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Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals

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(By order of appearance)

Katakana Romaji Traditional Internet Name Class Promoted Class Recruit Method
ロイ Roi Roy[1] Lord Master Lord Ch.1 starting unit
マーカス Maakasu Marcus[1] Pre-promoted Paladin Ch.1 starting unit
アレン Aren Alan Cavalier Paladin Ch.1 starting unit
ランス Ransu Lance Cavalier Paladin Ch.1 starting unit
ウォルト Woruto Wolt Archer Sniper Ch.1 starting unit
ボールス Borusu Bors Knight General Ch.1 starting unit
マリナス Marinasu Merlinus[1] Transporter None Ch.2 starting unit
エレン Eren Ellen Cleric Bishop Ch.2 starting unit
ディーク Diiku Dieck Mercenary Hero joins on Ch.2, turn 3
ワード Waado Ward Fighter Warrior joins on Ch.2, turn 3
ロット Rotto Lot Fighter Warrior joins on Ch.2, turn 3
シャニー Shanii Thany Pegasus Knight Falcoknight joins on Ch.2, turn 3
チャド Chado Chad Thief None Ch.3 starting unit
ルゥ Ruu Lugh Mage Sage Visit top-left village (Ch.3)
クラリーネ Kurarine Clarine Troubadour Valkyrie NPC, she will talk with Roy in Ch.4
ルトガー Rutogaa Rutger Myrmidon Swordmaster enemy, talk with Clarine in Ch.4
サウル Sauru Saul Priest Bishop Ch.6 starting unit
ドロシー Doroshii Dorothy Archer Sniper Ch.6 starting unit
スー Suu Sue Nomad Nomad Trooper NPC, locked in a cell; speak with Roy in Ch.6
ゼロット Zerotto Zealot Pre-promoted Paladin NPC, speak with Roy; Ch.7
トレック Torekku Treck Cavalier Paladin NPC, speak with Roy or Zealot; Ch.7
ノア Noa Noah Cavalier Paladin NPC, speak with Roy or Zealot; Ch.7
アストール Asutoru Astol Thief None Ch.8 starting unit
リリーナ Ririina Lilina[1] Mage Sage Ch.8 starting unit; locked in cell, weapon-less
ウェンディ Wendii Wendy Knight General joins on 6th turn of Ch.8
バース Baasu Barth Knight General joins on 6th turn of Ch.8
オージェ Ooje Oujay Mercenary Hero joins on 6th turn of Ch.8
フィル Firu Fir Myrmidon Swordmaster enemy, speak with Noah in Ch.9
シン Shin Shin Nomad Nomad Trooper enemy, speak with Sue in Ch.9
ゴンザレス Gonzaresu Gonzales Brigand Berserker enemy, speak with Lilina in Ch.10
ギース Giisu Geese[1] Pirate Berserker NPC, speak with Roy in Ch.10A/11B
クレイン Kurein Klein Pre-promoted Sniper enemy, speak with Roy or Clarine in Ch.10B/11A
ティト Tito Tate Pegasus Knight Falcoknight enemy, speak with Klein (w/ Thany to become NPC) in Ch.10B/11A
ララム Raramu Lalum <route A> Dancer None Ch.11A starting unit
エキドナ Ekidona Echidna <route A> Pre-promoted Hero NPC, talk with Lalam in Ch.11A
エルフィン Erufin Elphin <route B> Bard None Ch.11B starting unit
バアトル Baatoru Bartre <route B>[1] Pre-promoted Warrior NPC, talk with Fir or Roy in Ch.11B
レイ Rei Ray Shaman Druid enemy, speak with Lugh in Ch.12
キャス Kyasu Cath Thief None enemy, appears in Ch.12/16/20/22, talk with Roy three times to join
ミレディ Miredii Miledy Dragon Knight Dragon Lord Ch.13 starting unit
パーシバル Paashibaru Percival Pre-promoted Paladin enemy, speak with Lalam or Elphin in Ch.13 or 15
セシリア Seshiria Cecilia Pre-promoted Valkyrie Ch.14 starting unit
ソフィア Sofia Sophia Shaman Druid Ch.14 starting unit
イグレーヌ Igurenu Igrene[1] Pre-promoted Sniper Ch.15 starting unit
ガレット Garetto Garret Pre-promoted Berserker enemy, talk with Lilina in Ch.15
ファ Fa Fae[1] Mamkute None Ch.16 starting unit
ヒュウ Hyuu Hugh Mage Sage enemy, talk with Roy, pay him 10000G/8000G/6000G/5000G to join (stats vary)
ツァイス Tsaisu Zeiss Dragon Knight Dragon Lord enemy, talk with Miledy in Ch.16
ダグラス Dagurasu Douglas Pre-promoted General Ch.16 Gaiden starting unit, if survived Ch.16
ニイメ Niime Niime[1] Pre-promoted Druid Ch.19B/20A starting unit
ダヤン Dayan Dayan <route Sacae>[1] Pre-promoted Nomad Trooper NPC, speak with Roy, Shin or Sue in Ch.20A
ユーノ Yuuno Yuno <route Ilia> Pre-promoted Falcoknight NPC, speak with Thany, Tate or Zealot in Ch. 20B
ヨーデル Yoderu Yodel Pre-promoted Bishop Ch.21 starting unit
カレル Kareru Karel[1] Pre-promoted Swordmaster have Fir visit the village near the start of Ch.23
ナーシェン Naashen Narshen <Trial Map only> Pre-promoted Dragon Lord beat chapter mode once
ゲイル Geiru Gale <Trial Map only> Pre-promoted Dragon Lord beat chapter mode twice
ヘクトル Hekutoru Hector <Trial Map only>[1] Pre-promoted General beat chapter mode three times
ブルーニャ Burunya Brenya <Trial Map only> Pre-promoted Sage beat chapter mode four times
エリウッド Eriuddo Eliwood <Trial Map only>[1] Pre-promoted Paladin beat chapter mode five times
マードック Maadokku Murdock <Trial Map only>[1] Pre-promoted General beat chapter mode six times
ゼフィール Zefiiru Zephiel <Trial Map only>[1] Pre-promoted King beat chapter mode seven times
ギネヴィア Ginevia Guinevere <Trial Map only>[1] Pre-promoted Sage beat chapter mode eight times

Notes[edit | edit source]

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