Fire Emblem Warriors

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Fire Emblem Warriors
Fire Emblem Warriors.png
Basic Information
Video Game
Omega Force, Team Ninja
Nintendo, Koei Tecmo
Fire Emblem
Action, Hack-and-Slash
Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS
Retail Features
Fire Emblem WarriorsFire Emblem Warriors
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS
October 202017
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Fire Emblem Warriors is an action hack-and-slash video game from Nintendo and Koei Tecmo for the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS. It combines the many worlds of Fire Emblem with Warriors gameplay and will feature many characters and locations from across the Fire Emblem series. It released on October 20, 2017.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Like previous Warriors titles, Fire Emblem Warriors is an action hack-and-slash title where you have to overcome numerous groups of enemies with characters from Fire Emblem.

The game incorporates Fire Emblem's weapon triangle, meaning axes are stronger against lances, lances are strong against swords and swords are strong against axes. There doesn't seem to be a magic triangle or a secondary weapon triangle. Additionally, staves are just items and typical users have different weapons.

Modes[edit | edit source]

The game features two main campaign modes; the standard campaign with an original story focusing on the original characters for the game, Rowan and Lianna, and History Mode, with a map resembling Fire Emblem games. History Mode is similar to Hyrule Warriors' "Adventure Mode", where encounters with units are like exploring a new square. These maps will portray key battles from previous Fire Emblem games.

Supports & Skills[edit | edit source]

Fighting together with certain units will trigger increases in support levels between units like in the main Fire Emblem series. Characters will also unlock support conversations with a high enough support level. Eventually, characters learn skills with the bonding. Only three skills can be equipped at a time.

Roster[edit | edit source]