Fiber Twig

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Fiber Twig is a matching puzzle game created by PuzzleLab and distributed by famous game publishers such as iWin, Big Fish Games, Gamehouse and Reflexive Arcade.

The mission is to find the missing pieces and recreate the enchanting designs of a fairy-tale garden guarded by fantastic creatures. Connect cute little twigs to restore the original pattern, which was destroyed by the hurricane, and get a beautiful picture at the end of the level. The twigs pass by at the bottom part of the screen, slowly accumulating. Choose any and attach it to the one that's already on the playing field, then continue connecting twigs with each other until the top of the screen is reached up.

The premise of the game is simple - all elements on the field should be connected, otherwise you won't move up. Fiber Twig is packed with bonuses and enticing elements which stir player's imagination and make the process of playing quite absorbing. Besides, there's a set of magic tools that help the player to create the twigs of the desired shape or to get rid of the unnecessary ones. The setting is also a delight to the eye and players will certainly enjoy connecting twigs in the miraculous garden.

Fiber Twig 2[edit | edit source]

Fiber Twig 2 is a sequel based on the original Fiber Twig.

This is the same game, except for the addition of new characters, bonuses and options. As before, the mission is to connect cute little twigs to restore the original pattern, which has been destroyed by the hurricane, and help the lovely inhabitants of the fairy kingdom.

The most amazing new feature is that players can now choose a helpmate and upgrade his skills in the course of the game. Additionally, Fiber Twig 2 allows the player to learn quite astonishing facts about the fairy characters inhabiting the game levels.