Feawen's Approval Documentation

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Feawen's Approval Documentation
Basic Information
Item Category
Special Edition Asset
EVE Online-Volume.pngVolume
0.01 m³
Skill Requirements

Capsuleers are known to use Galnet discussion boards and forums just as much as anyone else. In response to what appeared to be a leak of intelligence from a rival capsuleer alliance, an Amarr capsuleer known as Feawen responded with the simple, but now famous, "Feawen likes this."

It was deemed sufficiently funny by her peers that it became a commonplace remark to leave in response to nearly any discussion, and it was a particular mark of honor to have Feawen herself respond to a discussion thread with her trademark quip.

This massive tome contains a full list of everything that Feawen has been stated to like since the beginning of this odd (but typical to capsuleers) linguistic phenomenon. Literary critics around New Eden have noted with some humor, however, that it might have been easier and more cost-effective to simply list the things that Feawen does not like.