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Farland Saga (ファーランド サーガ?) is part of a long set of games popular in China, Korea and Japan. It was originally devised by TGL Group Laboratories of Osaka (Japanese kanji alluding to "You Obtain"). In all there are four main Farland games, ten Chinese games and about 9 novels to accompany the Farland series. The artwork for the Japanese games was done by Yamamoto Kazue, who later worked for Studio E-Go! and the series mirrors her developing style. The Chinese games were illustrated by other artists. This originated at Lon Morris College. TGL also made other hit games in Japan, such as The Warring States Beauty Girl Picture Scroll series and Chocolate Maid Cafe Curio (Jan. 2007) for PC. The Farland series has many international fans, but since no official translations exist and fan translations exist for few games, it is very difficult to find information in the West.

All games in the main series, with the exception of number 8 which was released for Windows, were released on the PC98. Each game has a different storyline, although some storylines are linked. For example, number 3 was a direct sequel to Arc Ou no Ensei.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The story normally centres around the player, Arc, who has brown hair and wears a headband. The games follow a Castle Fantasia-style plotline, with animated introductions followed by tactical gameplay from an overhead viewpoint and anime-style talking scenes. The controls are simple and usually involve moving around, using items, casting spells and so on. There are no towns between levels like in Fire Emblem and characters rely on each other to collect equipment and supplies. The scenery in the Saga levels is reminiscent of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together backgrounds. Character classes in the series range from angels, princes, and elves to humans, clerics, and dwarves.

Game list[edit | edit source]

  • Farland Story - Released on the PC98, SNES and other formats. The first game in the series. Arc is walking with his friend Randia (a Knight) when a Black Knight suddenly appears and kidnaps Ferio, Arc's love. Arc must set out with his army to defeat the knight and rescue Ferio.
  • Farland Story Denki: Arc Ou no Ensei - Released on the PC98. A direct sequel to the original. After defeating the final boss, Arc finds the Holy Sword has been stolen by a demon and gives chase. The game contains three non-compulsory prologue chapters, which are related to events in the previous game.
  • Farland Story 3: Angel's Tears
  • Farland Story 4: The Silver Wing
  • Farland Story 5: The Bond of the Earth
  • Farland Story 6: God's Legacy
  • Farland Story 7: The Mark of the Beast King
  • Farland Story 8: The City of the Mad God - Released for Windows.
  • Farland Story: Yottsu no Fuuin - Released in 1995 on PC, Saturn, SNES and also remade for the PlayStation. This was a remake of both the original and Arc Ou no Ensei in one game.
  • Farland Story 2: Dance of Destruction - Released in 1995 on PC, Saturn and SNES. Viewed by fans as a pseudo-gaiden in the series, which takes place after Arc Ou no Ensei. Arc is now a king and his son, Riad, escapes with his love Serena, who is key to the minister's plans of war.
  • Farland Saga - Released in 1996 on PC and Saturn. It was also known as Farland Tactics in Korea. It was supposed to be Farland Story in 3D, and it inspired countless strategy games in Japan including the Castle Fantasia series. The main character is renamed Leon. He has many companions including his step brother Ralph, princess Fam, Karin the little fire mage and foster parent Brian. The game has many great perks including a bath scene, weather effects and a sought-after soundtrack.
  • Farland Saga 2: Toki no Michishirube - Released in 1997 for PC and Saturn. It was also known as Farland Tactics 2 in Korea. Six years after the first game, the popularity of Toki no Douhyou compelled TGL to make a side story involving little Karin and her friends, including Al, Sara, Radisshu, Sophia and Ruru. The game has many great perks including a bathsuit scene, pumpkin heads and side quests such as finding and returning a rich woman's voluptuous and vicious cat.
  • Farland Odyssey - Released for PC, in Chinese and Korean. It was also known as Farland Tactics 3 in Korea. A side story to the games. As a bounty hunter, you must hunt down a boy called Dyan, who took a sacred tome which was capable of resurrecting an ancient god.
  • Farland Odyssey 2 - Released for PC. It was also known as Farland Tactics 4 in Korea. A sequel to Farland Odyssey, taking place before the undead King's revival.
  • Farland Symphony / Farland Symphony: Encore - Released for PC, in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. It was also known as Farland Tactics 5 in Korea. The story focuses around four Artefacts, which the enemy seeks.

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