Fable: The Lost Chapters/Walkthrough

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Fable: The Lost Chapters

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Walkthroughs for Fable: The Lost Chapters. Walkthrough names parallel to profile names. Profiles should be made in this order as the creation date determines the order.

Deamon Door's[edit | edit source]

# Location, Area Method to Open
01 Heroes' Guild snaggy Turn on lampular liker to the daemon Door's
02 Rose Cottage Give it a gift (Chocolate, rose or precious stones and etc.)
03 Dark wood Marshes Battle the hobbes guardians of the door
04 Great wood Caves Have a combat multiplier 14 or highter
05 Barrow Fields Be overweight (eat meat or drink beer lots of it)
06 Great wood Cullis Gate Perform an evil deed(If you're good alignment you need to kill more peoples than one)
07 The Dark wood Bordello Have sex more than 10 times( these doors are pervert one)
08 Witch wood Stones Figure out the door's name(It's name HITS)
09 Knothole Glade Hit with arrow(Try to hit the arrow in his eye if you have a bad bow or crossbow
10 Headsman's Hill Defeat Thunder
11 Grey House Be married to Lady Grey
12 Lychfield Graveyard Return equipment to Nostro
13 Lookout Point First defeat of Jack of Blades complete
14 abandoned Road Wear various outfits(1-Bright Plate mail suit 2-Dark Will master suit 3-Bandit outfit)
15 Necropolis Hand over your silver keys(Don't do this if you haven't opened all Magic chests)

The account types[edit | edit source]

Default[edit | edit source]

You can name the Default account whatever you want. The Default account has no restrictions, it just beats the game.

Light[edit | edit source]

The Light account defeats the game without ever committing a bad deed: on purpose or accidentally.

Darkness[edit | edit source]

The Darkness account defeats the game without ever committing a good deed: on purpose or accidentally.

Master of Light[edit | edit source]

The Master of Light beats the game taking and beating every boast for every quest. The reason this Master account divides into two occurred because of opposite boasts (two boasts where you can only choose one), where the Master of Light will always take the one that gives Hero points.

Dark Master[edit | edit source]

The Dark Master beats the game taking and beating every boast for every quest. The reason this Master account divides into two occurred because of opposite boasts (two boasts where you can only choose one), where the Master of Darkness will always take the one that gives Evil points.

Gold[edit | edit source]

The Gold account accumulates as much gold as possible, buys every building in the game, etc.

Silver[edit | edit source]

The Silver account collects every Silver Key and opens every silver key chest.

Conquering Bowerstone South[edit | edit source]

Of all the cities you MUST conquer Bowerstone South first. To do this you must hire one or two mercenaries (preferably level two), commit a crime, and refuse to hand over the gold. BUT before you ever coordinate an attack on the city you must take out its heart: the children. The children cannot die, and once you attack the town they will never follow you. Since you have not raided any cities yet and done the good deeds where applicable they should follow you when you tell them to. Take them to the Chapel of Skorm if you want. When raiding with the bandit it will take ___,___ gold to buy every building.

Silver keys & chests[edit | edit source]

Silver Keys[edit | edit source]

# Location How to acquire Bad deed The Lost Chapters only
01 Guild Woods Fish where you killed the bandits
02 Lookout Point Walking out of the Heroes' Guild turn left, cut down the bushes, and walk up to the Silver Key
03 Bowerstone South Walk up onto the balcony of the second floor of the clothes salesman
04 Fisher Creek At the north end of Fisher Creek fish at the third ripple from the left
05 Greatwood Lake Walk up the ramp at the initial entrance to Greatwood Lake
06 Orchard Farm Fish at the end of the dock
07 Rose Cottage Dig in the circle
08 Focus Chamber Dig in the circle
09 Darkwood Lake Shoot an arrow through the rock with a hole in it to the southwest
10 Ancient Cullis Gate Fish on the right side of the southern bridge
11 Grey House Fish across from where the demon door is
12 Memorial Garden ONLY COLLECT after you have talked to the ghost and found out where he put the 500 gold, otherwise you cannot collect it; after you dig up the 500 gold, dig on the side of the statue in Memorial Garden (the interface should notify you that you can dig there)
13 Twinblade's Camp Dig in the circle
14 Witchwood Stones Fish in the small body of water south of the Demon Door
15 Witchwood Lake Dig under the Skorm statue
16 Knothole Glade Dig in the circle between the martial home and the one next to it
17 Headman's Hill Fish in the water at the bottom of the area, you have to have challenged Thunder to get it
18 Windmill Hill Dig in the circle
19 Windmill Hill Dig in the circle
20 Lady Grey's Beadroom Rob her bed Yes
21 Lychfield Graveyard Open Scoran Daith's crypt
22 Lychfield Graveyard Fish in the eastern body of water
23 Lychfield Graveyard Dig in Katie Sutter's grave
24 Cliffside Path Dig in the circle on the northernmost part of the area
25 Hook Coast Rob the lighthouse Yes
26 Bowerstone South Book collection quest at school Yes
27 Fisher Creek Fisher competition Yes
28 Oakvale At the Chicken Kicking Contest, you do not need any strength upgrades for this Silver Key; all you have to do is kick a chicken onto the fifty point marker three out of the five times Yes
29 The Lost Bay Dig in the grave of the past bay watchers Yes Yes
30 Necropolis Fish Yes

