting and good news in these and frolicked while the acrobatic action moonsault, such as backflip and Dari pleased. It is a personality that is liked by everyone bright and cheerful spirit. Etc. dispense with the word "ma,'d be great" and that most, is not considered deep things too much. There is a surface that does not discriminate or from natural posture at all times, and it takes a severe response in an emergency or combat. In character because it is too serious honest, it caught it within the I-con simple, be advised that move out of the situation without bites also stopped many opponents battle impossible. It praised "if power of about you, you may be able to stop the Dr.D" and from Reniane for this, but are amazed "puke may get to the sweetness of you" and often from Dr.D were. Glutton a very strong appetite. I quickly eat up hundreds of servings of food. Have you ever run out almost single meal the first prize of the competition arena. I can infer immediately as well as the smell of food smell is sharp to the same level as the dog. The pure heart like more than anything, and the overwhelming combat power, earth, save the entire universe and thus that the fight strong opponent. However, sometimes it is realized struggle that can be avoided because of their nature, and shook the earth. I like fighting, but take away the life of the other party is not a purpose, and objectives to "defeat" that only. Sometimes while having a calm mind, and that awakened by intense anger, personality is rough, so as to change the belligerent. It may also be to attack in the ass of myself. Motor nerve would be doing somersaults is distinguished, moonsault, rolling, handstand, 1/2 twist D technology, backflip, as well as cartwheel. Sometimes tempered the body severely mother from an early age. Part-time job, shopping, training is "morning, practice swing of the sword, practice of punch, dance performance of the kick, laundry, reverse rise in iron bar" and "Eyelina own in the garden of the house, such as hunting in the garden at noon the day of the holiday, you are taking a rest after that "sleep after doing (as I do not sweat) gymnastics time for bed Once inside the bath to eat rice which I made with material that was collected in the hunt until come fishing at night. Good at sewing

Story[edit | edit source]

And after a long journey, and came back to "Claudio empire" after a long time, but she saw it, it was Dr.D. "Claudio empire" has become a mess because of that. She read the revelation of Reniane, belly has been standing in the way of Dr.D went on a journey for the overthrow Dr.D.

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