Fairway Solitaire

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Fairway Solitaire
Developer(s) Grey Alien Games
Publisher(s) Big Fish Games
Engine BlitzMax
status Status Missing
Release date December 2007
Genre Card
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) ESRB: Everyone (E)
Platform(s) Windows, Mac OS X
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Input Mouse
Requirements Windows 98, Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista, or Mac OS X 10.2 or better
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Fairway Solitaire is a downloadable casual game, based on the Blitz programming environment, that provides a new twist on the classic card game, solitaire. Considered to be within the casual game genre of computer games, Fairway Solitaire was developed by Grey Alien Games and distributed by Big Fish Games.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Fairway Solitaire presents uses with a modified type of solitaire card game with a creative and occasionally funny theme of golf. In the game, cards double as golf clubs and playing cards. Much like a professional golfer, a player in Fairway Solitaire must play his way through a collection of courses (70 in all) with each course offering a different challenge. Once the challenge is met, the next course is unlocked and the player can advance in the tournament.

During game play, scores are recorded and ranked against all other players on the same computer. Additionally, statistics are kept for each players and trophies are awarded for pre-defined achievements.

Hazards[edit | edit source]

Like golf, each Fairway Solitaire course offers water hazards and sand traps. Water hazards are special 'water cards' which must be cleared from the board before any cards to the right of said water cards are revealed. Sand traps are special 'sand cards' which are not revealed until the 'sand wedge' card is uncovered.

Iron Cards[edit | edit source]

Occasionally, a player will reveal an "iron card". These cards have a specific golf club on them and double as playing cards and can be picked up at any time like any other special card (like the sand wedge) without cost or connecting card and without breaking the current drive. For example, if the play card is a 6 there is a stack of 7, 3 iron, 8, one may pick up all three cards. In addition a person may play a club at any time to continue adding to a long drive. The clubs are restricted to the 2-9 irons.

Mulligans[edit | edit source]

Mulligans can be used to undo a player's very last action. may not play more than one in a row. Players are granted one mulligan for each hole during tournament play. A second mulligan is available to those individuals who purchase the special Mulligan Shirt from the golf shop.

Wild Cards[edit | edit source]

During Fairway Solitaire game play, wild cards are randomly revealed. One may choose to randomly select an event or pay to skip the risk. The cost to skip is either two cards or $300. These wild cards offer varying opportunities and challenges including:

  • Flush – The Gopher is flushed from his hole. One recovers all the money the Gopher has stolen.
  • The Gopher – The Gopher takes all of the money and drive multiplier for the hole, and the player loses 3 cards from the deck.
  • Dizzy – All cards are shuffled
  • Missed Ball Entirely – Lose an item purchased from the golf shop (which can be repurchased later)
  • Broken Club – Lose an iron
  • Slice – Lose two irons
  • Bad Bounce – Lose a card from the deck.
  • Lost Ball – The ball is lost in the weeds. The player is given four chances to find it among eight possible locations or they lose two cards.
  • Hit the Club House – The player broke a window on the club house and has to pay $175 for damages.
  • Hit a Spectator – A spectator was hit by the player's golf ball, and the player is sued for damages.
  • Wormburner – Lose $100
  • In a Ravine – Drive multiplier is decreased by .5
  • Hit a Tree – Drive multiplier is decreased by .4
  • Heavy Rough – Drive multiplier is decreased by .3
  • Unplayable Lie – Drive multiplier is decreased by .2
  • In a Divot – Drive multiplier is decreased by .1
  • Grabbed By a Bird – Increases drive multiplier by .3
  • Hit the Cart Path – Increases drive multiplier by .2
  • Sympathetic Marshall – Remove any face up card.
  • Found a Club – Gain an iron
  • Perfect – Get an automatic perfect score
  • Heat Wave – All water hazard cards are removed from play.
  • Whirlwind – All sand trap cards are removed from play.
  • Boomerang Ball – Gain an extra mulligan for current hole.
  • Sky Ball – 20 seconds are added to the timer.
  • Lucky Shot – Win $250

As well as two minigames:

  • Putting – Click at the right time to putt a ball into the hole for cash.
  • Driving – Click at the right time to drive a ball for cash. Score depends on distance.

Golf Shop[edit | edit source]

The Fairway Solitaire Club House has a golf shop wherein players can purchase equipment to help them during tournament play. The equipment assists the player during actual game play or during wild card play. Items may vary depending on gender.

  • Mulligan Shirt/Blouse – $3,750 – Gives an extra mulligan on each hole.
  • Extra Long Pants – $15,000 – Slows down the arrow in Long Drive contests.
  • Flip Flop Golf Shoes – $15,000 – 25% of the face down cards will turn face up on each hole.
  • X-Ray Sunglasses – $22,500 – Hold mouse over deck and next card will be revealed.
  • Puttering Around Socks – $22500 – Slows down the arrow in Putting contests.
  • Powershot Belt – $26250 – Starts the Long Drive Multiplier at 1.3X.
  • Magnifying Glass – $26250 – Gives more tries when looking for Lost Balls.
  • Time Control Watch – $18750 – Adds 30 seconds to the stopwatch on timed courses.
  • Ring of Plenty – $11250 – Increases Course Purses by 15%.
  • Moustache – $22500 – Lowers Course Fees by 15%.
  • Super Grip Glove – $40000 – Turns the 5X multiplier into a 7X multiplier
  • Lucky Hat – $30000 – Increases the odds of getting a good Wild Shot card by 25%

Trophies[edit | edit source]

Players may be awarded trophies for accomplishing various tasks. Each player may only win one of each trophy. Often they are rewarded with cash or prizes.

  • Duffer Cup – First 9 hole course score of 30 or more over par.
  • Birdie Champ – First time one scores a birdie or better on each hole on a course.
  • Eagle Champ – First time one scores an eagle or better on each hole on a course.
  • Top Rookie – After winning three course purses.
  • Long Drive Champ – After first long drive of 28 cards or more.
  • Perfection Prize – After first time one scores 6 or more perfect scores on a course.
  • Speed Champion – After first time one completes a timed hole in 30 seconds or less.
  • Prolific Golfer – First time one completes 100 courses.
  • Top Earner – After total career earnings $1,000,000 or more.
  • No Irons Award – After finishing (course) under par with out using any irons.
  • Big Hitter Prize – First time one scores a long drive on every hole on a course.
  • Scoring Cup – First time one scores 9 or lower on a course (score, not score vs par).
  • Grand Champion – Earned when one completes the game.

Initial Release[edit | edit source]

Initially, Fairway Solitaire was released as a free online game at the Big Fish Game's Online Games. However, due to the player response, Big Fish Games quickly released a full download version available for purchase.

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