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Template:Peacock FXLabs is an end-to-end game company in India. Founded in September 2004, FXLabs began its operations building PC based games both for the Indian market as well as the global market. In December 2007, FXLabs acquired an online game portal to expand its operations into the online casual game space. The vision of the company is to be the top developer and publisher of games for all platforms including PC, console, online casual, MMOG, and handheld.

The current pipeline of titles under development include Inferno, a game based on Dante's Inferno, a game based on Dhoom 2, the most valuable property in Bollywood, as well as a game based on Archie Comics. Given its strong relationships to the film industry in India, FXLabs plans to release various titles in partnership with leading property owners in India. Plans are underway for launching an MMOG that would appeal to India's growing pool of online gamers. FXLabs has development centers in Hyderabad and Chennai in India. It has a business development presence in San Francisco and London.

Sashi Reddi is the current CEO of FXlabs.

With over 200 employees, FXLabs is India's largest game development company.

Game properties[edit | edit source]

Some of the game properties being developed are

1. AGNI [1] is the first Videogame product developed in India that meets the quality standards for an international product! AGNI is an exciting Third Person Shooter – Role Playing Game packed with action, adventure and drama. AGNI pits players against the denizens of the underworld as they make their way through an incredible array of visually stunning environments. You can survive in the “Agnilok” with the help of four distinct characters, each with their own special attributes, weapons, and skills.


An exciting new Action and Adventure game built for the PC, Inferno pits players against the denizens of the underworld as they make their way through an incredible array of visually stunning environments! Control up to four distinct characters fighting a wide assortment of creatures and lose yourself in this compelling, richly detailed, and atmospheric gaming experience!

3.Archie’s Riverdale Run

An Action Arcade game for PC and Xbox, Archie’s Riverdale Run brings the world of Archie to life in full 3D for the very first time. Play as your favorite ‘Archie’ character and explore the town of Riverdale, complete dozens of exciting missions, and drive a variety of vehicles. The game is full of amazing fun experiences that will surely please Archie fans all over the world!

4.Dhoom:2.5 – The Game

‘Dhoom 2.5 - The Game’ brings to life the exciting world of the super successful movie by Yashraj films. The game is designed to give players the opportunity to assume the role of their favorite characters from the movie and make their way through numerous exciting missions and mini-games. From action packed chases to stealthy gadget-heavy heists, to Bollywood style song and dance, this game has it all!|

Recent Game Releases[edit | edit source]

  1. Ghajini-The Game
  2. Dance Challenge
  3. Agni:Queen of Darkness

Current development[edit | edit source]

  1. Dhoom 2.5
  2. Inferno [2]
  3. Archies Riverdale Run, a racing action game using the Gamebryo game engine and the Open Dynamics Engine

Both the games will be available for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox.[citation needed]

FXLabs has also announced the development of the movie-based game Ghajini.

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