Faith and a .45

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Faith and a .45
Basic Information
Video Game
Deadline Games
Third-person Shooter, Action
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC
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Faith and a .45 is a canceled action game developed by Deadline Games for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.[1]

The game was put on hold in January 2009 due to the inability for the developer to find a publisher for the game.[2]With the later bankruptcy and shutdown of Deadline Games, the game was subsequently canceled.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The story follows a couple destined to go down in history, Luke and Ruby, two outlaws on a crime spree in the western United States during the Great Depression. While they stay on the move to avoid pursuing authorities, the two end up locking horns with John Mammon, a nefarious oilman. Finding themselves unable to escape the far reach of his business empire, they become embroiled in a conflict much bigger than themselves that puts them on the path of becoming heroes along the way.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Gameplay was to be a cover-based third-person shooter, similar to that of Gears of War or Army of Two; in particular with the dual-character dynamic. Deadline claimed that the game will emphasize cinematic aspects surrounding the characters.

Other features included the chance to upgrade weapons through unspecified puzzles or finding them in certain areas of the game world. The world's environment would also have effects on gameplay such as a dust storm leaving an area less visible.

Teammate AI was programmed to allow the player to interact with them better than it being a typical NPC. Depending on which weapon which weapon Ruby would be given, she would change tactics to suit the situation. The teammate revival system also uniquely consisted of the still mobile character kissing the downed player to bring them back into the fight.

Deadline described it as a "gritty, emotional shooter" and "dark road movie journey" themed game. Online and offline co-op had also been confirmed.

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