F1 Pole Position 64

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F1 Pole Position 64
Basic Information
Video Game
Human Entertainment
Nintendo 64
Retail Features
F1 Pole Position 64
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Nintendo 64
September 301997
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From the womb of Ubisoft is F1 Pole Position 64, an N64 exclusive simulation racer. It is a sequel to the SNES racing game, F1 Pole Position. Since it aims for realism and detail in the driving, it is meant to attract fans of F1 racing.

You can play in World Grand Prix mode, Battle mode and Time Trial mode. Grand Prix is your standard mode - you race against other cars, in a series of real world tracks, and try to ultimately come out on top. Battle mode is not nearly as interesting as it sounds. Don't expect the game to suddenly turn into Destruction Derby 64 in this mode. By battle, they mean one-on-one racing on a single track. Time Trial is your standard set a time record mode. Records can be transferred to your memory card, and shared with friends.

The cars can be tweaked to perform better. Little things, like making your car lighter by removing things, turning the rear foil down, and more. Tweaking plays an important part in adjusting your car to perform at its best during specific types of weather. Did I mention there are different weather types? Rain can mess a car up good if it's not prepared.

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