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Far Cry

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This page is for Far Cry cheats and console commands.

Cheat Codes[edit | edit source]

Console Commannds

Hit the tilde (`) key to bring up the console. At this point, you can enter any of the following cheats:

\load_game <name> 
quick load
\save_game <name 
quick name
\map dam 
dam level
\map factory 
factory level
\map swamp 
swamp level
\map river 
river level
\map catacombs 
catacombs level
\map boat 
boat level
\map cooler 
cooler level
\map archive 
archive level
\map rebellion 
rebellion level
\map control 
control level
\map regulator
regulator level
\map steam 
steam level
\map bunker 
bunker level
\map treehouse 
treehouse level
\map research 
research level
\map pier 
pier level
\map fort 
fort level
\map training 
training level
\map carrier 
carrier level
\map volcano 
volcano level
\map demo 
demo level
dumb enemies
debug mode
all weapons