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Unlockables[edit | edit source]

Winning Streak (90) 
Have a 60 game Winning Streak on Semi-Professional difficulty.
10 Goal Match Wonder (100) 
Score more than 10 Goals in a match on Semi-professional difficulty.
300 Game Winner (200) 
Win 300 games in all competitions on any level difficulty.
Defender Man of the Match (50) 
Win Man of Match for a Defender more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.
Midfielder Man of the Match (50) 
Win Man of Match for a Midfielder more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.
Striker Man of the Match (40) 
Win Man of Match for a Striker more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.
Goal Getter (40) 
Get an average of 4 goals per game over 50 game on Semi-Professional difficulty.
Undefeated (50) 
Remain undefeated for 50 games in Semi-Professional difficulty.
World XI Master (80) 
Win 20 games with the World XI team on Professional difficulty.
Fair Play Award (100) 
Play 20 Games without a card being shown in Semi - Professional difficulty.
Undefeated Manager (200) 
Remain undefeated for 1 season in any league in Manager mode on any difficulty level.

Glitches[edit | edit source]

Unlimited Player Creation Points[edit | edit source]

This will allow you to have an unlimited amount of points for a created player. It also works with the existing players and enables you to increase their stats to perfect. The process takes about an hour to make a perfect custom player.

The steps are as follows:

  1. While in the creation process, go to traits and select all the negative ones (they give you 1500pts).
  2. Press the A button to exit the traits screen.
  3. Select a category (such as attack, defence, etc.) and distribute the points as you wish. When finished, press the A button.
  4. Go back to the traits screen and de-select the negative traits. Press the A button to exit.
  5. Press start and save your player.
  6. Re-open your created player in the edit player feature.
  7. Repeat the above steps until the stats desired are achieved.