Silver Key Chests[edit | edit source]

# Keys required Location Item
01 05 Greatwood Lake Elixer of Life
02 05 Cave Larder Will Master's Elixir
03 10 Grey House Sharpening Augmentation
04 10 Circle of the Dead Piercing Augmentation
05 15 Witchwood Cavern Health Augmentation
06 15 Headman's Cave Mana Augmentation
07 15 Lady Grey's Bedroom The Katana Hiryu
08 15 Darkwood Lake Arken's Crossbow
09 15 Hook Coast The Murren Greataxe
10 20 Heros' Guild The Murren Greathammer
11 25 Necropolis Archon's Battle Armour (Archon's Battle Helmet, Archon's Battle Gloves, Archon's Battle Chest Piece, Archon's Battle Leggings, Archon's Battle Boots)
12 30 The Lost Bay The Avenger plus one of each gem

Treasure Clues[edit | edit source]

This will be renamed and placed in the Bronze Quests section when ready.

Treasure Clue Clue How to Obtain
1 o begin your quest, go to the region where scrumping Hobbes were discovered in legion. Given as reward for completing Bounty Hunt Quest
2 our hunt for the treasure can only come good if you start your search where fruit lies in wood Given as reward for completing the Lost Trader Quest
3 With your back to the Lake, walk into the light. Proceed no further when it's no longer in sight Given as reward for defeating all Assassins
4 The nearest construction points with is limb. Follow its direction, but don't stop on a whim Given as prize for beating the score of 220 at Archery Competition in Knothole Glade
5 You're not going in circles, but riddle me this: repeat

the last clue and you won't go amiss

Found in chest at Orchard Farm
6 Your reward is buried at the end of your trail. Proceed

as directed, 'till you're 'twixt wood and bale

Found in chest at Windmill Hill

Items[edit | edit source]

Book's[edit | edit source]

I. Creatures of Albion Book 1 - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

II. Creatures of Albion Book 2 - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

III. Creatures of Albion Book 3 - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

IV. Book of Spells - (Inside the Demon Door at the Hero's Guild.)

V. The Hierarchy of Weapons - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

VI. Sisters Diary - (When you first start the game. Go into 'your' house and it's the book shelf in between the beds.)

VII. The Old Kingdom - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

VIII. The Dragons - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

IX. The Other Land - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

X. The Northern Wastes - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

XI. The Tale of Twinblade - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

XII. The Arena - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

XIII. A Love Story - (Guild Sleeping Quarters)

XIV. The Pale Balverine - (Guild Library Bookshelf)

XV. The Tale of Maxiey - (Guild Sleeping Quarters)

XVI. The Rotten Apple - (This book is inside the house at Orchard Farm. One way the door opens is when you do the escort trader quest found in lookout point.)

XVII. The Guild of Zeroes - (House in South Bowerstone right next to the enterance of Bowerstone Quay.)

XVIII. The Repentant Alchemist - (Upstairs Bookcase at the Clothe's Salesman shop in South Bowerstone.)

XIX. The Tailor's Tragedy

XX. The Trigamist

XXI. Three Haikus by Miko the Bard - (Guild Sleeping Quarters)

XXII. The Trials of Aarkan - (House next to yours in Oakvale.)

XXIII. The Oakvale Raid - (In Oakvale, The first house you come to heading east past the tavern.)

XXIV. The Balverine Slayer

XXV. Arban's Thaumaturgica - (Found in Maze's quarters near the end of the game. Will have to have to commense the story any further.)

XXVI. Book of 'X' - (found in hook coast.on top of the hill in the house at the dead end. you have to search one of the cabinets/bookcases) - Submitted by tyeman64.

XXVII. Dusty Notebook - (Inside the Grey House.)

XXVIII. Scrawled Parchment - (On the floor inside the Grey House Cellar.)

XXIX. Theresa's Letter - (Received from you sister. Can't miss as it's (given in stride with the story line.)

XXX. The Bloodline - (You get this when you get 'Theresa's Letter')

XXXI. The Sock Method - (Eastern most house in Oakvale.)

XXXII. Windbreaker Rule Book - (In the house right across from the Clothe's Salesman in South Bowerstone.) or (Eastern most house in Oakvale.)

