Find Liara T'Soni

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Find Liara T'Soni
Basic Information

Find Liara T'Soni is one of the three missions received once Commander Shepard has been granted Spectre status by the Citadel Council.

Travel to Therum in the Knossos system of the Artemis Tau cluster. You will be deployed in the Mako, and need to travel through areas of Geth control to reach a mineshaft. Just prior to entering that Mineshaft, you will be ambushed by a geth Armature and several other geth platforms.

Once inside the Mineshaft, you find Dr. Liara T'Soni trapped in a forcefield generated by the security system within the Prothean ruins. Triggering a blast from the nearby mining laser allows you to reach her. You learn that the mining laser has triggered a seismic event; you attempt to escape the complex, only to be ambushed by a krogan and several geth.

Once you defeat them, the party exits the mineshaft, narrowly avoiding its collapse. You then return to the Normandy.