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Basic Information
Basic Information
Company Type
Subsidiary of AQ Interactive
May 1, 1992[1]
Parent company
[[AQ Interactive[2]]]
Games for video game consoles
Computer and video game industry
Key People
Nakazato Eiichiro (CEO)

feelplus Inc. (株式会社フィールプラス Kabushiki-Gaisha Fīrupurasu) is a Japanese video game developer and a subsidiary of AQ Interactive.[2] The studio was conceived initially by Microsoft Game Studios specifically to aid Mistwalker in video game development. It is composed of former employees of Nautilus, Square Enix and Scarab.

Games[edit | edit source]

Nintendo DS[edit | edit source]

PlayStation 3[edit | edit source]

Wii[edit | edit source]

Xbox 360[edit | edit source]

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