XXXIII. Eyes of a Killer - (In the house right next to the barber's Shop In South Bowerstone.)

XXXIV. You are Not a Bad Person - (House in South Bowerstone right next to the enterance of Bowerstone Quay.)

XXXV. Making Friends - (Inside the Demon Door at the Hero's Guild.)

XXXVI. The Ugly Guide - (Eastern most house in Oakvale.)

XXXVII. A Hero's Journey I - (In the Bookcase inside the Fisherman's house at Fisher Creek.)

XXXVIII.A Hero's Journey II - (In the Bookcase inside the house at Rose Cottage.)

XXXIX. A Hero's Journey III - (In Oakvale. The house where you found the husband cheating on his wife as a child.)

Weapons[edit | edit source]

13 LEGENDARY WEAPONS[edit | edit source]

Weapon name Damage Weight type Where to get Augmentations Description Image of this holy weapon
Sword of Aeons 230 Light Defeat Jack of Blades; Choose NOT to throw it into the Vortex Health Augmentation, Mana Augmentation, Experience Augmentation, Sharpening Augmentation The oldest of all the weapons. The Sword of Aeons wasbloodforged before the Old Kingdom. Once unlocked, its power is the power of all Albion. Sword of Aeons.png
The Harbinger 198 Light The Temple of Avo', At The Sword in the Stone Sharpening Augmentation, Piercing Augmentation This Longsword was forged by the twins Elda and Essa. After its creation, they used it to cut off each other's hands, ensuring the world would never see another weapon like it. The Harbinger.jpg
The Katana Hiryu 215 Light Bowerstone Manor', Inside 15-Key Silver Chest Sharpening Augmentation, Flame Augmentation Folded metal is only so strong. The monks of the far hills used ancient supernatural skills to turn Hiryu into something special. Its secret died with them. Katana Hiryu.jpg
The Cutlass Bluetane 165 Light Inside 'Greatwood Caves' Demon Door Lightning Augmentation Though cutlasses were the weapon of choice for the old shipmates around Hook Coast, Bluetane was part of a legendary treasure and was never used in combat. It's hunger for blood is palpable. Cutlass Bluetane.jpg
Ronok The Axe 165 Light Inside 'Grey House' Demon Door Sharpening Augmentation, Silver Augmentation Axes have short, brutal lives. But Ronok has survived centuries of combat, and is still as sharp as the day it was forged by the Old Kingdom foresters. Ronok the Axe.jpg
The Dollmaster's Mace 135 Light Inside 'Abandoned Road' Demon Door Mana Augmentation Quick fingers and an eye for detail were the Doll master's trademarks. But only once did he use his skills to create a weapon. This was the result, as colossal as his dolls were delicate. The Dollmaster’s Mace.jpg
Wellow's Pickhammer 120 Light Inside 'Greatwood Gorge' Demon Door Piercing Augmentation, Piercing Augmentation Wellow ruled the northern ridges of the Old Kingdom, and his warlords carried Pickhammers said to be forged from a strong but extremely light metal in hidden mines. This one belonged to Wellow himself. Wellow’s Pickhammer.jpg
The Murren Greathammer 270 Heavy Heroes Guild, Inside 20-Key Silver Chest Experience Augmentation Piercing Augmentation The Murren graves were robbed during the collapse of the Old Kingdom. This Greathammer and a Greataxe were never recovered. Both are said to forged by the wills of the gods themselves. The Murren Greathammer.jpg
The Murren Greataxe 240 Heavy Hook Coast Lighthouse, Inside 15-Key Silver Chest Piercing Augmentation Little is known of the godlike warrior from whose dead hands this Greataxe was prised. Its deadly blade almost glows with a divine quality. The Murren Greataxe.jpg
Solus Greatsword 314 Heavy Purchased at 'Bowerstone North' Store Flame Augmentation, Health Augmentation, Sharpening Augmentation The legendary Solus of the mystical Dragonfighters, this weapon is held in awe by swordmasters and combatants of Albion alike. Solus Greatsword.jpg
The Sentinus 255 Heavy The Temple of Avo Silver Augmentation, Piercing Augmentation Said to belong to the bodyguard of Archon, first ruler of the Old Kingdom, this Greatmace is a majestic as any sceptre, and powerful enough to bring empires to their knees. The Sentinus.jpg
Skorm's Bow 264 Dark wood Chapel of Skorm by sacrificing Bow Lightning Augmentation, Sharpening Augmentation Fabled weapon of the Overberg, this Longbow carries dark and terrible secrets that seem to propel arrows with a unique power. Skorm’s Bow.jpg
Arken's Crossbow 220 Darkwood Lake, Inside 15-Key Silver Chest Crossbow Silver Augmentation, Flame Augmentation, Piercing Augmentation In the massacre of Olagan, Arken was left for dead among the rest of a fallen army after it succumbed to a surprise attack. He put together this crossbow from pieces scattered throughout the battlefield and used it to hunt down every last one of the ambushers. Arken’s Crossbow.jpg