Fairchild Channel F Videocart-25

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Fairchild Channel F Videocart-25
Basic Information
Video Game
Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Channel F Controller
Fairchild Channel F
Retail Features
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Fairchild Channel F
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Fairchild Channel F Video Cart 25 (or Casino Poker) is a game released for the Fairchild Channel F.

Released for the VES (Video Entertainment System) on 12-31-1980.  Published by Zircon.

Cart 25 was the penultimate cart, Cart 26 - Alien Invasion - was the last.

Included instructions pamphlet.

Cart 25 Video Poker Channel F video game system

Plain white box with black and white label on end flap.

Reverse Channel F video game system Cart 25 Video Casino Poker
Channel F Cart 25 instruction pamphlet