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Final Fantasy XIV
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Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy XIII
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Final Fantasy XV
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Final Fantasy XIV is a video game in the Final Fantasy series. It is the second MMO in the Final Fantasy franchise, after Final Fantasy XI.

World[edit | edit source]

Eorzea contains at least three large towns: desert town Ul'dah, forest town Gridania, and the pirate-filled town with a sea port, Limsa Lominsa.[1]

Races[edit | edit source]

The races in FFXIV are similar to the races in FFXI with Hyur as FFXIV's Humes, Elezen being somewhat like FFXI's Elvaan, Roegadyn in place of Galka, the Lalafell as FFXIV's mascot race in place of the Tarutaru, and Miqo'te replacing the Mithra in FFXI.

The Hyur are said to be divided into two groups: those who moved from the outer islands into lower areas and those who live in the higher regions.

The Roegadyn is said to be made up of seafaring folk from Northern regions who are often hired as mercenaries by other races.

The Lalafell are a race found in the South of Eorzea who gravitate toward farming.

The Miqo'te are divided into two factions: the Sunseekers and the Moonguardians, though as with the Mithra in FFXI, males are rare.[1]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Square Enix has revealed that, while racial differences are somewhat less than they were in FFXI, gender plays more of a role.[1]

Square Enix has also said that levels and experience points will not exist, though the system that will replace it has not yet been revealed, though the hints suggest a similar system to that found in the SaGa series.[2]

Additionally, equipment will be more important in Eorzea, even allowing a character to change class at any time (even during battle) simply by changing their equipment. The example given is that of a fisherman changing to a mage by swapping their fishing rod for a staff. Equipment is also said to have a durability rating that decreases with use.[1]

References[edit | edit source]