Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Basic Information
Video Game
Square Enix
Square Enix
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy
PlayStation 4
Main Credits
Yoshinori Kitase
United Nations International Release Date(s)
PlayStation 4
April 102020
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Final Fantasy VII Remake is a reimagining of the story of Final Fantasy VII, set for release on April 10, 2020 for PlayStation 4.

Development[edit | edit source]

At E3 2015, Square Enix announced that they were remaking Final Fantasy VII, and it was to debut first on the PlayStation 4. On December 5, 2015, the same day that the PlayStation 4 release of Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation Store, a gameplay trailer was released that showed segments of the introduction mission, combat footage, and samples of both character animation and voice acting. According to the trailer, at least part of Midgar is explorable on foot, both Biggs, Wedge and Jessie and the main characters have voice acting, and at least the opening boss, the Guard Scorpion, is included, with an updated appearance.

The remake will be a series of games. As Yoshinori Kitase explains here, the sheer size of remaking Final Fantasy VII makes a multi-game series the only logical way to attempt it.

Not much news was released regarding this title after E3 2015, although Cyberconnect2, after originally being hired as co-developers, are now no longer involved. The news drought was a deliberate ploy by Square Enix to water down the hype for Final Fantasy VII Remake so that Kingdom Hearts III, which released on January 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, would enjoy the fans' full attention.

On May 10, 2019, Sony released a State of Play video trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, showing much more of the early part of the game, and for the first time featuring footage of character dialogue, making it clear to fans that the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children voice actors were not being rehired.

In June 2019 at E3 2019, an extended gameplay trailer was shown, incorporating a hybrid Action/ATB battle system. Barret, Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa were all teased during the gameplay reveal, with a boss battle against the Scorpion Sentinel (called Guard Scorpion in the original game) taking up the majority of the gameplay presentation, although teases of future bosses were shown, such as Aps and Air Buster.

On January 14, 2020, Yoshinori Kitase, the Producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake, announced that the release date of the game had been pushed back to April 10, in order to provide final polish to the game and to deliver the best possible experience.